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  1. No, he asked how it is related to Halloween so I showed him the original skin.
  2. Changed it up a bit to match a halloween theme. *This is not my entry just showing what the original skin looked like.
  3. I guess I shall enter first.
  4. Kenai Police Department Ford Taurus, model credited to Cops. Ambulance model by NNico.
  5. Sorry for lack of updates, we have been working on some units. http://imgur.com/a/RBzZN Credit: Cops, Manhattan Mod Team, Ghost Graphic Designs and Met Police999.
  6. I have some more updates I'll be showing off later a bit on the map we're working on. Model: Dodge Charger, Ford Crown Victoria and Ford Excursion | NNico Chevy Impala, and 2 Person Models | Manhattan Modification Team Skins: Base F250 Excursion | Marshall8946 AST, Anchorage PD, Border Patrol and Personnel | Ausavin26
  7. I have some mapping experience, I'll see if I can put together a portfolio.
  8. If you didn't realize also (he didn't point it out just making sure) you named it a .V30 (Zero) instead of .V3O (Oscar)
  9. Probably some servers or premium have to be completed/purchased before download is available.
  10. 12:00 AM Anchorage, Alaska A call comes in to both Troopers and APD stating that a neighbor heard multiple loud "crashes and booms". Both departments arrive as soon as possible fearing the worst. After briefly speaking to neighbors Troopers find out that this is a well known drug house. Troopers request a SRU Unit but one is not available so officers must go in using only semi-automatic pistols facing a dangerous drug dealer. Officer raid the house at 12:32 AM and find 2 downed suspects, 1 possibly DOA. Officers secure multiple weapons and drugs. 2 men are arrested and one dies on scene. A warrant is executed on the house and is soon searched more thoroughly and more drugs to charge the suspects are found. *Sorry for double post.
  11. We'll be uploading some pics soon.
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