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  1. Looks amazing, massively looking forward to this massively.
  2. NIce to see a new mod coming along, is this going to be private or public?
  3. When you try to load a mod it will often freeze for a while, if you leave it a few minutes it should have loaded the mod and take you to the main menu again.
  4. I've had this issue before, make sure you're not using EM4 Deluxe and try restarting your computer, it worked for me http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  5. You have to extract the .rar file and place it into the mods folder.
  6. As Badger mentioned I think it would be nice to have a beach for the coastguard/RNLI to work at (maybe useful for the suicide by drowning event aswell). Maybe it could go where some of the port is. I think aswell when the return to station scripts/call out menu fully work it would be better to reduce the fire stations aswell, 3 on the map seems like a lot especially if we could call in off the map support. I'd quite like a search and rescue unit aswell, I have a skin of one for the defender that I'd happily give you aswell as an Dennis Sabre XL/Rapier skin (to my knowledge kent have used both the XL and the regular Sabre aswell as the Rapier). Am currently working on a CARP appliance that you'd be more than welcome to have aswell.
  7. It's okay I can cope without it If I figure it out I'll be sure to update you
  8. Nope, tried it on cars and works the first 2/3 times then crashes. Checked people are in the cars/trucks and that they're on if applicable however nothing is working. Was working perfectly before but stopped working around 2 days ago.
  9. I know others have mentioned issues regarding the parking script however my games crashes after around 30-40 seconds due to the script on standard em4 and instantly on deluxe em4 (I have both copies) on the deluxe version it crashes while loading the map. I've had to remove the script however am loving the mod otherwise
  10. I don't believe the patch has been released yet, I'd presume that TACRfan would create a new post for it and there hasn't been one yet.
  11. Really excited, I'm loving the mod as well I am having a bug though, if I turn on the sirens on a certain part of the map its almost like 2 sirens turn on, and one of them travels with the car while the other stays in the same place and can't be turned off (I'm unsure if I'm describing this very well), its easy to work around though (just turn on sirens outside of that little area) and seems more like an issue with the script than anything else.
  12. Finally, been checking 3/4x a day for ages now Massive thanks though Tacrfan, looks great and downloading now
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