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  1. Can some send me the files for the LA Mod because for some reason the LA mod won't install on my pc...my email is bfd1640@gmail.com Thanks
  2. ok cool i did that and i posted in the firefighter sign up forum
  3. ok sounds good..i still dont have an email btw
  4. yea i sent the email a while ago and i checked all my folders...not there
  5. yea i signed up at the site but i haven't received a verification email does it take long?
  6. ok is this for xbox and id be intrested in fire bt anything is fine ill take a spot
  7. anyone know of anything for this???
  8. wow thats very tragic...a shame he was soo young.. but i have a question when i installed the sub mod everything goes good exept there are no skins on the trucks
  9. where is the download link...or is this not yet released to everyone??
  10. I would like to do some new reskins of the la mod units however when i get to the ladder i strike a problem there is nothing on the .dds just the tire...maybe if someone could send me their file maybe itll work idk plaease help
  11. Jeeze guys stop bugging Dyson for release dates the more time he takes answering your pointless questions the less he can work on the mod so please give it a break and it will come out when it is done any who...i would like to see like a car accident with a partial building collapse and you have to sort through the rubble trying to find ppl and such
  12. Does anyone know where i can download FDNY units for GTA 4 on PC??
  13. Hi i would like to make a mod but i cant do it all. I just need a little help......i can model in sketchup and i can skin and organize blah blah...but here is a list of positions i need. -Someone to model police cars and ambulances -Make models into game format(aka has zmodeler) -Someone that cant put models into the game -SCRIPTER(prob. the hardest to find) -an extra skinner wouldnt hurt thanks in advance and i am the kinda person that when i have ALL the resources i like to finish the prodject...i have not yet decided where the mod will take place (or have I??) Thanks in advance hope you guys can help.
  14. will you guys have fans to vent buildings....so you don't always have to cut the roof??
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