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  1. Version 0.6


    Original Forum Link(With Images/Videos): Just decided to make a sub-mod for L.A. Mod. Thanks to: Hoppah (Creator of L.A. Mod) http://www.emergency-planet.com/profile/4-hoppah/ EmC-Unit(Lights pack) http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/16636-lightbars-pack-v20-released/ Change log: V0.7(Released) 'WASD' keys useable. Some details. Bug fixes. Campaigne Missions get stations! : D (Except for vanilla mission 1-2, 5, 10-14, 17, 20 & LA Mission 7) Finally some uncopyrighted background music. Main Background Music: 1-https://youtu.be/0iKBT9LRFPo [Speed Chase - Alex Lisi] 2-https://youtu.be/vxw52mmldcg [The Chase] 3-https://youtu.be/QcDUL59CJUw [Police - Spraynpray] 4-https://youtu.be/AXNo8Bw_EsU [Stop Police] 5-https://youtu.be/ujsCRw-eA0o [Run - Ross Bugden] 6-https://youtu.be/3pZdZiPnsGs [Drive - Ross Bugden] Action Music: A1-https://youtu.be/UcXQ3qcYLuU [Drednough - 95TurboSol] A2-https://youtu.be/c0K9hwff85k [Final Stand - 95TurboSol] A3-https://youtu.be/Bgdb0TJRKoA [La Feyette - 95TurboSol] A4-https://youtu.be/qRFOayt0QYc [License To Kill - 95TurboSol] A5-https://youtu.be/ChGgfs-zXBc [Minefield - 95TurboSol] A6-https://youtu.be/Lh77am_1BlQ [Prism - 95TurboSol] A7-https://youtu.be/RboHvTa7kQQ [The Forbidding - 95TurboSol] A8-https://youtu.be/xJwMSpLmLMQ [Unmasked - 95TurboSol] V0.6 Some details. Bug fixes. Texture updates on some vehicles 'New' road/street Police station update New patrol routes Airport upgrade V0.5 Some details. Bug fixes. Some lightbars by EmC-Units. Working gates Military base upgrade Better airport Added commands to some vehicles Texture edit for some vehicles LASD parking, FBI parking, Military parking, CHP parking, SWAT parking. Resistance towards different things after wearing some kind of equipments (Pics at http://imgur.com/a/zLg6o ) V0.4 Mayor's House Private EMS/Fire Service Random events in the map(that you don't have to deal with, only if you want :P) Texture change to some vehicles Added lightbars to the red cross vehicle(now private ambulance) Ambulance depot New police/FBI vehicle Upgraded the airport Fire/EMS & Private Fire/EMS training area Somethings I forgot :3 Bug fix Added random things for no reason ;3 Easter egg... no tips will be given... V0.3 FBI Base Upgraded the mini airport again. Bug fix New patrol routes(more coming soon) Functioning equipment trailer in FD station 2 More events in the map(more coming soon) V0.2 Military base Upgraded the mini airport Working Jet Bug fix DUI Police Checkpoint Murder Scene V0.1 Spawned vehicles Added more equipment in vehicles/choppers(e.g. Axe, Flash Grenade…) Police vehicles have shot resistance(Except bikes) More ‘seats’ in some vehicles/choppers Removed prisoner transport in swat trucks(And some vehicles that shouldn't have) More police parking(Found some bugs with it) Bulldozers/tow trucks/cranes have ‘seats’ for engineers (Found some bugs as well...) Added a sheriff’s station Removed police station building Added ‘Tec center/centre’ Edited 2 emergency vehicles’ skin(for no reason actually…)(Comment down below if you know which vehicle was it!) Added a mini airport
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