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  1. While doing work for Montana mod, I accidentally found the fix for patrolling units not obeying stoplights. Due to my current internet situation, I do not have a video demonstration. Here I have posted the code for the fix. Keep in mind: This is for the original Los Angeles Mod for Em4. This code can't be copy pasted to other mods. The value that made this work is v.SetTerrain(TERRAIN_TRAFFIC); And to reset it back to normal: v.SetTerrain(TERRAIN_CAR); This is the fix implemented into the LA mod patrol script. This will only work in an unedited copy of the LA mod. This script will not function with other mods or submods.
  2. Do you have an older copy of your mod among your mod folders? The game might be conflicting the new mod folder with the old one. If not, then try loading up Em4 directly through the shortcut method. Make a shortcut of Em4 exe and include the following arguments -game -mod "Name of Mod Folder" I cant upload pictures due to my internet right now, but here's some instructions from Stan http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/11480-how-to-get-back-shortcut/?do=findComment&comment=157689
  3. The mod is not finished yet. Please be patient, and make sure to read the thread before asking for a download link to an unfinished mod.
  4. The only thing that comes to mind is a read/write issue with the OS that the HDD is running off. Nothing in the cfg or logfile unfortunately can tell me anything about the modInstaller and exe files. Those are separate programs from Em4 that dont have logfiles of their own.
  5. Dude, you've made multiple posts advertising your discord. Please keep your topics consolidated in the future.
  6. Please make your own thread if you wish to promote a new mod that you are making. Thank you.
  7. Freightliner FL truck WIP. I have the 2 door cab done for the rollback truck, now to do a 4 door conversion. Both versions done.
  8. A week, maybe a bit more depending on my schedule. However if there's an opening in my time, I could create the vehicle in a single day. They're intentionally colored so the player can distinguish between agencies. Highway patrol have dark windows while other agencies have a variety of green, blue and silver. DVFD chief car done
  9. Now its my turn to make the police textures. Would anyone be interested in seeing one of these? However it would add more time to the mod.
  10. Get on google and see what other people have done to remove the codec. I am not familiar with the specific steps of removing those codecs, all I know is that there probably exists an all in one tool to do that.
  11. Your DxDiag lists some codecs such as Cinepak and ffdshow. Codecs have been known to cause Em4 to crash. Consider removing these, unless you need these for video editing or any other use.
  12. Every department has their own unique system for designation. LAPD use 2 sets of numbers, one identifying the vehicle's division and the other number being its citywide vehicle ID number. CHP use a number based on the license plate assigned to the vehicle. NYPD has a multitude of different numberings based on the vehicle's assignment. Never mind, I misunderstood your question. You mean how vehicles are identified in the radio? Here's how LAPD does it. https://forums.radioreference.com/threads/lapd-unit-numbers.204688/
  13. Yes it is. And in the time that this site was down, I got to doing another truck. Ive also been able to make textures for yet another truck. More sheriff skins by @mr matt5432123
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