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  1. The thing is its not like you're renown for releasing bad mods either, V1 of Welfordshire was a massive hit especially with its custom map. But stealing others work and not even leaving any credits is what began to kill this community in the first place. Others gave up their spare time into releasing mods for us to enjoy, and that should be respected, stealing their work is completely against this. This mod had a ton of potential, but by just making it into a ripped submod of London, you've lost that and your reputation you bloody vegetable my submod of this mod im releasing without permission or credits
  2. Sorry to break it to you, but theres still others out there working on better UK mods, that even have credits included
  3. Thanks for your effort, but, I'm going to be honest here, but this version seems to be relatively low effort compared to the first version (which although it had its fair share of issues, was arguably way more enjoyable). V1 had a very nice custom map, alongside a ton of relatively custom models. This just feels like a relatively low effort submod of the London Mod, using the same map with near zero edits - most met vehicles used have just had minor livery changes, with a new insignia slapped on. Some vehicles seemed to have just been placed for the sake of it, such as Londons Air Ambo RRV hasn't had a single livery change but was still placed on the map? However, bad stuff aside, I will say that the few new things, such as the new Pumps, BTP appliances, stations, are all done very nicely. I just feel there was so much more potential with this, which has seemingly been rushed to be put out.
  4. well that came out of nowhere - not complaining though!
  5. Thats a shame, as I think you'll find a large majority of EM4 players still use Steam for it
  6. Amazing work! Are you possibly going to upgrade the current sirens and peds, or is it vehicles only?
  7. Engine looks amazing, keep up the good work!
  8. The old version does have a lot of bugs, hence why it was logically removed, but if you are ever so desperate, it is indeed out there. However don't come complaining here about bugs
  9. Hi, Are we allowed to use the LA mod as a base for another mod? This would include scripts being used etc, however more important things (such as emergency vehicles) would all be new. -Markey
  10. Out of interest is the map you are planning on using customly made? Looks extremely nice/well made!
  11. Looks very original and impressive! Cannot wait to see more!
  12. Mark_

    Chicago Fire Mod! [WIP]

    Out of interest, will there be a variety of police units or just a few basic units?
  13. I'd imagine there would be one unmarked car, however not specialist detectives
  14. This is beautiful! Just a small suggestion is - if this becomes public I suggest two things- 1) New map (not kent map) 2) Precise parking mod, as this is really helpful
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