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  1. I have been able to get the intro movies to start up, but I have yet to see the main menu before it crashes out. I have missed playing this game for so long and I want my kids to be able to play it too. Any help would be appreciated and thank you to all who have posted on this forum. note: I have already tried updating codecs, running as administrator, use compatibility mode and editing the config logfile.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. EM4 crashes to desktop

    I tried replacing the video driver with older versions, but to no avail. I however have some questions on other errors that are present in the logfile ?BLFileSystem::DeviceFromFilename("mod:Textures\Previews\curveview_nos3tc.tga"): unknown device name in URL //along with ?ERROR: dynlight.vsf Version or higher required! do these cause any problems with loading the game up?
  3. EM4 crashes to desktop

    Thank you, I will give it a try. Thank you for giving me some direction edit: I finally got to see the intro movies again!!!! Unfortunately the game crashes right after the movies end before the main menu. Attached is the new logfile logfile.txt
  4. EM4 crashes to desktop

    I'm still crashing to desktop after a black screen, even after running as admin, using compatibility mode, installing later versions of codexes. If someone could tell me what's causing the game to crash out, I can try to fix it. Thank you!! I really want to play this game. DxDiag.txt logfile.txt
  5. I have yet to find a solution to this game, for what ever reason
  6. It's an unmodded game, that used to work until one day it stopped. I fixed the resolution in the config file before I did anything else.
  7. The game still loads up to a black screen, then crashes after about 15 seconds. Attached is the new logfile after verifying the files through Steam. Thank you to all who have taken time to try to fix this problem ---attached is the logfile from after verifying files through Steam logfile.txt
  8. Unfortunatly it is still not working, however I am now getting a different error than the original one in the Logfile. It appears that the MPC has worked and fixed some complications, so thank you for fixing that ---Attached is the second logfile from after installing MPC logfile.txt
  9. I'm confused, what does MPC do and how will it help?
  10. EM4 used to work on this computer with mods for a while. Then one day it stopped working, black screen of death and all. I have tried reinstalling, verifying files, checking codecs, checking screen resolution, but nothing. I will post my logfile and dxdiag. --EDIT: added DxDiag and logfile DxDiag.txt logfile.txt