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  1. 50£? lol I believe I got it for 10 euro now four or five year ago.
  2. Reservoir Dogs is about to start; the hamburgers are ready, and.. oh hell, the TV is now in black and white .__.

    1. aitor


      Nah it's annoying, though some scenes looked even more epic in black n white...

  3. Well, you don't have to change them, like I previously said, I think the old ones look better, digital camo is pretty boring imo
  4. Interesante mod... I am glad to see the 6 color desert camo, I think they now have digital camouflage, anyhow I like better which you've done Have you thought on making fully woodland camo uniforms?
  5. Bf3 logic is pointless... so a small ass pistol makes more hurt than a m240 lmg that some abrams tanks carry?

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    2. aitor


      I play in hardcore in bf3 but Arma 2 is too harcore to me. Arma2 also doesn't run at 100% in my PC, at least the demo version had pretty bad textures

    3. Ghost Graphic Designs

      Ghost Graphic Designs

      Yea, they did that on purpose. The "regular" version has the HQ version of the textures. :)

    4. met police999

      met police999

      i love BF3 prefer it to COD

  6. aitor

    I'm back

    Thank you for the kind reply guys @Sawdbuster, sure, I'm ready to work
  7. Hey guys, seems that NNico's 2008 Crown Victoria has been deleted, so I was wondering if there's an alternative link for it, or if anyone could send me it's template. Thank you in advance
  8. aitor

    Washington D.C.

    Well, if you need more skinners feel free to ask, I guess I could save you guys a lot of time since DC is plenty of depts lol Also that skin is not completed yet; I had to use one of my old mods since I don't have the car template, so some parts are missing. Want it when it's finished?
  9. aitor

    I'm back

    Well, It's been almost a year, but I am back. I was busied with life, and by other hand I started being more interested in GTA 4 modding than in em4. In addition, the constant troubles with em4 files at the time of modding -these annoying dds files and shit- were letting me down, so I decided to completely leave it behind and start a new 'chapter' of my life. During this time, I've increased my GIMP skills; I've done and released a bunch of GTA 4 skin mods for classic emergency vehicles, which has helped me loving even more the modding world. Now I'm back with renewed spirit, and I hope I can be helpful, and above all, enjoy the stay Also, I really want to apologise to these people I was working with for dissapearing without saying nothing, specially to Cops and Josh41.
  10. aitor

    Washington D.C.

    So... you needed Washington police units? (It's not my model, I've just used it for testing the skin)
  11. This reminds me the NY Mod, so will be able to start from out of game? Also,how is the progress going with scripts, have you started with them?
  12. Same in Spain, they are just a spending of money.
  13. And no tech dept? I hope two things with this mod, 1st it doesn't have another 3 years of progress, and 2nd, they do a map of the greenwich/soho part, with the 6 avenue and macdougal street, I love that part
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