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  1. New ff models

    @itchboy i can chaange the firefighters to scba but the game crashes first and i press ignore and it works what should i do?
  2. New ff models

    so i just added the new firefighter pack by @bama1234 and i got them in the mod but when i press change to scba i get a crash and it says PROTO_HAZ is not defined in current scope how can i fix this
  3. ZModeler

    @itchboy i have paint.net but it shows the model from before i extended the cab can i update the texture file?
  4. ZModeler

    @itchboy can i texture in zmodeler?
  5. ZModeler

    @itchboy i extended the cab on a truck and it pulled the texture and the part i extended doesnt show up in the texture file
  6. ZModeler

    ok its in the mod but the texture is screwed up can i fix the texture in zmodeler @itchboy
  7. ZModeler

    or should i just save it as a v3o file @itchboy
  8. ZModeler

    @itchboy once i make the edits do i just export it back into the folder i got it from
  9. ZModeler

    ok ill try
  10. ZModeler

    so i want to get into editing trucks but how do i modify them in zmodeler3 i imported the truck i want to modify and i want to extend it (cab and rear) but i cant figure out how can anybody help thanks
  11. tostation script isnt working

    ok thx
  12. tostation script isnt working

    @itchboy i have one more question how do i slow down/speedup the rate at which fire grows
  13. tostation script isnt working

    @itchboy i just fixed the problem ur solution pointed me in the right direction! the solution was the commands werent in the correct order i matched the commands the exact way the old engine had it and it worked.Thanks!
  14. tostation script isnt working

    under where it says const char AENGINE_OFF[] it says int DummyGroup = 32; is that were i should look @itchboy
  15. tostation script isnt working

    @itchboy the truck that spawned on the map has the command