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  1. Training a New Generation of Modders

    On that topic, I discourage people from using LA mod vehicles in 2018 just because the textures haven't aged well. They often have distortions caused by the dds texture format that was commonly used...10 years ago. I was lurking for a long time, just like you. Nothing to be ashamed about. I just wish I had come sooner because maybe better mods could have resulted from my presence.
  2. Training a New Generation of Modders

    You will be receiving a PM shortly.
  3. Ive known both bugs for years now. Steps have been taken to resolve said issues.
  4. We have removed links to the old mod because a lot of people reported game crashes with it. It would set a bad standard if we allowed the old links to stay up even if we knew the mod was broken.
  5. Training a New Generation of Modders

    No what you did is correct because you now have a mod that is listed under its own name. Based on what you're telling me, I think you should add vehicles in. The original LA mod textures arent exactly the best platform to modify in 2018 because of how dds files tend to get compressed. If you have any of the Explorer or Taurus cop cars, that's the one you would put into your mod, and then recolor that into a Charlotte police unit.
  6. Training a New Generation of Modders

    Have you already figured out how to replace (or add) a vehicle into an Em4 mod? We will have to come to a decision: Will the Charlotte cop car be a replacement of an existing vehicle or a totally new one? Replacing is a lot easier, but adding a new one will teach you more things.
  7. Training a New Generation of Modders

    Charlotte? Okay, where would you like to start. A fire engine, police car or ambulance?
  8. Santa Catarina Modification (In Progress)

    The ford explorers you used are actually from my civ car pack. The subarus as well look like martijnuhs. Other than that, its all good.
  9. Post your emergency vehicle lightbars!

    Im curious: How do you kill a lightbar? Too much voltage?
  10. Training a New Generation of Modders

    I'm willing to guide you but I need to clear up some information: LA Mod 3.0 was a mod that had nothing to do with the actual LA mod. Hoppah never did anything with it, and it was really just a compilation of mods from myself, Xplorer4x4, the Canadians, and ShaneGreen. I am personally against uploading the mod in its current state because the credits still haven't been sorted out but if you can make your own version of it with proper documentation, then I'll allow for it. The units you mentioned from the "LA County Mod" were were taken without my permission years ago, and its ironic seeing them come back to where they came. I'll let you use these as long as you change them up to be different. As for doing LA: Personally, Ive lost interest in seeing Los Angeles based anything and would prefer something different. There are plenty of states that have been missed out by mods. For instance, Ive never seen a Mississippi mod, nor a Tennessee mod. Maybe that could be a good starting point? If you do want to continue doing LA, then its a matter of replacing the sheriff logos with the PD ones, and you're pretty much set. Sheriff and PD use much the same in everything so you have practically nothing to model.
  11. Training a New Generation of Modders

    A year for the verification email? I wish we had been informed in the tech support section. It would have been possible for one of the other admins above me to resend the thing, or I could have manually set your account up. As for how to start: DL the LA mod and modify one vehicle. If you need ideas, google search your town's fire trucks, police cars or ambulance service. Optionally you could start from absolute zero and modify a vanilla copy of Em4 by creating a new mod package in the editor.
  12. New PowerARC Volt Lightbar By Me

    Not sure. What they got looks like a high riser, while the PowerArc is just a static lightbar. Paging @Terrow, he might know about it.
  13. Proof of concept for the poaching call. I will be taking into account the suggestions given to me with regards to loading up the animals on the back of the truck. I just need to model a tarp over the bed I guess, or something that looks like the carcass on the back.
  14. Can I load the mod before the game launch?

    You can load mods directly by making a shortcut of Em4.exe. Go into "properties" by right clicking the shortcut. Add this line in the "Taget" section immediately after the path of Em4.exe: -game -mod "Name of the mod folder here"
  15. Open up the e4mod files using the modInstaller, and not winRar.