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  1. Could you maybe help me get this mod also to work on the em 16 and 17
  2. Why not make this multiplayer compatible? you claim it ruins the fun for others, however, by default, an user CANNOT Connect to another users modded online session unless he has the same mods active and installed, in the end it should be the users choice weather or not they want it in multiplayer or not, we are not too good at this game and often lose control and have too less units.... so for instance modded client a starts a game with UUM_V2 Active, Un modded client cannot find the server as un modded client doesn't have the mods installed that the host has. i would greatly appreciate it if you could make a multiplayer compatible version.. judging by the votes allot ask for too almost 100 people want it.. please add it i spoke to the creators and they sayd its fine to be added as only members with the same mods can join meaning everyone in that session has the same unlimited units and mods active. please reconsider your choice in this matter. <3
  3. Gabriel Evans

    working mods?

    hi all wondered if theres working mods... i beenn lookiing for mods for weeks but seems only bieberfeld is actuallly still being worked on.. any other mods that work? would love more missionns i have the nl modd and missions mod
  4. i hope there comes an update to this awesome mod! for now i tryd bens mod it seems bugged on my end, your mod howver seems to load the new home schreen, not the intro video, and changes my personal and vehicles, however.. i see no options for light on/off or siren controlls.. right now its verry anoying that i cant turn them off they keep playing a long time after arival and mulltiple cars.. well lets say sometimes its amusing but other times plain horrible lol! hope to see continue development guys emergency needs new live! the devs sure prommised me they are workin on patching the game!
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