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  1. I just got done creating some concepts for roof venting the other week. Last Sunday, I started work on healing for walking but minor injured civilians. Video for that one coming soon. I'd have gotten it done sooner but then I have real life responsibilities that take priority over modding. Progress would move a lot faster if more people tried learning how to script, model, texture or make lights for the playable vehicles. I'd really appreciate the help from people. In fact, you could be the person who helps get a difficult mod asset completed.
  2. On their discord or this site? This site is not responsible for what external discords do. All they do is advertise. We have no association with them in that regard.
  3. DOwnload Stops

    This is an issue with large downloads that happens with the site. It is caused by the IP board software here that doesnt like large files. Communities like the GTA mod scene can get away with it because mods on that platform rarely exceed 100mb. I'll have to contact the mod author. However, I need some clarification before I can take action. Is this the mod in question? Or are you referring to this one? The Essex mod is only 120 mb which should have no problems. Sussex mod however is 1.7gb and will definitely cause problems on other's systems, however it is not 3.5gb in size.
  4. [EM20] Unlimited Units - Emergency 20 Compatible

    I think I figured out the problem. Because of the website's system, I have to manually approve users before they can DL the file. I'll have to put this up on a notice to address people's concerns.
  5. [EM20] Unlimited Units - Emergency 20 Compatible

    Should work now.
  6. New Mod: Granada

    Unfortunately, nobody here (or in any Em4 community) will make the mod for you. I recommend you start out by learning how to edit the texture of existing vehicles to match the ones in your city.
  7. Check the reply to the PM you sent me. You will need to learn those skills on your own, we cannot do the mod for you. However, we can teach you those skills. It will be up to you how you decide to move forward with the knowledge we give you.
  8. You inputted too many vehicles, it looks like. Those conditions only allow for maybe 8 or 9 conditions in the "if" section. You will have to split up the vehicles, or do a different setup like this.
  9. Looking good. I dont think that's my lightbar though. The Aerodynic lightbar seems to be rihis, while the Liberty LED bar is from someone else. NNICO perhaps? Not sure who though.
  10. Let me see how you edited the script. You most likely commited a syntax error.
  11. West Lampeter Mod

    Please stay on topic. This is the thread for West Lampeter. The author(s) have no relation to Boston mod and cannot help you.
  12. Units xml has nothing to do with any of the custom equipment found in mods. You need to edit the script files. They contain the list of units that have the barricades. The scripts for ballistic shields, guns, and traffic cones also operate on the same logic.
  13. More progress on the Ram. The rear bumper is from the EA Games convert of the newer Ram model. More updates on the Lima VFD tanker as well.
  14. london Mod

    The removal of 911FR from Steam shouldnt cause problems with the mod. Have you tried calling units from the lower left unit menus? If those work, but the on map spawns work, then I suspect this is an issue with the mod itself than your system.
  15. This thread hasnt been active in almost a decade. Please open up a new thread for your issue.