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  1. Thanks Mr. Matt, I'll give your recommendations a shot. Squamishfire: I'm glad you said that. I was wondering whether it was acceptable to share the files I've recently located with any other users searching for the same, and I was waiting until I reviewed the forum rules before doing so. Thanks
  2. First off, I am in total agreement that you and any others involved should receive your dues. I can appreciate the incredible amount of time and effort that goes in to making these awesome mods. And an update for the day, I've scoured through several of my external hard drives and flash drives, in hopes I transferred files from one PC to another, and it paid off. I've been able to locate: W00ds Maps v1 - Which includes "New Freeplay Map Second Edition v1.1" and "New Freeplay Map v1.3" Los Angeles Mod v2.1.1 4x4 - With the LAPD, LASD, and CHP helicopters. Several additional CHP variants and the LAPD & LASD Tahoes. Which I previously assumed I got from LA Mod+ Los.Angeles.Mod.v2.0-4x4.W00d.Map.v1.BETA.03.Ambulance.Patch - Which has the LAPD & LASD Taurus, Caprice, Explorer along with several revisions to the existing LAPD and CHP cars. There's also several upgrades to Ambulance and Fire Department vehicles, with only a couple trucks flashing polygons instead of light. My biggest issue now, which I recall simply ignoring when I played these mods last, is that the Caprice, Taurus, and Explorers have all of their lightbar lighting in place, but the Ajgent lightbar is not attached to the vehicle. Also, the model of the Arjent lightbar that is included in the submod files is solid white . I lack the skills to add color to this Arjent model and resize it slightly for the Taurus and Caprice, but as I understand it, these V3O models are locked regardless. If you'd like a copy of the files still in their original .zip (W00ds), .exe (Los Angeles Mod v2.1.1 4x4), and .e4mod (Los.Angeles.Mod.v2.0-4x4.W00d.Map.v1.BETA.03.Ambulance.Patch) files, I'd be happy to help. Also, if anyone has any idea how to apply the appropriate color and size to the Ajent model, that help would be appreciated as well,
  3. I hope I am not breaking any forum rules, but if I am it is completely unintentional and I am open to any corrections or topic removal. So, years ago I spent a great many hours in the LA Mod and combed the forums for any Submods that could further enhance the game play. Over time I had collected two or three key mods that gave EM4 the greatest re-playability of any other game to date, in my opinion. The issue was that life got a bit busy and I stopped playing for at least two years. Unfortunately, during that time away (from gaming) my PC crashed and took all of my beloved files with it, with no backups to be had. I thought it would be simple enough to return to the forum and recollect the necessary mods, but so many links have since been rendered useless. Currently, I am looking for the following mods, which I'll list below, and I am hoping the original poster can make available, if they're still active, or another fellow user has a copy to share. I only wish to use these mods privately and lack any ambition or skill to create my own mod. I've tried....for a couple days. The title is correct, I am NOT looking to buy rights or ownership to any of these mods. I would be willing to pay someone for their time in pursuit of these few files that brought SO many hours of entertainment. I'll list the mods to the best of my ability, but names may not be exact. - L.A Mod units upgrade Sub-mod - 2.?? or even 3.0 (beta OK) - Specifically with the Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer, Dodge Charger - W00ds Maps - LA Mod+ - With the LAPD, LASD, and CHP helicopters. Several additional CHP variants. And LASD Caprice, Charger, Tahoe, etc. - Montanta Mod v2.1 - I know it had its issues but I was able to tinker with it enough to still have a ton of fun with this mod Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. I've meticulously combed through the forum and the Montana Mod files, not in any depth as I am no expert. The issue I am having is that after installing the Montana Mod some of the vehicles appear to be distorted in free play and editor. I've tried reinstalling EM4 and the Montana Mod several times but have made no progress. The vehicles still function like normal but the best I can describe it is that their skin in enlarged and out of place. When viewing the troubled vehicles in editor I am able to zoom in very closely in "edit childs" and see what the vehicle was in tended to look like; but after zooming back out the skin distorts again. Please help, it's been years since I've been able to play EM4 and I'm anxious to use this beautiful mod. Thank you
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