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  1. hi, what IDE do you use? and aswell as the programming laungage,

  2. godra

    working mods?

    It's not! EMERGENCY 5 is a dream to code! Imaging a modding environment without any limits. Full access to plugin programming, animation system, shader coding and multiplayer synchronisation. A completely new and much easier workflow compared to EMERGENCY 4. EMERGENCY 5 has the best modding system ever made for any game of the EMERGENCY series. There's only one limitation: People have to get rid of shitty 15-year ago (!!!) EM4 modding capabilities and learn how things work in modern modding systems. Yes, this takes time. And yes, not every one has the necessary skills. But once you'll have figured out how things work, you'll love it!
  3. We'll provide English translation of course. But at the moment we don't know, if we can provide already with the very first alpha release version.
  4. The work is going on and the team has done some further improvements on the project. Currently we are adding more and more vehicles to the modification, the completely new map is created step by step and our programmers are working on several new plugins for EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016. You can see the latest in-game screenshot above, showing some of the recently added vehicles.
  5. Our programmers are working on several new plugins for EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016. Every plugin will be delivered with the full source code, so everybody can se what we've done.
  6. Currently we are working in the lighting system and on the creation of new light towers for EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016. The first results can be seen in the screenshot below. The light tower will be fully controllable by the player in position and rotation.
  7. After the unbelievable success of the German 'Bieberfelde Multiplayer' modification for EMERGENCY 4 we have exciting news about the fictive county 'Bieberfelde': A new and ambitious modding team has been working on a new project for several months. At first, there were only a few test modifications, but today we proudly present you a new milestone in EMERGENCY modding: The 'Bieberfelde - Next Generation' modification for EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016! In the last weeks the team has made incredible efforts in the modification of the game. While we are including new vehicles every few days, the completely new map is getting more and more detailed and bigger. We also have completely new gameplay mechanics based on new plugins for the game. Your vehicles will be stationed at fire and rescue stations, your personal will crew the vehicles and dispatch to the incident site. We have a working digital status system and you can individually position your vehicles everywhere you want. The completely redesigned water supply system will be more detailed and realistic than ever before and with our squad leader logic we fulfil even common European fire fighting standards. Some of these functions should already be known from EMERGENCY 4 projects. But with EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016 we can realize them in a way, that has never been seen before. Every function will be more detailed and more realstic and even more surprises are to come! What's new in 'Bieberfelde - Next Generation'? Completely new map Including diverse areas (Downtown, historic districts, suburbs, BieChem industrial complex, rural areas, highways etc.) Including well known areas from 'Bieberfelde Multiplayer' Completely redesigned buildings from the original EMERGENCY 4 modification (e.g. the hospital and the fire and rescue station 1) Established vehicles from the original Bieberfelde modification (adapted for EMERGENCY 5 / 2016) Revision of internal traffic logics (e.g. new streets and traffic light logics) New plugins for new functions: Fire and rescue stations with parking places Innovative dispatching system Digital vehicle status system Positioning system for vehicles Water supply logic More to come... The development of the modification will take some time. But we want to use the time and give you the opportunity to play the modification even during the development phase. We are planning to release a first alpha version soon. More information to this plans will follow in the next weeks. We also want to use the chance and share our efforts with you. At the moment we are planning various 'workshops' with the departments of our team in order to show new modders how to get started with modifications for EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016. The work with the new tools is really great and we want to share our passion with the new game! The first workshops will be in German language, but maybe we can offer some English ones. Despite that, we will fill the German EMERGENCY Wiki with information about the modding of EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016 - every entry will be available in English too! The next weeks will be really exciting - not only for you, but even for us! Soon we will release new information and footage about the 'Bieberfelde - Next Generation' modification for EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016! Further information More information about 'Bieberfelde - Next Generation' can be found in the German EMERGENCY community message boards. InGame-Screenshots Note: This screenshots were taken ingame with ULTRA graphic settings in EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016.
