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    Fire stuff, Rescue stuff, EMS stuff, Beach life, and good food
  1. Sometimes when an officer, fire, pd, or ems unit tries to redirect traffic the car freezes on the spot. What is making this happen? How can I correct it?
  2. Trying to find the folder / file that i need to open to change the Unit Icon during game play
  3. I saw some of your videos on on YouTube. Very nice mod can't wait for the release
  4. I haven't played around with this game in years. The question i have is that when I try to save a map it just says "error - can not save" can some one please tell me how to save maps after I edit them. Thanks
  5. forget it, I got it, I'll remove this post as soon as i learn how!
  6. I hate to sound dumb but I have windows 7 on a new laptop. I meet all the other system requierments but i CAN NOT load the LA mods. did i miss somthing or do somthing wrong?
  7. I don't think that will work just placing the 2 engine files together. It needs to be some 3D mod builder thing. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d28/MastrMIke/kmes4.jpg
  8. Don’t let this MOD die! I LOVE the, straight top, ladders on the side, short KME engines you made, if anything release that and the open cab engines you have on you game! Could you do something with the USCG helicopter, as in drop a rescue swimmer and have the helicopter pick him up and the patient up wile airborne?!
  9. I’m no good with computers and I can’t do what I want with the engines. I would like to know if someone could help me out by combining the front of Engine 1 “Engine 7” with the rear of Engine 2 “Engine 288”. I like the straight cabs with the ladders on the side look.
  10. Is there anyway that on la mod 1.8 Multiplayer map could be used as the free play map? ~Josh
  11. Unfortunately that did not work. YES it did put a picture of the tool on the engine but my guys still ran to the rescue to grab the tool. Is there another file we must change?
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