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  1. nice, keep up the work, I once was working on the SF mod, but I stopped because of a few reasons, one of them was school and iI didnt had any scripters or mappers, I still have the models, if you want to use them, then just pm me, (they arent ingame yet) well maybe I will restart my sf mod sometime
  2. em4fun

    Jaboticabal Map

    have a good time in moscow, btw the update looks great
  3. it was a part of my unfinished san francisco mod, its an american lafrance eagle cab
  4. em4fun

    Jaboticabal Map

    great again, will the airport also have an enterable terminal?
  5. em4fun

    NFS hot pursuit

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx54uLAbXJw i made a new gameplay video, hope you guys like it
  6. em4fun

    NFS hot pursuit

    in this hot pursuit you can call roadblocks too and you have also helicopters, spikestrips and an electric weapon (something like a taser) this game has more then 10 diffrent police cars i think about 50 or more so it is pretty cool.
  7. hi who all here has NFS hot pursuit, I own it since yesterday and its pretty sweet, but you cant customize your cars anymore. here is a video i made of the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_k7U_fw8rk
  8. okay thats not that hard, but yeah it can be verry anoying when you do it wrong and have to sort it out all again, btw if you still want to use one of my models, then you can use them.I think you got your lesson,
  9. 1 person to package the mod? you can do that yourself in less then 1 minute
  10. damn snow and cold weather, my scooter wont start good anymore because of the cold weather :(

    1. cops


      Where I live there isn't any snow to see, it's only cold

    2. danny60


      just cover the engine in WD40 and light, it may set your bike on fire, but atleast it will be warm enough to start!

    3. em4fun


      i use wd-49 to prevent corosion on my exhaust wich gets hotter then the engine itselfs, so it wont burn, but is that a solution?

  11. the editors of em3 and em4 were released as a patch after the releases of the games, so the chanchche is verry big that they will the same for em2012
  12. b2bomber was talking about of the possebilities of making this mod for em4 or em2012, em2012 has a lot of engine updates and other kind of updates that a normal gamer cant see, so probably are the possebilities of making this mod for em2012 better (when the editor comes)
  13. If I would have post that, then I would got a warn.
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