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  1. About 5 to 8 minutes to knock it with two high pressure hose reels. The hedge was 30 meters long and burning like that the entire length. There was a double garage next to it right down the end. Took us about 7 or so minutes to get there from the time the station bells went. Looked like a house fire from the station. The house had all the windows cracked on that side, the paint completely blistered and the spouting was melted so it was very close to taking the house. I got about half way down the hedge and had to bail out and start my BA set as I was taking a hammering from the smoke lol
  2. It was meant to be a quiet Sunday night overtime shift! Lol I'm running the high pressure hose reel off closest to the fire: http://m.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11542106
  3. I disagree as I simply remove a glove and slip my hand under my coat.
  4. Personally I carry the following: On the belt of my normal day-to-day uniform pants (which I always wear under my bunker pants): - Leatherman multi-tool (knife, pliers etc). - Small leather pouch containing medical gloves, foam ear plugs & mouth to mouth resus shield. In my bunker/ structural firefighting coat pockets: - Leather general purpose rescue/ wildfire gloves. - Door wedges. - Small length of old rescue line to secure hoses aloft or tie around someone to drag them out etc. - More medical gloves & foam ear plugs. - Medium wound dressing in water proof packaging in the inside coat pocket. - A small set of alarm panel/ sprinkler house door keys clipped to the bunker coat radio mic loop. In my bunker/ structural firefighting pants pockets: - Structural firefighting gloves. In my rescue/ wildfire jacket pockets: - Another set of leather general purpose rescue/ wildfire gloves. - Safety glasses. - Paper dust mask. - Even more medical gloves & foam ear plugs. No need to carry extra torches as we have an intrinsically safe one mounted on our helmet and another on our BA/ SCBA shoulder strap.
  5. The New Zealand Fire Service has recently changed from a North American style helmet to a European one similar to the one in the first post. I personally HATE the Euro style one compared to the North American Style. The general opinion among other professional kiwi fire fighters is the same and so strong that the Fire Service is rumoured to be switching back to the North American style. The reason we dislike the Euro one so much compared to our old North American style helmets is: A; It is heavier B; The helmet covers your ears so it muffles sound and makes it harder to hear. C; There is a significant heat build up around your head inside the helmet when conducting internal firefighting. D; The strap system makes it slower to put the helmet on over a BA/ SCBA mask and it can easily get caught up which means you have to take it off, re-centre the straps and try again. The only positives with the Euro style (IMO) is the built in eye protection, plus the snug fit combined with the strap system holds the helmet tightly in place without it ‘sloping’ from side to side with sudden movements. However this is only a positive for rescue jobs because of problem ‘D’ mentioned above.
  6. I know you can remove events like the gas explosion but how do you change the speed of fire spread?
  7. Hay mate I am a full time Career FIrefighter in the New Zealand Fire Service so if you have any questions let me know. I did a repaint of the LA mod in NZFS colours a while back which is in the downloads section.
  8. If anyone with some scripting ability is interested in helping me expand this mod check out my topic in the modding help section.
  9. I am making some additions to the Welfordshire Mod, so far I have added over 10 new car accidents including a helicopter crash plus added some English dispatch videos. I want to change the hydrants to the bellow ground type on the ERS Berlin mod. So I need someone to help me with merging the welford and ERS scripting to make it work. I have all the models and prototypes sorted out.
  10. It is in the objects folder or a sub folder in the objects folder, not sure exactly where as I'm not at home but its in there not the vehicals folder
  11. You can use the top fire station. Just don't let you mouse go over the office part of the fire station. You can use everything in the engine bay with no CTD
  12. The delay seems to kick in after about 5 minutes of game time! Go figure!!! lol
  13. That is what I have done and it works No delay for me and I even tried a fresh download and install....
  14. How did you guys create the delay when you call a unit from off the map in your saved game? I want to have that same delay in a fresh freeplay game as it is a nice touch of realisim to have the small town emergency services on their own for quite some time at a job etc.
  15. Hay guys, In freeplay can you edit the time it takes for a unit to appear from off map once you have called for it? Cheers.
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