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  1. Asking for release dates is against site rules. You're new here so please be careful next time.
  2. Its interesting that the water supply is an issue. I actually sent the mod team an edited LWS script that had much slower drain values for the tank. Water lasts much longer than before, but I also reduced the amount of water flowing in to balance things out. Its up to them now to either add more tankers or find more clever ways to solve any water issues encountered by people. As someone who helped with this mod in an unofficial capacity, I would like it that people keep their edits of the mod private. I think its good that people are learning how to change vehicles and make them work with scripts but please don't re-release the project as something completely different.
  3. LA county mod coronas

    It could possibly be these. The incompatibility issues are why I dont advise doing custom coronas in general. Sadly, my even my Montana mod is guilty of using those, which is why I had the presence of mind to bundle them into the (unfinished) final package.
  4. New ff models

    Report the bug to the author of the mod so they can fix it. You can also fix it yourself but it will require some knowledge on programming.
  5. How to make alert area

    Okay here goes. Step one is to create a (or virtual object) around the area you want. You need to name it logically and make sure it is a unique name. No other trigger or VO should have the same name. The rest of the steps I'll detail below.
  6. Things that look like Emergency Games

    I took mine a step further. This was a real life incident at a mall in LA. I decided to get creative.
  7. How to make alert area

    That is a function that is only available in Em4 missions. You cannot do that in freeplay.
  8. New ff models

    That is an issue with the mod scripts. It has nothing to do with bama's firefighter models. You will need to contact the person who made the mod to fix that issue.
  9. Major game issues

    http://www.emergency-planet.com/announcement/4-read-before-requesting-assistance/ We need your logfile and dxdiag so we can know what system you have. I would also appreciate a screenshot showing the things you're describing.
  10. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    Damn right. I'd even go on to say that the Em4 Deluxe listing on steam is intended to cash in on the hype the game has due to modding. So what does that mean? Modders like myself are responsible for income that 16T gets from Em4. Us modders should be getting a paycheck (or some kind of compensation) because nobody would be buying Em4 if it weren't for the mods. I mentioned it earlier in the thread, but I firmly believe had every single chance to update Em4 and make it compatible with modern systems at the very minimum. Instead we got the deluxe game with no alterations except for an English speaking supervisor.
  11. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    As stated in the terms of service, asking for release dates is against site rules. Please be careful next time.
  12. White boxes [not in lights]

    That's not the fix that they need. They're not experiencing a corona issue at all. This appears to be the issue they're experiencing:
  13. Lightbar Blueprints

    The manufacturer's website usually has blueprints and spec you can use. For the US and Canada, common lightbar lengths are 44, 48, 53, 58, 61 and 72 inches. 44 would be smaller vehicles, 48 being the most common, 53 (or 54) being a fullsize SUV and 72 being a fire engine.
  14. Beaverhead EMS will be off map except for one ambulance which will be stationed at the clinic.
  15. Help

    http://www.emergency-planet.com/announcement/4-read-before-requesting-assistance/ It would be helpful if you provided information such as the dxdiag and Em4 logfile. As for issues downloading the mod, what is happening there?