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Alterations and small modifications

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A place to find small modifications or alterations for the default Emergency 5 game.

3 files

  1. watertank-logic

    This mod is compatible with the original game and adds a watertank to the tlf-unit.
    Furthermore this mod adds a water-switch logic for firefighters, who are connected to a vehicle.
    Water supply lines can be build up from vehicle to hydrant or from vehicle to vehicle.
    You can use and change this mod how you want.



  2. Armored Vehicle "Thyssen TM170 Sonderwagen 4"

    Highpoly-Model made by Polygonfabrik.de 90% reskinned Left and Front site are seperated in the UVW from each other Rotating Beacons  made by William Stableford two aninmated doors a useable trunk with a slot for fireextinguisher new icons ready to be used four guys from the SEK compatible with Minimod 1.2

    Bekannte Fehler:
    the sound is bugged - I am hoping for a patch which will fix this the vehicle cannot be destroyed (100% Resistence) because it has no damage files I am always thankfull for feedback! Enjoy my mod



  3. Various new Commands and GUIs

    A plugin for Emergency 5/2016, providing some new commands. Mostly intended to be used by mod authors or mappers who want to create maps with separate parking spaces and stations. But most functions are also usable for normal maps - just install and activate the testmod.
    New Commands
    Turn siren, head-, blue-, and warninglights on and off If a vehicle is sent back to HQ, it waits until all crewmembers it came with entered the vehicle (they do automatically). Criminals and victims get handled automatically, too. If someone can't enter for some reason due to injuries or otherwise, they will be ignored. Boats and robots get loaded up automatically. When holding CTRL or STRG when sending vehicles back, crewmembers enter the vehicle, but the vehicle does not return to HQ. When a new vehicle gets ordered from the menu, the following happens: If a vehicle of the same type is already on the map and on the way to HQ, this one will get called. If this is not the case, a new vehicle will appear as usual. To make sure this works as it should, vehicles returning to HQ are not selectable. There's a new button above the minimap, which shows a list of all units on the map. When doubleclicking on a unit, the camera focuses on it, and, if possible, the unit will be selected. Selected units have a darker background. The coloured square shows the state of the unit (only used for vehicles at the moment). Green means it's ready for new orders (i.e. returning to HQ), yellow means it's in use. Red means destroyed, but this is not yet working correctly. It's possible to place parking spaces in the editor. Instead of returning to HQ, vehicles try to find a free parking space and park there. Special parking spaces for hospitals (unload victims) and prisons (unload criminals) are also available. There are a few of these parking spaces on the testmap. To ensure everything works correctly, automatisms were turned off. Sadly this is pretty annoying, but they don't work well the ambulance and the new ReturnToBase command.
    The names of all new commands for mod authors:
    user::ReturnToBase - Vehicle waits for crewmembers and searches parking space user::VehicleControlCommand - Shows a second row of commands to control lights and siren The names of the following commands should be self explanatory. These commands are available with the one above (user::VehicleControlCommand), and I recommend to only use that one. The following commands need some work to be able to use them normally:
    user::BluelightsOffCommand user::BluelightsOnCommand user::HeadlightsOffCommand user::HeadlightsOnCommand user::SirenOffCommand user::SirenOnCommand user::WarninglightsOffCommand user::WarninglightsOnCommand The code for the plugin is available too, and should be documented reasonably well.
    Supported Emergency 5/2016 version: 2.1.0



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