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  1. London Mod (V1.3 RELEASED)

    The mod's original authors are under no obligation to fix bugs or issues that result from third party sub-mods or edits.

    Hmm, if it can load the map ingame, I see no issue why it wouldnt load in editor. Maybe its a permissions issue with your OS, such as the Windows DEP issue, or the 'run as administrator' setting you need to enable.
  3. River Falls Mod (Fictional) (Private)

    Some advice, dont include the images when you're quoting a post with many embedded images like that. It increases the time to scroll down the page, and can cause issues with people who have slower internet connections.

    Go into the main menu of Em4 (the game) and see if there is a label on the lower leftmost part that says '1.3f' or something like that. If not, then you may need to patch your game.

    Have you patched your game to version 1.3? Are you sure as well, that the map you are loading has not become corrupted?
  6. Katy Modification[WIP]

    The map looks cool, but its way too European to pass off for rural Texas. willowfork would end up doing more work trying to convert that existing map into an American one, verus creating a purpose built scratch map from the beginning.
  7. Learning to mod

    Learn and understand the basics of C programming, the synax, operations and how to do simple tasks. Afterwards, go into the Em4 scripts that are relevant like LA mod's fireStationStart, toFireStation, and so on. Understand how those work. Then the biggest step would be to add a new addition for the stations you want. Last one would be trial and error along with bugtesting to see if the added functions work as intended.
  8. ARFF Pack

    Its up now. Thanks for your contribution.
  9. Fire Dept. Boston`s Showroom

    Try to keep the helmet texture as low res as possible. Also, try to have the texture contained within the main person texture, and not a separate texture that the game has to access. My own attempt at modding person units here:
  10. Hose connection issues

    All of the 'TLF' engines with deck cannons need to be defined in the top of the code, and also in the conditions down below.
  11. River Falls Mod (Fictional) (Private)

    The front of that Taurus has always looked weird, because I was never able to correctly model the shape on that. The fontend on it reminds me of a pissed off cat. I feel that its as accurate as I could get it, but I think it looks a bit short compared to the real vehicle. Its evident when comparing the accuracy of the Taurus, vs the newer models I've done such as the Charger or 2016 Explorer. The Burban/Tahoes I did also suck.
  12. Fire Dept. Boston`s Showroom

    Its too much work having specific objectives like 'dont burn the donut shop' but its possible to have a 'setup cmd post' or 'second alarm' type setup. RTS Bieb had upgrading vehicles, but not the station. Having more bays for ex, would take alotta time and programming.
  13. Norway mod reupload

    The file has to be approved again, since you updated it. Only noticed your issue now. It seems to be clean, so its getting approved.
  14. Try checking if you have a syntax error of some kind. Also check if the prototype names you put in there are correct. Add/remove entries as necessary.
  15. Armyconrad's Showroom/Downloadable Items

    If you can succesfully take the Seagrave I did, and make it into a different one, Id be happy to let you have it. Drop by my PM (dont make a new topic, just use the one we already have) if you need help figuring out how to move the parts around. The model itself doesnt need to be screwed with, just move the parts around and change the texture so that its applicable to the different year models you wanna do.