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  1. Best of luck to you! Great work so far, relly like the 1.02 version. Sounds relly hard to make the mod stand on its own but it will make the mod legendary =) Greatings from Sweden
  2. Yea i hawe also noted this, i hawet com up whit any sulotion yet do. I hawing a hard time whit the Szszot mod due to the fakt that i can only understand English swedish and a litel bit german. I haent given up on a new version of Save life do =) I love the beta verson and think it hawe potential. and i am sp wery curius on the mod that were suposed to be uploaded but newer got uploded. Hawe a nice weakend! Oftopic. Me and my fader were aute walking and pased bye a lokal racetrack and there were motorcykelrace so we gut a real treat on the walk, we sat for a long wille looking on the racers.
  3. I hawe downloaded instaled and tested the mod. And i think its grate! the models are wery wery good and the lightning is super, scripts are superb and its tons of smal new things that makes the mod feel wery difrent to many oder mods. I relly like what you hawe made. Its a oner to hawe tested ure work. wery profesinal The first call i gut were a person sick behind a locked door. he dyed becus of my curesy of the map, i were busy exploring all the new bildings and figuring ute were the station's were and so fort. Im gona spend some time in the game nowe Hawe a nice evning all
  4. Yeay this is good news =) Sudenly my sunday engsaigety isent that bad any more. it dosent matter that i hawe a ful weak whit wrok at the emergencyward when i may hawe a new nice mod to play and this mod looks greate. i finde it wey intresting when there are difrent contrys emergency service's it fun to se howe difrent contrys hawe it. and compare to my own experiense from sweden. I hawe sone my military service in fire and ambulanceservice and are now working in the emergency at the hospital and are on my way to work in the ambulance as well, or at least they whant me to start working there but my boss isent that ken on me doing that. Hawe a nice evning all emergency fans and workers.
  5. Thats no problem mate. Its gona be super when we finaly get to test the mod, looking forward to it. hope things goes good tomorow night.
  6. In sweden we are alredy done whit ester, we hade fourday's of last wakend. Good luck whit the Girl issue! Life is newer greate when there are girl problems. Attachments is pic of swedish emergency ambulance. in this case volvo s80
  7. Can any one explane howe i can register on the orginal download page that the are linked in the first post? I can read and understand English and Swedish. i can't understand one word on the page. i hawe tryed to finde some register button but can't finde it. Thanks Fred
  8. Any one els that cheking like ten times awry day fpr any news abouot the download?
  9. This is exackt what i been waiting for, i hawe in wane tryed to shange the parametrs by my self to get it right but no luck. Im wery glad tp se this
  10. Piratbay were to be a good way to share the mod, this mod looks wery wery good and will be wery nice to try when it gets downloadebel. Hawe a nice day all emergency frends =)
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