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  1. There are tons of tutorials on this site and on Youtube and the german forums. Nobody here will hold your hand guiding you through the process, as everyone lacks the time. It is up to you to make your own path.
  2. Asking for release dates is against site rules, be careful next time.
  3. Select the part where the shading should be marked sharp, and then use Modify > detach, however make sure all sub options are unchecked.
  4. Thats most likely the fault of the mod, not anything you are doing.
  5. When exactly does it crash? Do you get a long black screen when starting the game? If so, just wait and let it finish.
  6. Asking release dates is against site rules, please be careful next time.
  7. I am also known by that name in other forums. I am fully aware of content that was misused, however this issue was five years ago and it has since been resolved.
  8. I have some advice: Generally, people won't do work for you. It would be in your best interest that you learn on your own how to texture. Even if you might be having a hard time right now. I would like to see what you have made so far, that way I can see what you are having trouble with.
  9. I believe those lighthead models can be created very quickly in any modelling program. In fact I might do a tutorial series on them now that the virus has given me a bit more time to sit down and do things.
  10. Try changing the graphics settings and particle effects to low. Turning shadows off might also help. The solution seems to be different and dependent on each person's hardware.
  11. Straight from the Terms of Use of this website: A.Advertisement - Any kind of commercial or non-commercial advertising as well as advertisements not related to the themes of this board are not allowed without a prior, written, dated authorization. Unauthorized advertisers will be punished. I understand the environmental issues you are trying to address, but this is not the place to do this. I will give some advice: if you're unable to advertise a product without violating a platform's rules, then you should probably reconsider your marketing strategy.
  12. It gets inserted based on the order it is on the list. Newlist is always first on a pushAction list. After this, an insert or append may follow depending on what you're doing. If you put the insert after the NEWLIST, then it will actually swap places with the newlist and do the "insert" action first. This is only required in some very specific situations however, like you have a command that has separate instructions for a specific unit.
  13. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2017_02/Untitled.png.79d7fc15521bdfe24b69a41ea7a8c6b5.png I have some answers for the v3o material numbers. Just copy the link into your browser. The image won't show up in preview here because of a bug in the site.
  14. In scripting, all Em4 "actors" (meaning objects, persons, vehicles) follow a sequential "list" of actions. ACTION_NEWLIST is what you indicate on any push action to start a new "list" of actions. This will override any other action at the time. ACTION_APPEND is how you continue the list. Say, you want to do task A first, then B. You would put task A as an ACTION_NEWLIST, then the next action and so on will be ACTION_APPEND. ACTION_INSERT is used to insert an action in between a set of ACTION_APPEND lines. The other ones are self-explanatory. The action will either be before the last, after the first, or replace the first action in the list.
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