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  1. RT @CommissBratton: Officers embrace broken windows because they know it works. Every cop has a precision police officer inside, who distin…

  2. 14 days and counting ?‍??‍? #may2019 https://Not permitted3nETgMtSFX

  3. RT @timesrecordnews: Midwestern State University is making a name for itself in several online lists as one of the county’s top schools for…

  4. RT @IrvingPD: On December 18, 2018, Officers Chaisson and Wilson (who is still in training) were dispatched to a suicidal man on a bridge.…

  5. RT @shelbiechey: It is evident most people are not worried about their future employers looking through their social media?

  6. RT @MSUTexas_RHA_: First Home Basketball Game Tonight! Women’s at 5:30pm! Men’s at 7:30pm! #StangGang #makeithome https://Not permitted6Edl8ZRcUX

  7. RT @MWSUTKE: We had great time helping at the “Healthy Kids Run”! #givingback #gogreek https://Not permittedGet0m9ENZV

  8. RT @DPDRecruiting: Make that change!! Rise to the challenge & take it head on! #IsItInYou #JoinDPD #BetterTogether #FridayFeeling https://t…

  9. @dpham36 https://Not permittedw9ajQz2jpI

  10. Don’t forget to shop for the shirts ladies and gentlemen! Limited time only!!!! https://Not permittedaruuJuCHzA

  11. RT @MWSU_RHA_: Seats filling up! Come to the Taste Test in Legacy MPR staring at 7pm! First come first serve! https://Not permittedp1phPZZduT

  12. RT @mwsu_sga: Join us this Wednesday at 7:00pm in Bolin 100 for the first round of Candidate Debates! Here are some prizes we will being ra…

  13. RT @MWSUHousing: Resident Assistant Applications are open for the 2018-2019 Academic Year! Download the application today at https://Not permittedb…

  14. Can't believe it time to fill law enforcement applications for when I graduate!

  15. RT @MWSU_RHA_: Come out at 5:30pm for a tailgate for the Soccer playoff game! Game starts at 7! #GoMustangs https://Not permittedpmj10gE3rJ

  16. #NewProfilePic https://Not permittedzRhg9FZD2k

  17. RT @DallasPD: Lamar St & Belleview St has been closed. We are asking that anyone in the vicinity stay clear until this incident is resolved…

  18. When it starts raining, means baseball season is close!

  19. RT @Deborahs_Ink: And then all your 2017 resolutions will fall into place... https://Not permitted1uYpl9vanT

  20. Counting down the days to transfer to @MidwesternState

  21. I try. Then it never works. I must be doing something wrong/
  22. Do you know if they have a unpacked version for the army mod,. my installer has never worked. Oh man, there are plenty. There is Harbor city 5.1, la mod, Copenhagen airport and just Copenhagen, west coast Canadian mods, London mod etc. Mentor mods are really good also. The European mods are really nice, not saying Americans mods aren't but some of the European mods add a little spice to them. Cheers - Steve
  23. RT @Squirlbooks: BOOK O/T WEEK: A little girl has been missing for 5 weeks in Blue Suede Shoes by @Deborahs_Ink. Set in #Wisconsin https://…

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