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  1. Water Supply Problem

    I'm sorry, but in your first post you wrote that lines 12 to 15 affect water consumption in all situations so if I type 0 then I guess that wear off then or not?
  2. general theme

    I am in emergency 4 (the last I play in Los Angeles mod 2.1 and Harbor City mod 5.0.1 pack) as I have to deal with any armed criminal offender then I send the police specialties eg FBI or equivalent in Harbor city mod always with one or mountain I always try to overwhelm a criminal, but when it becomes dangerous for anyone, I kill him and send him to the caravan and take him back to the funeral etc. You can only guess what to do next because we take him and get points of course less for being killed but the most important are the victims and not the life of the criminal. As for firefighters, I always send firefighters with a breathing apparatus because they are always needed and the rest of the equipment I choose on the eye of course as the cause of the fire is unknown. You have to listen to what the dispatcher says, our supervisor. I always take the ambulance as much as I can because one mountain is two and / or I often send one or more helicopters. Technicians almost always have one car top two with two engineers each. Most of them have to have cars that take all kinds of wrecks. I modified the fp_params_endless.xml file and changed the global event value (at the top of the file) instead of the 1.0 value to 140. I changed the Start budget, Max budget, and Earnings values to a rounded decimal of ten. And what do you think? What are your tactics? I mean Freeplay in singleplayer.
  3. Water Supply Problem

    Thank you. master captain TheAxeMan 33 explained everything to me. Just one question. in lines 12 to 15 I entered 0 will it work? What if I type 1 but I want to know if 0 will work?
  4. I have 911 first responders 1.3f. I also have the mod City Harbor 5.0.1 pack. I will briefly: how to remove from this mod limited water supply? or just delete the script? Do you have to go deeper? I'll also tell you where the scripts are, but I'm not good at modifying scripts. It is easier to remove them and only have to know which one and if there are more of them.