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      Maintenance update   02/07/2016

      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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  1. Brighton Mod (Sub-Mod)

    As a result of this the mod has been cancelled, please don't message me asking for a release as its now only going to be a private modification. I have also decided now is the time to be leaving the modding community as it has unfortunately died out. I wish everyone the best, VHCal
  2. Brighton Mod (Sub-Mod)

    Oh yeah, sorry man Credit to Kieran Townsley for his awesome skin!
  3. Brighton Mod (Sub-Mod)

    Major Incident at the beach. Assistance from the coastguard. (Credit to Kieran Townsley for Skoda Skin)
  4. Brighton Mod (Sub-Mod)

    There is now the park command and return to station is due to be added too.
  5. Brighton Mod (Sub-Mod)

    Thanks, this is a recommended watch-
  6. Brighton Mod (Sub-Mod)

    I am pleased to announce that the Sussex Mod is changing to the Brighton Modification. We have some great things lined up, watch this space for more details.
  7. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    Hi there, Thanks for the suggestion however, I'm starting to get bored of airport mods and this sounds like a combination of the US Army Mod and the Copenhagen Mod.
  8. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    My computer is pretty powerful, I have a GTX 970, Intel I5 Processor & 8GB RAM.
  9. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    Okay, I will consider it. In the meantime can you compile a list of units you would like to see for a Scotland mod? I also spoke to mintcake69 and stated that there is a large following for a further version, I have been told if there a decision made to continue it I will be on the modding team.
  10. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    I don't think there is a large enough following for a new Scotland Mod.
  11. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    Ok however, inexperienced users may get very confused by this. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    I really like that idea however I doubt I'd get any sort of permissions from the current London Mod to release a newer version. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    Very interesting, I'll be sure to look into that. I have recently created a poll in the British Police Mods Group and a newer London mod came out top, this wouldn't be a submod of the current London Mod, it would be different. I want to create a mod that is instantly recognisable like the LA mod or the Bieberfelde mod, therefore it needs to be a city mod.
  14. Hello guys, I am taking suggestions for a new UK mod. Any idea is much appreciated.