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  1. Version 6 ist out now! http://www.feuerwehr.../download-menue Praise and criticism are welocme! Have fun..
  2. Please visit and Like our Facebook-Page! https://www.emergency-planet.com/Wegberg.Modifikation
  3. Just uploaded a Preview for the new Version: [media=]
  4. We are actually working hard for a new Version as you can see: Thanks to Drummer & Duisburg-Modification!
  5. There ist no Release-Date, yet. You have as much time as you need ;-) Sure you get the permission to use the pictures for the Manual.. Greets
  6. Yes, that would be grate! We will create an Language-Option Interface, so that you can choose between german and english. Thanks!
  7. Excuse me.. We are working hard for a new version.. Sure you are allowed to translate the Modification. There ist just one Thing: Please don't publish the Translation, because i'd like to publish ist with an update.. Thank's for your work and your great support..!
  8. A new Patch hast just been released! Download Patch 4.1.0
  9. You need to equip the Firefighter with "Schnittschutz" before you can use the cainsaw!
  10. You need to run the tool as Administrator!
  11. Patch 4.0.5 ha just released! It fixes some Problems in the Multiplayer! Download: http://www.feuerwehr-wegberg.de/index.php/simulation/download
  12. Sorry People, toda there will be an update, that the Mod works with 911: FR! Greetings
  13. I would be happy if you can translate the Modification! Just tell me what you need for that and then we will translate this! Greets
  14. No Problem And here Comes the next Patch solves some Problems in the Multiplayer.. If you don't have Patch 4.0.2 you just need to install 4.03! Download Patch 4.03
  15. This was my fault - Sorry! Please Download the Patch here This little patch solves the problem
  16. Thank's for taking it down. There will be a new Version as soon as possible - thank you for your understand. BTW: Find us on Facebook!
  17. Is here anyone who is able to translate the Modification from German into English? If so, please contact me via PN! Thanks!
  18. In a few weeks we will release a ne Version - Version 4. This Release contains a Multiplayer-Modus with a nearly realistic radio-traffic. Hope you will forgive me my Decision and download the new version - if released. Greets
  19. If you are able to write exactly what is your Problem while you are playing the mod, i maybe can help you with me bad english Greets
  20. The new Version is Online! Download Emergency Newstime Issue 17 (31.10.2011 - 6,4 MB)Download: http://download.wegberg-mod.de
  21. I just made the work with the DLK a bit more realistic:
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