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  1. Thanks Hope so and if anyone does want to help me out I be more than grateful
  2. I will give it a try and hope for the best
  3. I have no skills hoping a group of people would come together and with my knowledge on Northern Ireland we could make a great mod with a riot mission and other things also What you all think
  4. Hi there Looking to setup a team to make a northern ireland mod to include the following vehicles The psni landrover The Bomb Squad The Water Cannon and many more What you all think let me know
  5. I would really Like to get this mod started but have no skills can anyone help me make this dream come true
  6. If it is the case that you cannot do mods on 2012 i hope that this mod and many others go ahead as planed on emergency 4 as i prefer the mods to the normal game
  7. sounds good to me could you give me pictures and and info on police, fire, ambulance and also doe road service that be great welcome to the team ben
  8. I could do with a great team to make the northern ireland mod can any spare anytime at all ?
  9. As part of the British Red Cross’s emergency response, the Fire and Emergency Support Service (FESS) in partnership with NIFRS, aims to help people who have been affected after a fire, flood or other emergency. This assistance is given immediately after the incident and supplements the support available from any statutory services. FESS use a specially adapted motor caravan, equipped with a shower, kitchen and mobile phone. It is stocked with food, clothing and toiletries. Based in Lisburn Road Fire Station in Belfast pic here
  10. Hi everyone sorry for the long wait on update, My pc got wiped and i lost all work i had on this mod. So i need to start from fresh but need a lot of help i need a team to make this mod happen can anyone help at all ? I have loads of ideas once i get a team we can make them come to life.
  11. I downloaded the dublin mod and seen no change to anything ?
  12. Looks good. I need a lot of help with my mod there has been no alpha version and looks like thats a long way off unless i can get some help
  13. hello everyone my mod has been very quite and almost no work has been done so i need help if anyone can mod, skin do anything to help please get in contact asap thanks
  14. Hey there love the mod will you be including the new comand unit Iveco Daily EU09 PZS i see you picked the Scania 93M 230 - K385 DOO instead. Your mod is the best i have seen in the uk so far will you also be adding bike police and bomb squad ? So for so many questions just so happy to see a good mod
  15. Thanks for that looks good will add it to the game this weekend once i do the lights
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