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  1. Nevermind Turned out: Because I have Emergency 2017 the mission has changed and the persons had to be found with the dog and than be transported by the chopper. I found these persons but did not transport them, I send an emergency doctor without transporting them by the chopper.
  2. Hi, I am unable to finish Emergency 5 mission 4: Avalanche mission, because the buried people who have to be saved with the helicopter do not spawn at all. I watched walkthrougs on Youtube and there I see everywere mutliple red crosses on the minimap and people on the snow. But they do not spawn in my mission. (See attachment, the people in the red circles and the red crosses on the minimap do not spawn in my game, this is a screenshot from a walkthrough on Youtube) Is there any way to fix this? or is there any way to skip this mission (using XML files?) so I can continue to the next mission? I don't have any mods installed. Thanks in advance, Jesse