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  1. Oh and yes according to the law, anyone who has created a model with a logo on it(Ford, Chevy, LAPD, etc.) has committed copyright infringement. If you were to sell them(instead of free download) you could be punished by 10 years in federal prison and $250,000 fine. BUT, because no one on emergency planet receives "monetary gain" from their mods, no one is guilty. Nuff said on this guys.
  2. Ok so clearly some people clearly take this stuff wayyy too seriously. First off, yes people are correct about shit. To people who are not familiar with the military and those of us who have been in combat, we refer to everything as "shit". "Grab your shit" "Clean that shit" "Keep your shit tight" are commonly used. For the tender-hearted folks out there, yes, shit could be interpreted as calling your models bad. However, if I thought they were shit, why would I be using some of them? Nuff said on that. Also, what you thought(from the quality of the pictures) were some of your models are NOT. The "impala" is actually a 2012 Chevy Caprice created by ME. The CVs that everyone has sent me messeges claiming they are theirs, are NOT. My CV model only has 2 working doors. Created by ME as well. My charger is shorter(if you saw them side by side you could see) and has no working doors. F-150 is also mine(has working tailgate). Models used from people: mostly from LA mod(which I stated earlier) most of the FD units, Tahoe, USCG boat and helis, and all people. Miami mod I used the dolphin and stingray. FUN FACT: it is an MH-68 STINGRAY. "HITRON" is an acronym for the specialized unit that used to operate them. I say used to because the MH-68 is not in service anymore. Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron "HITRON". All operations have shifted to the HH-65 now. So from here, if anyone who owns the FD units, USCG RB-S, Helo's, Tahoe, or people, let me know and they will not be in the final version of the mod. Otherwise, show your ignorance somewhere else.
  3. Ok so I could not get actual screenshots. Sorry these are not good quality at all but they show most of the units with the exception of fire department units(I just used most of the LA mod units for those). (1) 87' Patrol Boat alongside a ferry (2)MH-68 Stingray and Seattle PD/USCG 25' RB-S boarding a ferry to apprehend a suspect (3) HH-65 Dolphin and USCG 25' RB-S conducting medevac (4) Seattle Fire Dept. Rescue 5/ EMS-5 and Washington State Patrol(WSP) Tahoe/CV/2014 Caprice on accident scene (5) Seattle PD CVs/2008 Charger and WSP K-9 unit apprehending suspect (6) USCG PD and Border Patrol boarding a Seattle PD 25' RB-S (7) King County Sheriff CVs (8) Seattle PD 2012 Chargers (9) FBI Ford F-150s
  4. UPDATE: ok so the map is finished 100%. Landside I have no issues everything works great. I made a huge shift and set the stage in Seattle, WA. Also, the map I used was soo big there is actually quite a bit of city to it which makes it challenging to handle everything I like it so far! This will be a good mod for multiplayer. Speed bump #1: the biggest problem is when a vessel catches fire, it often engulfs the entire ship due to your only FF units being coast guard patrol boats. To try and control them, I am going to add hydrants to the ships to act as installed FF systems(which most commercial vessels have in real life). All you would have to do is embark firefighters. Speed bump#2: I have been trying and trying to get a script working which will allow you to lower a FF/paramedic from a helicopter(no success as of yet) and then recover them. Your helicopters not having this ability makes medevacs with your helos impossible without a small boat assisting. Speed bump#3: I cannot figure out how to allow my law enforcement boats to anchor. This makes it impossible to transport a prisoner off of a ship that the helo cant land on. Last, I am still working on some pictures. Stay tuned!!!!
  5. yeah im working on pictures of those now, ive never taken pictures inside the editor before
  6. I think it worked! So these are all the units and what they will be used for.
  7. Thank you guys for the input! I did decide to use the oil rig map and just make it bigger. It overlapped a little but for the first go around and the fact that most of it is water, I don't mind All of the shore side and helicopter units are finished. 3 boats are finished but my 3D model software has stopped working properly so I am stuck for now on the 3 remaining boats. I am hope fully going to get some images up soon, but thus far my attempts have failed. Idk what it is something to do with my computer and emergency planet.
  8. All, I am somewhat new to modding. I just finished my first complete mod(Kitsap County, Washington). I am active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard and thought It would be awesome to do a Coast Guard mod. The idea I have is to make the majority of the map water and instead of having a lot of callouts on land and few in the water, the majority of the game will take place on the water. Medevacs, stolen vessels, vessel collisions, broken down vessels(for using engineers), and vessel fires are just some of the callouts. I have quite a few. Now the problem: Units are not really a problem, but im not very good at creating the map/scripts. With the majority of the map being water I don't think it will be too hard, but I have never created a completely new map. Anyone who is interested in helping out please post up even if its something small. I am not a bossy "im in charge of this mod" guy. I am open to any help/suggestions. I think this will be an amazing mod if it gets finished. Thanks!
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