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  1. Hi All, London Mod v1.3 should now be available in the download section. Many thanks to theocd, randomperson139, Pottyscotty and Wkboy714 for assisting at the beta testing stage; your help, input and advice were greatly appreciated. And also to Sniped222 for his continuing support of the various updates. I’ve just got a few points to make before signing off. If you like the mod…that’s fine If you don’t like the mod…that’s fine. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same! However, if you feel disappointed or surprised that a certain unit or script wasn’t included in the game, or that a particular ‘feature’ didn’t function as you’d expected, then please resist the temptation to post your thoughts within theses pages…Because too be quite frank… I’m not interested in your opinion! Everything I wanted to see in a mod is in there...And that’s all the matters! Please make sure you install v1.3 as a completely separate version and DO NOT overwrite v1.2 if it’s already in your mod folder! Please make a ‘concerted effort’ to familiarize yourself with the ‘known issues’ in the mod by reading the appropriate PDF that’s been placed within the ‘clearly identifiable’ game folder! And remember, there are no prizes for wanting to be the first to report a bug! The mod uses the ‘standard’ EM4 installer, as this provides the safest, most convenient and hassle-free form of installation for the majority of users, I am ‘fully aware’ that some people have problems with this installation method but that’s the only one there will be…So please DO NOT PM me asking for an alternate method of installation! The mod is pretty graphics intensive and there can be considerable ‘game lag’ for those using computers with medium/lower spec graphics cards & CPU’s. With that in mind I took the decision to drastically reduce the number of events taking place on the map at any one time. If you decide to edit the ‘freeplay params’ file to increase the number of incidents, then you do so at your own risk! If you’re still having problems getting the mod to run properly because of lower pc specs, then I’m very sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it. And no…I have no plans to release a ‘lite version’ so don’t ask! And finally…Please don’t PM me asking to use the London Mod (especially the map) as a starting point for ANY kind of submod…No permission will be given now…Or anytime in the future! Currently, I have no plans to work on v1.4, so for now, v1.3 will be the last edition. Many thanks to all those who have downloaded the mod in the past…And ‘Stuck with it’... awaiting the arrival of the latest version! Kind Regards Mintcake69
  2. Congratulations on your first release, you have some very good units in there. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards Mintcake69
  3. Updates to some of your enquiries. Tabards for Station Manager and Watch manager now ingame with the option to call pump and pump/ladder units from off map. All Met and LAS response units now have multiple lighting options: FRONT BLUES: lightbar front blues fend-off front blues/whites (if fitted) headlight wig-wags AT SCENE: lightbar rear blues lightbar rear reds fend-off rear blues (if fitted) REAR BLUE: lightbar rear blues only REAR RED: lightbar rear reds only REARBAR : lightbar rear reds & FEND-OFF fend-off rear reds (re-direct traffic) No taser for BTP officer’s and yes, BMW 3 series area car is included. I’m afraid it’s still the “Call van/HQ” option as I don’t plan to add either of Hoppah’s “ReturnTo” police station/hospital scripts. Regards Mintcake69
  4. For those with an interest in British Transport Police. BTP Response Officers BTP Ford Focus BTP Ford Kuga Arrest @ Euston Station And please note that these will be the only BTP units in the game! And for those enquiring about various ‘change clothes’ options. Some, although, not all! Met and LAS personnel do have the option to wear hi-viz jackets. And while LFB fire fighters and the station manager do have the ability to change in and out of their working rigs, I have no plans to introduce multiple ‘tabard’ options. Regards Mintcake69
  5. Yes, they do have the red & white chequers. Yes, there are still several ‘jam sandwich’ units in the mod. Yes, you are correct; the game icon does show an XC70. And finally…..I’m afraid that ones a no! As I don’t have any plans to introduce robbery squad cars or personnel. And for those asking about BTP units, yes, there are a couple of ‘response cars’ in the mod and I’ll post some images when I have the time. Regards Mintcake69
  6. Correct! ‘Assistance Call’ uses modified versions of Hoppah’s ‘Standby’, ‘Call Police Car’ and ‘Call Ambulance’ scripts. Unit parked @ Standby Point 2 and in ‘standby mode’ Officer’s and PCSO’s have the option to make an ‘Assistance Call’ or request a medical unit from the LAS ‘Joint Response Team’.
  7. Yes, the tabs will be included in the release. However, as already stated, they will overwrite the original game files, so it’s your choice whether or not you choose to use them.
  8. It parks a traffic unit @ the standby point you can see just above the National Express coach, in readiness for any incidents on the M25.
