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  1. I'm seriously considering leaving the heal script off the mod. Its the most time consuming one to pull off, and the most difficult. All of the other goals I have set for the mod are much more achievable in less time. https://i.imgur.com/S82pFbb.png Here's the latest batch of textures that were done. Models from various authors, MikeyPI, EA + Ubisoft for model conversions, and myself as well.
  2. Progress on the Montana DNRC rigs. Ford F550 cab by Ubisoft, updated to 2014 by me, converted to Em4 by me. Dodge Ram cab by Ubisoft, converted to Em4 by me. Rear brush skid unit made by me. The models lack the pipes for the water, which I will finish in another day once I figure out what pipe goes where and what connections do what.
  3. itchboy


    That bug happens because the "campaignProgress" file contains the values for unit speed. Uploaded here is hopefully a copy of the original campaign file that works. Paste this to the LA mod "Save" folder. In the future, please don't post on 10 year old threads that have been inactive. This is known as dead thread bumping because there has been no activity in the thread. In this case, almost ten years. campaignprogress.xml
  4. The simplest way to get more money is to cheat in the game. If using base Em4, or 911 First Responders: Type in "magic" If using Em4 Deluxe: Type in "fairz" Then press Control + Shift + F11 and you get 100 thousand credits.
  5. I'll update the OP because this is what seems to be a commonly asked question. - Finish all playable vehicle models - Add in more incident variations like HAZMAT car accidents - Technical rescue calls, specifically an underground entrapment. - A big hurdle: Finish the advanced heal script. If so desired, this can be scaled back for a later release. - Add lights to all units - At a later date, replace the MHP and EMS helicopters - At a later date, implement an alternate snow version of the map
  6. This is the rear tray skid unit to be used on all Montana DNRC brush trucks. I initially wanted one implemented but I will add a second one just to give the player more resources to use.
  7. This is a glitch with Em4 itself. It doesnt set the passenger and transport slots unless the user defines them in the editor. Ideally, it should set based on its "units" file but alas it does not. There are a two ways to remedy this, neither are easy. The most direct method is to set the vehicle slots through scripting (programming) the game to recognize each unit. Another method is to modify the passenger and transport slots in the editor for each vehicle.
  8. More progress on the F650. Side part of the body comes from MikeyPI's F series, all other parts by myself.
  9. LAPD 9C1 Caprice. Last one for today. Gonna get to work bugfixing the Montana mod quint script. Model by me.
  10. This project has no relation to the '90 Submod by rihis. This is a side project I decide to do for fun. The plan is to have a replacement of all applicable units from LA Mod 2.1. There will be no new scripts or a new map, just a complete set of 90s themed units for the LA mod. I plan on releasing this in the future after I have cleared all my current projects. Here's three 90's style LAPD units. This was made using the 1997 CVPI model created for the Montana mod. All vehicles in the picture made by myself except for the MX7000 lightbar which is by Hoppah.
  11. A Happy Halloween to everyone! This isnt going into Montana, but I do have one more fictional police car I plan on doing today. The 91-92 Caprice base model will be uploaded to the DL center in a few hours.
  12. Your image links are broken. If this is mod installer related, here's a thread that has a possible fix for it. https://steamcommunity.com/app/323610/discussions/0/616189106451004584/
  13. The tiller trailer is spawned by script. It uses a virtual object to spawn the trailer. The tiller cab must be spawned within the virtual object for the script to realize that "I have to spawn the trailer for this cab". The cabin must also have the DummyTiller (or something like that) command for the script to recognize it. The tiller script must also be edited if you changed the name of the tiller cabin prototype, or the tiller trailer prototype.
  14. Update, vehicle hose connections have been revamped, so vehicle the water supplies can be chained together. In this picture, the tanker in the center is feeding to the engine on the right and left. The yellow engine in turn feeds to a brush truck on the rightmost side of the screen. The tanker itself is receiving water from a hydrant across the street. This allows for more flexibility in brush fire situations.
  15. I find it totally rad that you got to this level of progress within one month, with zero past experience. You're doing great. I can see it coming together already.
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