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  1. forceradius or witch one do i edit in that line?
  2. Information: Millburn First Responders (MFR) is a gaming community that plays FiveM, Flashing Lights, Into The Flames and Emergency 4 mainly, but we play other games also. We are dedicated to our members, because without you, our community would have no purpose. This community also has members who are volunteer/career Firefighters, EMS Personnel and Police Officers in real life; Therefore, Millburn First Responders (MFR) is also dedicated to have the most realistic and true to life game play possible, as a result we use a custom mod combine with our own set of SOPs. SOPs are standard operation procedures; these are in game guidelines to help keep immersion as full as possible. _________________________________________________ What departments do we offer? - Millburn Fire Department (Fire/EMS) - Millburn Sheriff Department - Millburn Emergency Management Office (Dispatch Center) _________________________________________________ What do we offer in general? - A rank structure as close to real life as possible - Positions, Jobs, and Roles within the unit - SOP's (Standard Operating Procedure) - Run Cards - Fire,EMS,PD,Dispatch Training (To make you better in game) - CAD system (Computer Aided Dispatch) - Monthly Meetings to discuss ideas,suggestions,issues and the future of MFR - Promotions (passed on activity and game play) - Custom Mods _________________________________________________ Requirements: - Age 15+ - Able to speak clear and understandable English. - A working Mic/Headset - Be nice to others - Follow the rules - At Least 1 Hour of game time - Discord (Be on comms when playing) - Know how to install mods (We will train you) Join us today! Discord: https://discord.gg/HGMpzcw Website: https://MFR1.enjin.com/
  3. How do i increase the fire spread on multiplayer?
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