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  1. And one more thing Emergency4.cfg The config does not let me edit It says: You need permission from the administrator I just want to edit to make the Em4 in widescreen Can you please help me?
  2. When i want to spawn vehicles(Emergency vehicles) there's a picture with the vehicle rotating 360 right? For me i can see only a white picture with nothing Hope you can help me with something
  3. I fixed the problem! I got another laptop and more powerful thanks for help anyway
  4. one more question is emergency 4 911 first responders still available on steam?
  5. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_12/image.thumb.png.fc5b414aff2f7107d25f29aaf72e3cf8.png
  6. I dont have any log file there.I just have vision71.dll , vBase71.dll , unicows.dll , readme , msvcr71.dll , msvcp71.dll , Modinstaller.exe , Em4(911 First reponders).exe , em4.cfg , Mods and Data folders I didnt buy 911 first reponders from steam
  7. and also other small mods work fine but some wont work
  8. because its just loading ,after, 3 secs black screen and then back to destkop
  9. im running Intel HD graphics But an you tell me where i can find the Log file please?
  10. Please help me someone Please Someone Help
  11. Guys i need your help, When i try to enter in a mod for example:HK Mod,Bieberfelde Mod is going normally in menu,but when i am at the loading is either at the end or at the middle is just crashing and going back to destkop If you know any solitions please help me. My Specs Intel{R} Celeron{R} CPU B820 @ 1.70 GHz 4.00 GB RAM Please help me if you have any solutions.