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  1. Im bacckkkkk Im steadily working on the mod again. Fully skinned station 2. did some small map work! stay tuned for more progress! EDIT: made a facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/GreeleyCountyMod/
  2. cant rotate screen

    So i found that it was only with my mouse i usually use. I guess for modding I can switch mouses for now, but that is weird because ive used it before... Edit:- I actually discovered it was my mouse. The click on the wheel is broke, hopefully can get a new one from warranty
  3. cant rotate screen

    actually, i really need this fixed because you cant use ctrl in the editor. I plan on developing my mod some more and can not rotate while using the editor
  4. cant rotate screen

    yeah, its just super tedious to do that. Ive had it before too, and i dont know how i fixed it. even did a full reinstall :|
  5. I have always used my middle mouse button to rotate my screen, and now it all of a sudden stopped working. How do you fix this?
  6. This will be the last update for a while, ill make a facebook page soon. atm I lost my "em4 kick" so i wont be working on the mod. It ISNT being scrapped, just taking a break. Ill be back in a couple weeks, unless i wont because of the holidays. I get random kicks to mod and play em4, so once one of them come ill be back on it. Thanks, Dbeehler
  7. Emergency 4 MAPS?

    maps are going to be found in mods. You can edit them to fit your play. The png is strictly if you want to build your own mod based off of their texture.
  8. Ladder and VO Parking spacing Issues

    I will put my 2 cents in for the Parking. Make sure that your ¨tunrto¨ is facing the corrrect way, and pretty straight with the parking space
  9. Light modding help

    if its hard connected to the model you cant, you would have to go into a modeling software and remove it. easiest would be like Zmodeler. If it is a Child, go into the editor for that and remove it from there.
  10. oh yes! Have already done that, thanks. I thought you were saying I was raging in my other post.
  11. im confused by the whole "raging" thing. I know why the one is broke, and its because there is a section of water, with a bridge. I just am trying to figure out how to do the bridge
  12. I think i got (alot) done today. No unit work, but (alot) of map work. I got all the streets done for the Emergency vehicles. its a small but big step, i have already come across some roads that dont work, and they will be fixed. But its an early stage, and now the mod is more playable. Its getting ever so close to becoming "good"
  13. Ah yes, sorry will do that. Thanks, are you the person behund Camden mod?
  14. made some new skins for the Fire Fighters. first two are mishaps that i am sharing as "bloopers". next two are "complete" skins. (credits go to Mentor1159 for the model)