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  1. The ground ladders that my Vol. department uses are 12ft and 24ft. The 12ft can easily be carried by one person. A 24ft ladder can be carried by a single person as well.
  2. I think that a tanker like that would have a capacity of 3000 gallons and if a pump was installed it would be no more than 250gpm.
  3. I think that the idea of implementing an equipment van would be something that would be realistic. Also, do you plan on adding in the oil-dry script that is in some German mods? I could see some of the rescue trucks carrying a few bags of oil-dry for MVA's, but the equipment van have a larger supply for large incidents.
  4. RT @paulcombsart: December JEMS: Smallville MCI. Don't think a mass casualty incident can happen in your area? Anywhere... anytime... Are…

  5. Awesome! Can't wait to see it when the mod is complete!
  6. This is just a thought of mine, but what if for the aerial ladder it was a single axle truck similar to the one into the link below. It would make sense to me that a rural region such as this to have a smaller ladder truck or even a quint style truck. Link: http://www.e-one.com/product/metro-100/
  7. RT @VP: What a privilege to welcome the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter Association to the @WhiteHouse. Thanks for what you do for the Hoosie…

  8. RT @firenation: Georgia Inmate Firefighters, https://Not permittedE1wK9B2R5g https://Not permittedcBJGxoucvf

  9. RT @17Seniors: teacher: the highest score was 99 and the lowest was 38 me: which dumbass got a 38?! *teacher hands back your 38%*

  10. RT @EmzNicole22: "I'm gunna start at this Fridays game before Preston" *doesn't even show up in a uniform* @chadman1999

  11. RT @cwaldo3: WOW THESE CLOWNS ARE NO JOKE https://Not permittedJ7Nb0yzIA5

  12. RT @TumblrsFunnies: https://Not permittedQOfP3sVYJJ

  13. RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: Me on Facebook vs. Me on Twitter https://Not permittedFXKOFA7I9K

  14. RT @emma_pynchh: Class of 2016 will be missed to the max

  15. Who approved this devotion?

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