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  1. Thanks for the confirmation Itchboy. Looking forward to seeing more updates in the future.
  2. Nice to hear this is still being worked on I'm not sure if it was mentioned before, but do you guys plan to scale down the size vehicles?
  3. I believe you have to hold the SHIFT key when you're calling for a tow truck. I seem to remember @TheNorthernAlex saying in one of his videos on it.
  4. This happens because EM4 can't keep up with the speed of newer computers. To change this you will unfortunately have to go into the editor and change the light timings on each traffic light. I'm currently looking for the topic which goes into it with better detail so I'll edit my post once I've found it. EDIT: Found the topic/post: hope this helps you
  5. I finally got the chance to play this mod again, sorry I'm a bit rusty and not using the added gameplay mechanics properly, its been a while since I last played this game lol using Flnn's light and map edits, they look great I must admit!
  6. Ok I managed to get it working perfectly. In my tired state I over looked the fact I hadn't named the pump connections like you said Connor. So all the pumps are now called pump1-4 and the firefighters no longer run to the centre of the map before connecting to the truck. Thanks for the helps Itchboy and Connor. This topic can be closed now.
  7. No I'm not using the limited water script in my mod, just the default way the LA mod hoses & cannons work.
  8. Sorry for my stupidity itchboy, it's been a long time since I edited any scripts. I've got the water tender defind with this model mutual_aid_E24, but where else do I need to add it? Also in the vehicle traits it's set to TLF, the cannon is from the original LA water tender under super structures and the pumps are under child's like the LA water tender is, am I missing anything? I'll post screenshots when I'm back from work.
  9. Hey everyone, been a long time since I posted here. Starting to get back into the game lol. I need some help I am trying to get a fire truck to behave like the water tender (with the cannon on the roof etc), I know there was a topic about being able to use a TLF vehicle and use the GTF hose connections but I couldn't find it in the search. I can get it working but the strange thing is when i first use the command to connect a hose the fire fighter will run to the centre of the map before the hose connections appear on the vehicle then he will run back and connect. I'm stumped as I've edited the attachfirehose script and I've set up the engine to be the same as the LA water tender. Any help would be appreciated. Here is my log file and my attachfirehose script
  10. Ummm I think I have a download link in one of my videos. Let me go and fish it out and I'll post it here in for you, theres 3 downloads for it in total (the main mod and then 2 important updates) as far as I can remember you will need a 4shared account to download it as its what Bama1234 uploaded many many moons ago lol. EDIT: Ok I'm back quicker than expected Main Montana mod v1.2: http://www.4shared.com/zip/NoreDupp/montana_mod.html Important update A: http://www.4shared.com/zip/JslJMtwb/Montana_Mod_Patch_1A.html Important update B: http://www.4shared.com/zip/sjB-InaG/patch_1b.html
  11. Have you tried Montana V1.2? That has a small FD and a small PD, you have to call EMS from off map, pretty much the same as v2 but its on the LA map.
  12. Click on the fire station control panel and I think its called "auto empty" it will stop everyone getting out the vehicles on returning to the station.
  13. The download could have become corrupt. Did you try re-downloading it to see if that works?
  14. Lol I wasn't having a good at you. I couldn't make sense of it either. Just thank Google translate xD
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