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  1. Hey guys so I’m having a weird issue all of a sudden. When I am in the editor, my mod shows all the current updates I have made including new models and lights. When I load the mod and start a new free play it appears the mod goes to an older version. All of my updates in the editor do not appear in game. Any suggestions?
  2. Good Afternoon all, After some deep thinking and experimenting I have decided to start a new modification that I hope will come to a great end. I have been looking towards the future and decided I may be able to find enough time during my weekends and time off to begin working on a new modification.. This Modification will be based off of realism, as close as I can possibly try to get it. I am currently doing research to develop the units that will be featured in this modifcation.. Currently, the following departments will be included: City of Orlando Police Department City of Orlando Fire Department Orange County Sheriffs Department Florida Highway Patrol Orange County Fire Department (Possibly, Not Decided Yet) If anyone has any reccomendations as to what units you would like to see included in this mod, please send me a PM. I will also be looking for anyone interested in joining the development team. Message me with what your expertise are. CURRENT ORLANDO SUTPHEN FIRE ENGINE (WIP) CREDIT TO ITCHBOY FOR SUTPHEN CAB AND BAMA1234 FOR FIRE ENGINE BODY FROM MONTANA MOD http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/5c9fcbf1655b8_orlandoengine.thumb.png.fa345c4439c9f0db91791f99c55dc5f9.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/suthpehnenginewip.thumb.png.c43a36d6eae26db54bef2a695a3f2231.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/suthpengridview.thumb.png.92c61d93947db3c56aadb1285c5e71f3.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/suthpengridview.thumb.png.92c61d93947db3c56aadb1285c5e71f3.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/orlando.thumb.png.687f75b8ab375b8f47f07ea4c5e9dbb5.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/suthpengridview.thumb.png.92c61d93947db3c56aadb1285c5e71f3.png
  3. Does anyone have the template for the ATF NRU Freightliner trick? Preferably in a .PNG. The .DDS file I have from other mods will not open in my photoshop or dds converters.
  4. I added a new vehicle to the mod and I keep having this same problem that I never had while adding others to the game. I have the speed in the unit file set to 200 but that speed only works immediately after the vehicle is dispatched. Whenever I move the vehicle to respond somewhere else on the map the speed is extremely slow especially compared to other vehicles. Any solution?
  5. Hello all, I am having a problem with two vehicles that I added to the game. One was a fire truck that was already in the current mod I was using but not in the activated for freeplay and had no lights. The other was a police car I edited and added in. The problem I am having is, I have created unit folders for all, added lines to the siren script and added their lines in the freeplaybase file but when I enter the game to play and open the units menu, the two vehicles appear as choices but the amount to dispatch is "0" and I do not have the option to purchase any. In freeplaybase.xml I have it marked for "1" each. I have added other vehicles to the mod before and have not had any problems until now. Is there a limit to the amount of vehicles you can use? Or is there a problem somewhere else?
  6. For the tones you would want something like this. Anything from a Minitor IV/V pager going off would be appropriate.
  7. I like the second option for fires because as a volunteer, most of the time we get to a fire scene, smoke is the only visible thing we can see upon arrival. Plus, with the volunteer script I would say by the time you get your first couple units on scene flames would be showing by then. But I do have to say, when my department gets a structure fire.. its working... and I mean you can see it from a mile away.
  8. Works great for me. I have kinked out a few bugs myself (the traffic bug especially).. Looking forward to the patch. My only question is in the patch, will all of the units have lights or are some of them being taken out? Mainly interested in the tanker because for me its unplayable with out the lights lol.
  9. I get CTD whenever I try to call the sheriffs cars off the map. Or are we not suppose to be able to use those?
  10. Take your time with the mod guys. I would prefer to see this mod released with perfection and be rushed and released with many bugs. Everyone needs to be patient with them. If I have to wait another month for the mod, I would do it. Its worth the wait. We all know that if it was released and everyone started finding bugs, people would start blowing up the topic and complaining about them. Lets all be thankful for what these guys are actually doing.
  11. Hey guys I have a question. Does anyone know how to remove the rambar off of the LA Mod unmarked crown vic. I was able to remove it in zmodeler but it still appeared in game. Its not a child either. Any suggestions?
  12. This project is not dead. I have been busy with other things and haven't had the time to even get onto my computer lately. Stay tuned for new updates within the next week. Also, anyone with advanced skills who wants to help out feel free to PM me. Could use some help.
  13. Thats always something you can add in yourself if he does not decide to put it in.. Which Im sure he will because most mods have those features.
  14. http://emergency.gry-online.pl/mody/index.php?action=view&entryid=6&view=entry That is the only site I can find with it.
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