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      Maintenance update   02/07/2016

      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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      Paid Referral Links   02/11/2016

      Hello,     From now on we will be disallowing any referral links on our site. This is not the place to earn money directly or indirectly. Anyone found sharing paid shortened links or referral links to earn money might lose his account.     Reason for this:     We are providing this service free of charge, putting our own free time in this and paying monthly fees on our own costs to keep this free service running. So why should anyone else make money from something they don’t pay to use?     So in short from now on we will be warning and banning users abusing or misusing referal links.     Regards,     Stan          


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  1. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Hey, thanks for your replies. The latest version is uploaded, we missed to change the 0.0.4 to 0.0.5 we like it you enjoy our mod. Last time we skiped some updates. The reason ist, that we are working on models, which aren't imported to Emergency. So you have to wait a little bit, but there will be newer versions in the next time
  2. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Hey guys, today you can download the version 0.0.5 of the New Creek modification. The achievements won't be so much for you, but for us, the achieved a lot. Our new team member Enterprise E (emergency-forum) developed a new map concept, because we saw, that all the skyscaper don't look very nice in Emergency 5. So we found another model for our map, for which we had to build new streets, new crossing and a lot of new map-objects. This was a very time-intensiv procedure, so the map is far away from beeing finisched Furthermore I was able to finished the watertank-logic as you may know. I deleted all old files and started completely new and now the system works fine with no known bugs. To test the whole system costed plenty of time so I wasn't able to make progress at another part of the mod. But we wanted to release a new version today to show you, that we are working at the modification any more an the project is not dead. We hope you enjoy the mod and we hope you tell us all your minds to New Creek
  3. Version 1.2


    This mod is compatible with the original game and adds a watertank to the tlf-unit. Furthermore this mod adds a water-switch logic for firefighters, who are connected to a vehicle. Water supply lines can be build up from vehicle to hydrant or from vehicle to vehicle. You can use and change this mod how you want.
  4. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Hi there, we have to bring you a bad message. We're not able to upload a new version of our project today. Because of many changes in the concept of the map, we have to skip to today's patch. But be anxious to the next patch.
  5. Hey man, 

    i have 1 ideas for your project

    team up with hoppan and then the development goes up

    1. carli96


      Is hoppa developing a modification for emergency 5?
      Do you thing we have no achievments without him now?

    2. danilelevator


      first: thanks for the reply

      second: I'm not saying that he is developing mods for emergency 5. I say that you can contact them to convert a model from emergency 4 La mod to change their style emergency 5

      its only idea

    3. danilelevator


      and please make a police van

  6. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    here, the link the download hasn't been confirmed by a moderator. I think tomorrow you can download the file
  7. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    The new version is online. You should delete all mod files befor installing the mod completely new. changelog version 0.0.4: new cpc-unit first verison of watertank-logic. The connection to a hydrant is possible, but the disconnection doesn't work, so a locked the the command to connect to hydrants. When your fireman is equipted with a fire hose and is not connected you can click on a vehicle an the person will be connected to this entity.
  8. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Tomorrow evening (Germany) I will upload the complete mod folder. So there will be no problems with the installation, hopefully
  9. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    hi tacomanjuan, nice to hear that you like your mod. We know that you can only use the original towtruck instead of our new model. Our model does not have a crane so we need to write a new towtruck-logic. But to this point the focus was not an programming a new logic. A little view for tomorrow: In version 0.0.4 you can use a new vehicle. The CPC-Unit (Chemical Protective Clothing). With this vehicle you can dress a firefighter with a hazmat-suit. Momentary there are no chemical emergencies, but in future there will be some. Hopefully in the version 0.0.5 you will also be able to call a decon-unit Furthermore we build a watertank-logic, so every vehicle with a watertank has a limited watertank but you can fill up the tank with an fixed hydrant. If you are interessted in that watertank-logic for the original game, I can implement the logic to the normal game. But for that, we need your feedback for some bugfixes.
  10. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Did you have a look in the AppData-folder? type %appdata% in the path-textbox in your Windows-Explorer. Go to promotion software->emergency 5->mods then try it again. We are working at a new script for an easier way to install updates. Maybe the next patches can be installed inGame. We will see if our tests will be successfull
  11. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    What means "it hasn't out it in"? Maybe you need Administrator rights to make changes in your Mod folder
  12. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    It's sunday morning in germany and we released the patch 0.0.3 We weren't able to release the patch in the desired scale, because of our private life. But we have some new things to release in the next patch hopefully. In the next few weeks there will be some innovations relating to the map. We have a new team member and he will help us to build up the map. We have some new ideas, not for the next patch, but you will see what time will bring. Download link in the first post
  13. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Your prictues look very interessting. But I don't really understand what you want to show in the first image. The mesh glitch looks very nice But I can't reproduce it. Can you show me your logfile after playing the New Creek mod? Maybe, a reinstalling of the map can help
  14. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    I'm happy that you like our mod. I can't confirm that the sirens are played globally but we will try to find a solution in the next patch. You can mark in the opend .zip-file all folders and the project.json and move them in the modification-folder by drag-and-drop. We're trying to find a smoother way to update the mod. We can't promise it for the next patch, but maybe we managed it.
  15. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    I think the download has to be confirmed by an admin. You have to wait a little bit.