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  1. It should be there, unless Windows is preventing Em4 from creating the file. Run Em4 in administrator mode and compatibility mode if possible.
  2. Ive finally put a roof and interior on the police station. Im really happy with the result. Hopefully it has no glitches ingame, otherwise I'll just revert to the non-openHouse version which would look the same anyway.
  3. EFPEventCarTheft Problem

    Oh, I missed this post. I remember Hoppha's experiments with it. There needed to be a nearby idle gangster. It had to be one of the suit wearing guys, or one of the terrorist outfit guys who were placed nearby. Any random civilian wouldnt work. The path also had to start right at the nose of the car.
  4. Mod development suggestion

    Making an entire set of assets from a movie would be time consuming and difficult because you would have to spend months listing out every item from the movie, finding suitable textures and then making it in 3D software. If you want to make a movie based mod, it would be best to start with the vehicles and the agencies depicted within.
  5. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    Move the pivot to the center of the rambar. Then it should rotate on its own axis.
  6. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    For some reason, I cannot open the z3d file you sent. Zm3 says it has an invalid file signature while Zm2 doesnt even recognize it as a z3d file. Regardless, Id still like to help. Did you check the hierarchy in Zm3 if the lightbar was attached? It needs to be as one part, not just inserted within the dodge_charger_lapd object.
  7. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    The lightbar must be attached to the main vehicle and it must have its texture assigned in the material. I see you're using Zmodeler. It would help a lot if you sent the z3d file and the textures associated with the model.
  8. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    Did you export the model correctly? Did you also check if the lightbar materials are correct?
  9. Sorry for the delay in replying. You can find the logfile in the same place as Em4.exe. It is likely in the Emergency 4 Game folder, or the Steam folder for Em4. Your graphics card might be what's letting you down. Have you made sure that your laptop doesnt have a dedicated GPU besides the intel one?
  10. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    I will look into these issues. The upload was fine on my end so this might be the e4mod file getting corrupted as it usually does on other mods. Forget everything I just said. I tried the e4mod file that Tor sent me through Dropbox. The file was also corrupted when downloaded from there. Ill admit I should have spotted this error last week but its a very misleading error. It shows the mod filesize at 324mb which is reasonable for what its supposed to be, but the files within the models folder are missing. All the folder paths are intact as other users have reported too, so this should help narrow down the root of the problem. This appears to be a problem with the source file and not on our end. I'll be reaching out to OP to get the file reuploaded once again.
  11. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    Asking for release dates is against site rules, please be careful next time.
  12. EMS4 siren mods help

    Upon closer inspection I have found that the audio file is in stereo format. You need to make the file into a 16 bit mono .wav file. Stereo does not work in Em4.
  13. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    This is a problem with the DL server that's been an issue for a while now. It usually happens on files bigger than 200mb for reasons that have not been disclosed to me. PM me with the file and I'll see if I can force the server to take it in using my moderator powers.
  14. EMS4 siren mods help

    I had to translate what you said. Please speak English when you can. What exactly do you need with the siren you uploaded. It seems fine to me.
  15. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    Can you give me more details as to what happened? I can try to resolve some of this for you.