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  1. The tiller has been modelled. Textures come next. I don't look forward to setting it up in editor but hey, its here. This was the hardest vehicle to do in the whole set IMO. Next one up is the heavy rescue crane's animations which I also don't like but at least I'm not having to make everything from nothing. The cab is the same edited LA mod base (by Hoppah) as the Seagraves shown before. All I did with the cab was add the rear tiller bits that are quite different and had to be made from nothing. Later on after doing that, I did the remaining work on the heavy rescue crane. Here she is. Credits to VoodoOperator, NFK and Hoppah for the cab. The work that I contributed to this was editing the rear model eedit, textures and modelling new support legs.
  2. Set its placement in editor to Custom.
  3. I still do work from time to time. It was supposed to be bama doing the share of the work but corona said no. I don't know when it will be done because I have a whole lot of other stuff I want to release this year. My main priorities are now with an Em3 to Em4 conversion mod, and 90s LA mod of course. I am also involved in developing a few (as in multiple) mods that haven't been announced but I do not know how many of them will be completed. The world situation prevents many from modding.
  4. Please move all discussion to the main thread. http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/19969-activation-email-not-sending/?do=getLastComment
  5. I've merged your new account with the old. Your password on oliverbullen is 116695
  6. No. The engine to engine connections make up for the difference.
  7. This account is now available for you to use. In accordance with site rules, should I merge your other accounts to this one, or should I just delete those two? I also have the option of merging this one with one of the other 2, and resetting your password manually. We've been experiencing email issues for months and I do not know when this will be sorted out.
  8. Does the map also throw a CTD ingame? This is a weird one. It seems to be something specific to the editor which I cannot find in the logfile.
  9. I said I wouldnt do a Blazer but my completionism got the best of me. I have a whole bunch of stuff that could be used as emergency vehicles or non playable civilian cars.
  10. We'll have to ask around for who owns what and who can test. Since 2008 we already knew Em4 can't use more than one core CPU wise. GPU wise, we thought there was a "hard limit" on how much VRAM it could use and any more than that would just be nothing to the game. The AMD slowdowns were a further escalation because it went from "Em4 can't use these resources" to "Em4's graphic function calls make new hardware slow down". The problem isn't just unlocking the game memory, but rather the instructions for rendering graphics on that old game engine are no longer compatible with modern tech. The game hit the end of its shelf life in 2015 tbh. The only thing keeping it going is that NVIDIA users can play the game. This won't last very long after 2020. Blame the devs, they should have at least created patches to make the game treat new hardware as if it was the original supported cards.
  11. I made these last week because I felt inspired by your thread. Here's two EM1 stations remade into 3D. Are you able to take these assets and furnish them with textures?
  12. I tested Em4 on my father's laptop which had a 920M...no problems except heating. According to other forums, NVIDIA hardware like high end 1070s and up and 16-20 series cards have the same problem as the AMD ones. It remains to be seen if the 30 series suffers the same issue. Hopefully somebody can share on that. It seems to be some kind of new tech implemented into these cards that makes Em4 run terribly on them. Back in the old days of 2007, I ran Em4 using an ATI Radeon 9200, and it was perfect other than massive lag when shadows were turned on. Things were simpler back then.
  13. Another model on the way. I will use this as the LASD transport van, but it could also work as an ambulance. However, by the 90s, these were already phased out so maybe I won't use it. Or, I could possibly do a preliminary release of the mod, and then release some more assets later on as an addon pack.
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