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  1. This would be a great addition to the mod, lovely car. Great work on the recent update TACRfan! I am downloading it now, can't wait to see the changes! -
  2. Whats the BMW X5 supposed to be? SECAmb don't have X5's and the Vectra and Audi? Kent Police and KFRS dont have those ether.
  3. I think this footage I took might be of use to you TACRfan, its a KFRS training exercise -
  4. Hi, I recently downloaded some new mods that i played fine and then I played the Copenhagen mod 1.1 which I haven't played in a while and that all worked fine. Then I exited the game and shut down my computer and ive turned my computer on this morning to find that EM4 no longer works. It worked perfectly fine before and I have absolutely no idea what could of happened. My drivers are all updated to the latest version, I use windows 10 and i haven't downloaded any new programs. (I think ive attached the right files but i have no idea) logfile.txt em4.cfg
  5. They're all from kent I took them! look on my profile its got links on there to my Flickr and FB page
  6. They have an unmarked Volvo used for CID and the TFU here is my YouTube video of it -
  7. Oh ok thanks I will try that for the time being
  8. Hi I was just wondering how I could edit the freeplay settings so I am able to buy more vehicles as there is a mod that I have downloaded and there are only a set number of vehicles and the option to buy more of each vehicle is disabled? Thanks
  9. I messaged mintcake a few weeks ago and he said hopefully the update will be released in the next few months just be patient.
  10. ok could you change the SECAmb vehicles in the callout menu to the sirens that they have on the map and can you do that for kent police and KFRS also on the callout menu engine one has paramedics of somesort on there instead of firefighters so could you put firefighters on there and one other thing the PSU van in the Kent Police callout menu has traffic police and pcso's in it so could you add riot police on that vehicle as well thanks
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