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  1. I doubt that Sixteen Tons Entertainment would be bothered to fix it now. Has anyone had contact to the devs of EM4?
  2. It seems like the easiest solution to this is to try to find a second-hand "old" high-end graphics card from the time before the game started to have issues, and use it as a sort of secondary card. Maybe Emergency is unable to make use of the resources available with newer cards. That doesn't seem easily fixable though. I really hope EM5 gets more people modding it so it can have the same lifespan as Em4
  3. It does seem like it only affects AMD cards. Maybe i should try it out on my laptop (Nvidia GTX 850M) and see if it does anything, though i suspect the bottleneck on that system is the CPU. On my desktop with the 5700XT i run a i7 4790K at 4GHz, so in theory it should run a lot better than it does. There were supposedly some other fixes for users of Nvidia hardware but i am sure you've tried most of those. If you need me to change the post title to something more concise, just let me know and i'd be happy to!
  4. I think a steam user might have found the solution to the severe lag you get from having vehicles with their emergency lights on (especially bad with modded american vehicles with lots of lights) and some AMD cards, at least mine and a few others. i recently got an AMD 5700XT, swapping over from a decent Nvidia card, and my framerates have gone through the floor. Just now i found a post on Steam Discussions on the EM4 Deluxe version explaining that changing a string of code in the Em4 cfg file solved their problems. Simply change <var name="e4_mbfastcopy" value="1" /> to this <var name="e4_mbfastcopy" value="0" /> ALL CREDIT goes to BetterWarrior and his friend for solving this issue, the original post is linked below, if you want to go thank him if it works for you. https://steamcommunity.com/app/757210/discussions/0/2935742047961399361/ I just tested with the Harbor City mod, 12 fire engines all with their lights on, and my game held around 25-30 frames. before applying the fix i would get around 10 with just one engine on screen. If anyone knows what the snippet of code does actually do in-game, i'd curious to know.
  5. Does this mod still exist? i'm trying to download it but when i open the RAR it says the archive is either damaged or in unknown format
  6. I'm trying to wrap my head around Wegberg currently, and i can download your brief command guide just fine, but for whatever reason i can't download the "wegberg Translation Note PDF" All it does is reload the page. Have you removed the download or is my browser just being weird?
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