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  1. Santa Catarina Modification (In Progress)

    Good Morning. I'm from RS and I'm interested in learning more about MOD. I have knowledge in Photoshop and was trying to modify the SP MOD for gaucho vehicles. Beautiful MOD SC! Congratulations.
  2. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Hello. You will complete the SP MOD? Could release the Hilux before? Thank you.
  3. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    I suggest to include this beautiful Pajero Sport old, BPTran of the PM SP. Congratulations for the work, is getting great! Créditos; Fotolog.
  4. Latvia Mod 1.3 [Released]

    That, I do not have the files in Laguna ... V 1.3 including ... He will be a future 1.4? Use Google translator because I know about 60% of English ... I love the models in this mod.
  5. I'm trying to add a police car to an emergency mod 4 (FR 911) for personal use, but the model has no siren / Giroflex, the mod V shape and red. How can I put it into a model for this in ZModeler? Need to edit lighting? How? And to change the shapes and colors Giroflex? I apreciate the help. FILE ERROR ... Google Translator.
  6. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Good to receive news of new SP MOD. Belo MOD! I hope to be ready sooner. Good luck team will embrace!
  7. Latvia Mod 1.3 [Released]

    Hello guys, I wonder how police use the Renault Laguna. I downloaded 3 files MOD Latvia and none of them is in the vehicle. Very beautiful car, congratulations to the team! Thank you for your attention.
  8. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

  9. Hello! I'm learning to deal with Zmodeler. I've learned how to model the side of a car ... I would like to configure my Zmodeler to facilitate, but it is difficult to find explanations ... I've tried moving the bars of the screen, but nothing changed ... How can I leave Zmodeler like this one? The screen and the colors? Taking the "squares"? I sent two annexes in which the mine is in BLUE. THANK YOU! Sorry English translator ...
  10. Well, I've been watching youtube tutorials and hoppah after starting this topic ... It's unfortunate ... GTA has many cool models of my country ... It seems to convert but it gives a lot of work and difficult ... When you say mapping and texturing, would be to use that ball round red ZModeler to put skins / sticker on your car? Someone enable him to create a tutorial on text and post on the site? What is the explanation pro sketchup model in .3 ds exported. Stay in v30 0 bytes? Has it occurred to you? And learn how to create exactly the right size for the skin texture? And because the wheels and doors separated. V30 4 of emergency? So many questions ... Grateful if someone responds. I'm trying to be able to create skin and add the car to learn sketchup because Zmod months will ... Thank you! Thanks! Google traductor...
  11. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Dai pessoal, sou do Brasil. Baixei a versão 1.3 e adorei o MOD! Parabéns! Quando sairá a versão definitiva com aqueles aviões??? Aguardo. Valeu!
  12. GTA IV police cars to Em4

    I have the same idea ... Someone could post something on how to convert the GTA? I have many models of my country that would be helpful, because I also can not convert to. Dff to .3 ds, gives error. Thank you!
  13. I'm trying to model in Zmodeler, but until I learn, will take ... I am making a small modification of another MOD (PERSONAL USE), tests, etc ... I would use models of GTA and Google Sketchup, but I have several problems ... I've done a post about the problem in Sketchup> Zmodeler conversion. V3o. I also have problems in converting. Dff (GTA) to .3 ds (Zmod). The file gives error and not saved in .3 ds format. I searched but did not find any converter. Does anyone use this method with any of them? Could you give an explanation or tutorial? Thank you!
  14. MOD / personal questions

    Pelo que eu li, aqui é postado tudo sobre MODS... Achei que ajuda também poderia, ou estou errado? Bem, eu tenho de aplicar textura novamente então? A maioria dos modelos Sketchup já tem pintura/cor (seria textura?). É necessário separar portas e rodas em outros arquivos .v30?? A pintura/skin devo fazer num blueprint no Photoshop? Obrigado, por enquanto pessoal. From what I read, this is all about MODS posted ... I thought it might also help, or am I wrong? Well, I have to apply texture back then? Most models Sketchup already has paint / color (texture would be?). You must separate doors and wheels in other files. V30? The paint / skin should do a blueprint in Photoshop? Thank you for now folks.
  15. MOD / personal questions

    All right guys? Well, as the title says, I'm trying to use SketchUp models for Emergency 4. I believe someone has already done so. Already livários tutorials including master Hoppah and Youtube, but realized the conversion. Skp to .3 ds, and .3 ds to. V3o. My problem is the texture of Sketchup models and the. V3o empty with 0 bytes ... I noticed that many modelso SketchUp already have texture or color and are "grouped" to abriri in ZModeler. Need to separate? Redo the texture? Reduce size? What is wrong? Someone experienced could make a full tutorial explaining every detail and even the windows and tools used to adjust the corertamnete texture and have pro game? Any help and hint is welcome. Thank you! Images: 1 - Open file in .3 d in ZModeler. Note that he is "painted" with the colors coming from the NYPD Sketchup. (not took without authorization, is to test). 2 - note the size and the descriptions in the window of "texture". 3 - After converting to. V3o. File with 0 bytes ... GOOGLE TRADUCTOR.