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    Version 2.6.1


    The Description is not up to date, because there is barely any interested person. However here is the fully translated Version 2.6.1 (not anymore compatible with the NL mod) Killerconsti's Minimod 2.6.1 [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S4vGLftIg0[/media] Features of Version 2.2 english translation manual connecting and disconnecting of hoses CrownVic has been hidden in Berlin RV and Tanker have a 4 man crew events can be aborted if the HQ is selected Features of Version 2.0 & 2.1 US equipment made by William Stableford (flares, road barrels, pylonen) the possibility to land the SEK Helicopter without roping the crew first dynamic parking sites can be set ingame "Set Startup Parameter - Component" was added, which allow me to put the player's units allready at the map introduction of the placeable equipment better support of open houses- systems (like the one used at the police department at Berlin) an animateded brand new Swat unit (only available in the editor) a System was introduced which allow me to use Siren Sounds (still WIP) 2 new vehicles Layer speedy scaff [infobox]The Minimod container is a .rar package. It is important to unpack it first. You may have a look at the Installation Instructions to set up this mod in the correct way. The second sheet (flyer) is about the stuff which was added (commands, vehicles, objects)[/infobox] Version 1.0 -1.2: [media]https://youtu.be/gHkuDBd0wwI[/media] mobile intensive care unit is available in Freeplay patrol cars can redirect traffic and follow gangsters additional engineer in the tech helicoper additional emergency doctor in the ambulance car you can turn units by holding right mouse button and relase it after >0,5 s ->Units will face the cursor Tankers got more equipment and have hose connectors (by Revyn112 http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2435-tankl%C3%B6schfahrzeug-equipment-modifikation-em5/) policeman can automaticly equip handcuffs when they hold no equipment A big thank you to all supporters: William_Stableford (Lighting of the SW4, US - equipment models, translation, crownvic model) 3d Models: DAF CF: Tecprofi (hydraulic platform) Goya (cabin) skaihof (wheels) Crew vehicle VW T5 for the Firefighters ModCha Thyssen TM170 Sonderwagen 4: Polygonfabrik Verteiler Slilent Hunter DLK Essen RD_Saarland voice actor (german): Lt.Dabama Other helpers: Dartlak & Grisu83 (great plugin, a lot of my work made use of it) Revyn112 (Improvement mod for the tanker) HST_Tutorials (improved the Street Navigation at the Police Department Michaelp800 (supplied siren sounds for the emergency vehicles)


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