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  1. This bug is legit but very, very strange. Its not anything that I did, rather it is Em4 itself. It seems that the cost for each unit and the helicopter itself becomes multiplied by a LOT. So much that even when you call for 3 or 4 personnel, the game makes them cost 200 thousand credits, and in turn the personnel don't spawn because the ingame money isn't enough. However I did find that the CallHelicopter script is bugged and the medics don't spawn through there either. So at least I have one out of two issues sorted.
  2. I have some updates on this mod, finally. Previously I had plans on including more models but I'm burnt out on them after working on Project Nostalgia.
  3. I found it, it was related to the trailer script on the tiller that messed up the userdata. Found out this was happening with my other trailer scripts such as the ones in Montana and River Falls mod, so this glitch hunting helped another 2 mods as well.
  4. Your username is Ranako and I've changed the password on that to 65681. Change it back to wahtever you need it to be ASAP. Your username is Fives1111 and the password was reset to 138453
  5. Reinstall the LA mod from scratch, and then reinstall my submod separately from LA 2.1 I made sure that the included deluxe map is just a carbon copy of normal FP so I don't see anything going wrong with it there.
  6. Does this affect only one mod, or everything? There could be any number of things causing a crash but I dont think its doors. Doors have been missing from a lot of my mods including the most recent one and Ive never had a CTD related to them.
  7. The siren is legitimate and based on reality. LAFD ran these kinds of FIAMM brand horns for a long time, according to the internet. You can hear it in this LA Riots footage around the 11 second mark. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/video/people-looting-stores-during-riots-on-april-29-1992-in-news-footage/160982729 Here's a more modern example on their 2003 rigs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hm7a0S8bjc Even LA county ran them for a while. https://youtu.be/9qtTMd0kZFM?t=90 Its a super rarely documented thing so I understand why you were caught off guard. I gave it a one in 12 chance of appearing ingame. It doesn't actually play when a vehicle stops behind traffic.
  8. Found the bug. Uploading the fix shortly. Btw if you're seeing some of the suggestions for the mod, you can be helpful. For example, AgentSmith wants Housing PD, so you could help by submitting some of those skins for this mod.
  9. I'm unsure if I should include them because it breaks the mod's timeline becuase they were merged into other agencies, but we'll see. I would appreciate it if you or anybody else could try making skins of agencies that you want to see. It would be a huge incentive to include them into the submod.
  10. The readme file is sort of a manual, but I'll probably write a full length .pdf file in the future. Thanks for the suggestion. Update: The coroner bug has been fixed. I uploaded the wrong file to here. The patch .rar includes the correct one. I have future plans for the mod that I posted on the first page.
  11. Thank you. For everybody else: If you get a script error, please send over the error codes like that. A logfile would also help. Ive fixed the police station helicopter bug, and the blinker bug. The floodlight command has been added to the SWAT heavy rescue.
  12. What exactly with the backup scripts? To be clear, warning lights or directional lights? I never altered the warning lights but I did with the directionals so that they overwrite the main flashing lights.
  13. Please be clearer with your bug reports. You said it crashed with all SWAT vehicles, while the issue was only with the V100 (or at least for now). I've uploaded the 2 fixes and you can choose to download only the Submod Patches.rar As for the coroner bug: Did you put the white tarp over the patient? The script was tested literally hours before uploading. The coroner dude can get a stretcher and pick up only the white tarp deceased. You can test by killing anybody with the MP5 or just waiting for somebody to die in FP, let me know what the exact details are.
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