  9. Yes, the LAA Helo and Skoda’s with their new colour schemes are in-game and in their right parking spots That was an old picture
  10. Some maps shots. LFB HQ (Only the fire engines spawn at the start. The other units can be called from off-map but will return to park @ the Station) Fire Station No.2 Royal London Hospital Canary Wharf CoLP & LAS At Scene Lane 1 Closure M25 Incident @ Jobcentre I've still got lots of map work to do and a few more scripts to add as well as general cosmetic upgrades to the UI, so I've got no idea on a completion date! Regards Mintcake69
  11. There are 2 fire stations on the map utilising Hoppah’s LA Fire Station scripts. I’ll post some images when I can. Regards Mintcake69
  12. Yep, BMA’s pepper spray script is already in the game. Violent Shoplifter @ Sainsburys Pepper spray in use! Hi all. Sorry for the lack of updates! Work is still continuing on the map with about 75% completed. I’ll try and upload a few more map images in the next few days. Regards Mintcake69
  13. Hello All. As the ocd & Sniped have already mentioned, v1.3 of the London Mod is still an ongoing project. All the new units (20 or so) and new personnel (around a dozen) are now in-game. I’m currently working on the freeplay map and have completed about 50% of the work. I’m hoping to release the mod sometime early next year. A few units and in-game shots Many thanks for your continued interest in the Mod. Can I also remind everyone that while v1.3 is in development the use of ANY London Mod units or personnel is still not allowed without my permission. Kind Regards Mintcake69
  14. Hi All, Voodoo_Operator has approved the file and the London Mod is now available in the download’s section. Kind Regards Mintcake69
  15. Hi All, As Sniped222 has mentioned, v1.2 of the London Mod has been uploaded onto the download’s section of this site. However, until Stan has approved the file, it won’t be available for download. It is my understanding that he is rather busy at the moment which means this process may take several days (so please be patient!!!) I’d like to thank The OC-D for his assistance with beta testing over the last week or so, his help was greatly appreciated! Before I sign off there are a few points that I’d like to mention: Firstly, although we found no major bugs when testing the mod, there were numerous issues, that, while slightly inconvenient, in no way stop the game from being played. These ‘glitches’ have been documented and the relevant PDF filed placed within the mod folder. Please familiarise yourself with its contents before posting any ‘bugs found’ posts on these pages! Secondly, due to work commitments, no further updates will be added to this modification, at least not by me, (That also means no bug fixing!) until late 2012/early 2013. So any ‘posts’ asking “when will there be any new updates” or enquiring “is this mod dead?” will not be answered until then! Hope you all enjoy playing the mod, Kind Regards Mintcake69
  16. Hi All, More units & personnel now in-game. Very special thanks to BorjaXmusic from the Euskadi Mod for allowing the use of his motorbike model in the mod. Met Roads Policing BMW RT1200r & officer - LAS Responder Honda ST1300 & paramedic Regards Mintcake69
  17. Thanks for the kind comments Danny, I'm hoping v1.2 will be even better when it's finished. Hi All, New units and personnel now in-game Met Roads Policing Volvo 70 Met Roads Policing unmarked BMW 525 Met Specialist Crime Directorate (Flying Squad) Audi A6 Met Specialist Crime Directorate (Flying Squad) Ford Focus ST Met Flying Squad officers Regards Mintcake69
  18. Hi All, New units and personnel now added to v1.2. LFB Mercedes/Magirus Turntable Ladder (TL) LFB Man Prime Mover fitted with Module 1 (level 1 USAR equipment pod) LFB Urban Search & Rescue personnel LFB Renault Master USAR personnel carrier Regards Mintcake69.
  19. Hi All, New units and personnel now in-game. Metropolitan Police Ford Jankel Armoured Guardian TIV (Tactical Intervention Vehicle) C019 Officers. Regards Mintcake69
  20. Unfortunately the dog only performs search & rescue, missing persons tasks, as I was unable to get Hoppah’s ‘scare dog’ script to work. Met EOD officers. Regards Mintcake69
  21. Hi all, New units now in-game. Metropolitan Police DSU (Dog Support Unit) Ford Mondeo Estate. Metropolitan Police EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Discovery 3. Mod v1.2 Update: (not yet released!) Patrol routes have already been added. Police and fire stations along with a hospital have also been added to the freeplay map. Regards, Mintcake69
  22. Hi All, As promised, the first unit added to version 1.2 Metropolitan Police Ford Transit Station Van Next version update: I’ve spoken to Sniped222 and although he did post several weeks ago promising a few new updates, I believe he was working on some unmarked cars and a fire boat. Unfortunately he’s not available at the moment to work on the mod any further and wants me to pass on his apologies. So for the time being it’ll just be me. I have several units now ‘in-game’ and a list of others that I hope to add over the next few months and I’ll try and post some more pictures when I have the time. (Please don’t ask what’s on the list or what units will be added!) And for those who will inevitably ask about a release date…. Were talking months, not weeks, so try and be patient. Regards Mintcake69
  23. Hi Alex, Thanks for the comments. There were no police units available in the campaign missions because of a file error, which has now been fixed (in the next version!) There will be several unmarked units added to the mod when the next version is released. The Jankel unit needed the appropriate CO19 officers to accompany it; these have now been added and will be included in the next release. I’ve just added a Transit 'station van’ to the mod so that will help with the prisoner transport issue. There will be another version of the mod some time in the future and I’ll try to release some pictures of the new units already added to the game, in the next few weeks. Hope that helps, Regards Mintcake69
  24. Divers and crew only. Regards Mintcake69
  25. Hi all, This will be the last ‘unit’ to be placed in v0.2 Metropolitan Police ‘Marine Policing Unit’ Landrover Defender. And these will be the last ‘changes’ made to the mods personnel! We now just need to add some ‘cosmetic’ changes to the Mod and tidy up afew loose ends, and with a bit of luck, we’ll have v0.2 out some time in February. Thanks for your patience, Regards Mintcake69
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