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  1. Upload a logfile from Em4 as well. The dxdiag doesnt tell us exactly what happened with the mod.
  2. Mod in Mods folder but not working

    Reinstall the LA mod. If it still doesnt work, try this: DL another mod, such as London or Harbor City. If those appear, then it means that the problem is with your installation of LA mod and not your Em4 copy.
  3. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    If you have plans to create your own submod from CPH: Feel free to create a new topic with the relevant information so that you're not hijacking BMA's topic.
  4. ATF NRU Template

    You need to unlock the .dds file using the Em4 editor, or Chris07's file unpacker.
  5. Freeplay money glitch.

    There's a setting in the freeplay xml files to adjust the "inflation" value for each unit. <SquadPriceGrowth value="30.0"/> Setting this value to zero should make the unit cost the same no matter how many of them exist on map. @em4vs66 In the future, please dont bump dead topics. For now, I'll allow this one because a solution was never posted for the original problem.
  6. THW Bag (engineer suitcase)

    Its hardcoded to spawn the case sadly. You can try to remove the auto target script from the engineer so that they dont automatically repair damaged vehicles.
  7. THW Bag (engineer suitcase)

    LAGetTHWBag.script has a problem: THW_BAG is not recognized in Em4 as a valid code. You need to use "EQUIP_THW_CASE" instead. LAEquipmentCommands.script also has a problem. You need to define CMD_USE and CMD_REPAIR at the top header of the script so the game knows what commands you want removed.
  8. Submod: 90' mod v1.8

    This is an approved submod so I'll allow this. Next time though, please refrain from bumping dead topics. As for your problem, I made my own siren fix for the submod. Here it is. Let me know in my private messages if it works or not. LASiren.script
  9. THW Bag (engineer suitcase)

    Show me the script and show me what line the error is at.
  10. THW Bag (engineer suitcase)

    You need to remove the "Use" and "repaier" commands from the engineer so he doesnt spawn with the bag. Give him a command to get the bag and in that command, the Use, floodlight and repair commands will be assigned to him. Removing the bag should have the opposite effect of removing those commands so the engineer loses his abilities.
  11. Modding

    The game itself, an image editor program (paint, photoshop or GIMP) and a text editor program (notepad, wordpad or even MS word).
  12. ShipDropWater Script LA mod

    Em4 uses some really confusing mechanics for the boats. It would be worth it checking out the NYC mod because it has 2 kinds of boats. A normal SWR and then a jetski. Check out the naming conventions they did with the prototypes, models and superChilds.
  13. Amity Island Modification

    Asking for release dates is against site rules. Please be careful next time.
  14. I have implemented a "delete traffic" button so you can despawn every traffic car on the map, hassle free. Some paths were edited to reduce the traffic bug but it just wont go away no matter what I tried. The dummy objects with health bars have been removed in favor of more discreet dummy objects. Stay tuned on the stop sign scripting concept. I have plans on making it work once and for all.
  15. Units (person) speed

    It cannot be found in any of the xml files. You must create a totally new command script to use the SetSpeed function. I am talking about making Em4 scripts btw.