  8. Welcome to the virtual world of Bieberfelde! Bieberfelde is the first multiplayer-optimized modification for EMERGENCY 4. The modification can be played with up to four players in the multiplayer mode of the game and offers an incredible view into the work of fire and rescue units. For this reason, the creators of Bieberfelde have designed an own virtual world with the county and town of Bieberfelde in the center. Even though the concept is fictive, the authors have heeded real specifications of the German fire and rescue system in order to achieve a completely new gameplay feeling. The source of the modification goes back to the year 2012. At this time, the ‚Rescue Trainer 2‘ was in development and the authors decided to create a very own vehicle concept for the modification. Later the vehicles were used for a private multiplayer project – this project ‚Bieberfelde’ was announced in 2015 and was introduced to the public. Content overview • Completely new concept of the fictive county Bieberfelde • 2-4 player multiplayer-mode • Singleplayer mode • Over 100 new vehicles and personal • Completely new freeplay and multiplayer map • New buildings and objects • Several fire and rescue stations with fire simulation training center • Innovative water supply system • New dispatch and alarm stage stystem • Special trucks with load handling system and containers • Completely new incidents e.g. • Fire detector system alarms • HAZMAT situations • Storm • Demonstrations • Homicide • Ambulance service missions Screenshots Download The download of the modification is available at the following link. You'll also be able to download the English language pack with English translations on the site. Gameplay and technical support Official support is available at the German EMERGENCY-Fanforum community message boards. You can find several topics there, every topic has English translation in the second post. Attention Due to the very detailed vehicles and game world, the system requirements are very high. For this reason, the modification doens't support Intel onboard graphic solutions (Intel HD) and needs at least 4 GB RAM. Despite that, you generally can play with Intel CPUs, if you own a dedicated graphic card. In this case please check, if the game is choosing the dedicated graphic card at startup. If you have any problems with crashes or freezes, please read this topic (English instructions in the second part of the post). If you still can't play the modification even if you have followed the steps, your hardware isn't suitable for playing Bieberfelde.
  9. The main problem is, that it is quite hard to figure out the changes made with the latest patch in order to recreate the assets and properties. For this reason, you'll have to take the patched original files and replace textures, lights etc. with the files from the modification. It's not impossible to fix the modification, but it takes some time to do it.
  10. Most of the updates can be followed both in German and English at the Facebook page of EMERGENCY Newstime. We'll also try to post some news here at Emergency Planet, but it will take some time to prepare the content. The first results of the completely new map can be seen here. You also can see some new vehicle models (based on EMERGENCY 4 models) and new buildings. We are in direct contact with the developers of the game. We can report the issues with the aerial ladder and crane vehicle (same problem here) to them, but I don't expect any changes here in the future. The main problem is, that we won't waste their time with changes, that can be also changed by modders in a long period of time. When we ask them in case of problems, we try to do it only because of major bugs or feature wishes regarding the engine or modding interfaces. And yes, I have played the Dutch mod already. It's really cool!
  11. We are working on full water-supply-simulation for the game. You'll have fire engines with limited water tanks and you'll have to connect hoses to the vehicles and set up water supplies from the hydrant to the vehicle. Water distributors are already working. The aerial ladder behavior is a very complex topic. In this case, you'll have to program a completely new vehicle logic for the game. It's not impossible, but it's very hard to achieve at the moment.
  12. I've mentioned it several times in the past, that we are working on projects for EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016. And there were several invitations to ask questions in the German community boards in order to answer it. The main problem is, that there are only a few people, who know how the modification of the games works. We have to provide tutorials at first, but we'll share this aswell in English language. And yes, the mod is German, off course.
  13. Relax guys. In the German EMERGENCY community boards a small team of about 10 people is trying to create the first big modification for EMERGENCY 5 / EMERGENCY 2016. The recent developments are really amazing, we have completely new vehicles, the work on the new map has started (with the online editor you can work with 4-6 and more level designers at the same time, it's great!) and we have the first new plugins for the programming system (vehicle lights control, working parking slots at stations, dispatch systems and vehicle positioning systems). Stay tuned for more information! In the next days / weeks, we'll start the integrated EMERGENCY Wiki and all information will be also available in English. We are also in contact with the developers in order to get some bugfixes and wishes for the programming support into the next patch. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the German boards - we'll try to help you!
  14. The short answer is: Technically EMERGENCY 2016 EM5 2.0 is much better than EMERGENCY 5 (first reason why your theory is wrong) and the 20XX series sold very well in comparison with the original series (second reason why your theory is wrong).
  15. No, it shouldn't! EMERGENCY 2016 is a DLC with new missions, a new setting and a new vehicle. Owners of EMERGENCY 5 are able to get all technical updates, gameplay improvements and new freeplay and multiplayer missions for FREE with the update 2.0.1 for EM5. The most important thing before writing: Unterstanding how things work. So we have EMERGENCY 2016 as paid DLC and patch 2.0.1 as free update for EM5. Technical EMERGENCY 2016 and EM5 are the same, the difference are additional missions and the medieval level and the new vehicle. If you already own EM5 and you've purchased it with Steam, you can get the new content for € 5,99. The offer is limited in time (Deep Silver sale at Steam), but the update won't cost more than € 9.99 in the future. If you own a box version of EMERGENCY 5 you can get the update for € 9,99 at Amazon. If you don't have EMERGENCY 5 yet, you can buy the standard version of EMERGENCY 2016 for € 35,99 (Deep Silver sale at Steam) or regular € 39,99. Then you get the content from EMERGENCY 5 Deluxe and the new content from EMERGENCY 2016 for only 40 bucks.
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