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  1. all good just curious, was thinking about getting back into the game. Thanks though
  2. Hey man hows it going? You still play this any?


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    2. NathanDollinger


      I know the feeling. I just got a gaming computer back so i haven't been able  to do much till now!


      Do you still have any of the old mods?

    3. Chris07


      I've got a decent collection.

    4. NathanDollinger
  3. I use to be really into this game along time ago. And i created a bunch of mods and did alot of scripting I was hoping to find some of the mods. I found one of them which is the northview mod. I know i use to do alot of modding with chris07 is he still around?
  4. Well ill be! Its freken snowing!

  5. Turning out to be another calm week on the mountain of cedar, Love this job though! Stay safe every one!

  6. Well getting paid for sitting at home, Thats a first..... lolBack to work tomorrow =D

  7. The transfer from purely volunteer to paid fireman is difficult as the urge to respond when the pager goes off is meet by the fact im not on shift!

    1. Michael Copeland

      Michael Copeland

      A lot of career firefighters also volunteer , unless you have to move away from a volunteer department to become a career firefighter .

  8. Make sure your controllers ( The golf ball ) for the pump guy are actually in a position as to where they can stand over it, Due to the way it works if the firefighter who is "pumping" isn't in the right spot compared to the controller it won't activate. Also make sure you have named every thing correctly, or even placed the right items in the right places. Alot of times its the small stuff that gets missed
  9. No multiplayer, No mods... Sad Looks neat at first but after reading the details and such don't see much hope for the game after years of Emergency gaming!
  10. Practice test went well! The real deal tomorrow!Feeling good!I even climbed the ladder 0_o

  11. Go tomorrow for the practice testing, that nervous feeling is starting to kick in, getting excited to! Hopeful every thing lines up and ill find my self doing what I love!

  12. Well got a letter from ceder mountain fd =/ so i have heard from 3 still waiting on two and as it stands im testing for 2, been denied by onea little disappointing was hoping for 5/5 but still excited about what i have so far!

  13. Was just invited to test by another department for this weekend =D

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