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  1. Hello not sure if I'm in the right topic area but I am having some problems with the Hong Kong mod emergency vehicles blue lights https://steamcommunity.com/id/kainegavo12/screenshot/927063683531373499 as you can see in the image above the lights are just a white pixel Any help would be nice
  2. hey sorry to be a bother to anyone but i have a question to ask and it's about the london mod. i would like to say that i am new to the emergency 4 modding sceen so go easy on me my problem is that when i install the mod useing the mod installer it all starts up fine no problems there. But then when i press free play the peroblems start. 1. anythime i click on one of the vehicle's the game becomes very laggie and then when i click anywere off of the vehicle the game runs fine. it dosent happen if i click on one of the units E.G paramedics, Fire fighters, police men. Just the vehicle's. 2. as said in the first part i can bare with that but its the next part i have a problem with. If anyone who has the London mod noticed the little simbols that you click on work apart for the ones that have vcmd in them anytime i click on them the game will freeze then followed by a crash. a error message then pops up which is the picture i have added in this http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_06/error.PNG.fc1d156f48d4c87e1bdd5aa4cae699f3.PNG I don't know if i have to have a caetain map to play the mod if i do could you please link it down below for me thanks. Also another thing i wanna add is about the la mod and how everytime i use the installer it will go through the prosses of installing the mod but i cant find the mod to launch it.
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