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  1. Thanks. I've spoken to some people about this, and it looks like EM4 doesn't really render alphas with battenburg as it should, meaning generally units look better without. At the moment I'm struggling with time, and haven't had a chance to light these units up - however, here is the main IRV: a 2018 and 2017 Astra MK7. Credits to itchboy for the model, and many thanks to PottyScotty for the lightbar.
  2. Apologies for the lack of updates. I've got a few more vehicles & general map updates in the work, however my hard drive with the Steam installation has given up on life. My works been recovered, but won't be able to post anything in game for a few more days as I port everything over & sort a new drive out. I look forward to showing some more stuff off (hopefully) this week
  3. Thanks 100 percent I do, as I personally love having more 'in-depth' scenes. I'm hoping they'll also serve a practical purpose of being the only unit that can call out a coroner in the event a person is deceased, similar to BF. A few other things as well, but this depends if I can find someone to help me with scripts way down the line though
  4. Just a small update - I've decided to just flip the setting around slightly, so that the county will be Dorset, and Hullbeck being a fictional town that it is set in. Just makes a few things a bit easier for me Unfortunately Hullbeck isn't the safest of towns, so to support your policing needs here's a brand new CSI Transit. Also featured is the opposite of new, a clunky Ford Focus that has a 'Check Engine' light constantly on. Hope you like them The Focus model itself is just under 10 years old, so its not the highest quality. Credits:
  5. Looks like I might be having a fun weekend then lol, thanks for the help
  6. Thanks for your response - this is what I've currently been doing, however it still comes out looking very sharp. All I've done is added some objects to the Transit on Blender, merged them, exported as one object using .obj and then converted it to .v3o using Zmod - yet I still get sharp edges once its put into EM4. Is there anything else I can do to prevent this, as its currently affecting all of my models needing to go ingame which is a bit annoying haha
  7. Hello, I'm having some difficulties with ensuring that vehicle edges are smooth. To explain, I've attached an image below. The vehicle on the right is the same, original model. The vehicle on the left has been through Blender, and also exported through ZModeler in order to facilitate some edits. (Blender original model> Edits made > exported as .obj > imported to zmod > exported as .v3o > added to em4) As you can hopefully see, the vehicle on the left has lost all of its smoothness and become rather chunky. I've attempted to remove doubles, however this does not
  8. Brilliant, thanks for that Will give it another shot again at some point
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone, really appreciate them and I look forward to sharing more! Old Boris got his left and rights mixed up with the latest Brexit deals Here's the latest part I've been working on - a recently constructed bustling regional transport hub, featuring a slightly confusing one-way system. It's still got a fair bit to be tweaked, but any feedback is welcomed! And of course it wouldn't be a British bus station without some questionably aged individuals causing grief! I haven't had a chance to put this vehicle in game
  10. Hello, I hope everyone is keeping well I've been treating this mod as a bit of a side project, and decided I'd post my workings on here for you to see. Hullbeck is a fictional town located in Dorset, encompassing a semi-rural setting. The map currently being used as a base is BMA's fantastic Agerskov map, albeit I am currently editing it to a UK setup - my main focus for this modification is to create a realistic UK environment, before progressing onto fleshing it out with units and (hopefully) scripts. For further credits, please view the spoiler at the bottom of the post. At the m
  11. The thing is its not like you're renown for releasing bad mods either, V1 of Welfordshire was a massive hit especially with its custom map. But stealing others work and not even leaving any credits is what began to kill this community in the first place. Others gave up their spare time into releasing mods for us to enjoy, and that should be respected, stealing their work is completely against this. This mod had a ton of potential, but by just making it into a ripped submod of London, you've lost that and your reputation you bloody vegetable my submod of this mod im releasing wit
  12. Sorry to break it to you, but theres still others out there working on better UK mods, that even have credits included
  13. Thanks for your effort, but, I'm going to be honest here, but this version seems to be relatively low effort compared to the first version (which although it had its fair share of issues, was arguably way more enjoyable). V1 had a very nice custom map, alongside a ton of relatively custom models. This just feels like a relatively low effort submod of the London Mod, using the same map with near zero edits - most met vehicles used have just had minor livery changes, with a new insignia slapped on. Some vehicles seemed to have just been placed for the sake of it, such as Londons Air Ambo RR
  14. well that came out of nowhere - not complaining though!
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