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  1. how to model,

    For bumpers like that, you'd do them separately. They're not an integral part of the rear box.
  2. The equipment van is already in the mod but but its an off map, mutual aid unit. Oil dry? I think I'll do it on the condition I figure out how to make the oil spills a requirement in the missionscript. Right now, the script I created doesnt distinguish between regular debris and oil spills so that is something I need to put together. I also need to make the commands work in a way that they dont conflict with any other commands. Model by me. Its gonna be getting some surface mounted halogen and strobe lights. Cheeeaaa.
  3. It helps, it means that our educated guess on the mutual aid Hazmat van is probably correct if your department had something similar. I actually have an equipment trailer concept planned but not for FD. Its for the off map SWAT from 2 counties over. This is going into the mod unless we can figure out how Beaverhead county and Dillon PD (the only police agencies in the county) handle SWAT.
  4. how to model,

    Your model parts dont need to line up to the blueprint or reference material 100%. What matters is when in 3d view, the model you're doing looks proportional to the actual vehicle. Disclaimer: I dont know how to create models in Blender. Zmod is my preferred program so any concerns with the tools in Blender will have to go to someone else.
  5. Hazmat exists as its own unique unit. The pdf I provided a few posts ago mentions a Hazmat van of some kind which we believe to be a box truck with hazmat supplies in the back. Hazmat events are already ingame and working. Theyre simplistic to say the least. No spill cleanup, no identifying the source. Just go in and use the truck and everythings taken care of. Maybe I should add spill cleanup then? Other German mods have hazmat fires that explode when you add water to them. I might try and implement that. There arent any embankments or low level places on the Monida map. What kind of technical rescue would happen in a flat plain rural area? I can imagine a farmer getting trapped in a silo (because that happens IRL apparently). I spoke to someone before and they mentioned people falling down abandoned wells. I could try the construction worker getting trapped, it sounds interesting. Building collapse is the "big" thing that people want but I dont have the time to model in custom damaged buildings....unless someone's willing to do that for me.
  6. Monida FD (on map) is getting an engine, tanker and one brush truck. Perhaps the jaws of life can go to the brush? Yes, extracation times can indeed be changed. I have been in talks with another modder with the idea of modelling in bracings and supports that need to be installed on wrecked vehicles before they can be cut. I have also been thinking of doing an edit to the jaws code which requires a second firefighter to assist the firefighter doing the cutting. On map EMS is an ambulance. I will be doing the EMS rescue truck but as an off map resource. Logic tells me that a more populated area like Dillon will need it more than Monida. I want to keep the EMS supervisor vehicle as a way of calling outside EMS assistance. Water rescue is going to the Beaverhead SAR company. http://www.beaverheadsar.org/equipmentandgear They are volunteer and as @Fred03 predicted, provide their own equipment. They will also do SAR K9s and I have 2 vehicles lined up for them. The SWR is an older F series ford with a utility body, and the K9 dog vehicle is a volunteer POV. In order to make the DVFD rescue truck useful, can anyone suggest a very common technical rescue call that would make the rescue rig essential? Thanks for reminding me I still need to re-implement the random volunteer script. I removed it back in 2016 and never bothered putting it back.
  7. how to model,

    If you started with blender, chances are you find it easy so just stay with it. Sketchup models arent suitable for Em4 because of the way they double up their polygons on both sides of the surface. In the past this site also has had problems with ownership and credits of sketchup models so I wont advise taking that route unless you built the model yourself and know how to optimize it for the game.
  8. Great, thanks for the response. We've run into a bit of conflict though. All those vehicles would render the DVFD rescue truck useless because there's no other reason to bring the vehicle on map. The Lima crash truck and EMS rescue truck already carry the jaws of life. We have a choice of the following: the abilities of those vehicles need to be scaled back, the rescue is to be excluded from the mod entirely, or the rescue truck needs to be given its own unique set of calls that it would need to respond to.
  9. I was referring to the EMS one. That was the unit that sounded similar to the light rescue truck you mentioned. How does it work? Does it have the jaws of life or does it only carry medical supplies? The 2004 Lima truck is the red one in the screenshot I put up. Assuming they carry medical bags, does that mean the volunteer FF's should have the ability to use it? You may or may not have noticed but the pdf file I am using as a source is 8 years out of date. The actual departments have changed their vehicles considerably. In the fictional universe of this mod, Lima VFD has donated its old engine to Monida- that is why Monida has the 1981 Ford truck. A major thing that the pdf does not cover is the Fire District system in the actual area. There are numerous vehicles bearing the fire district liveries but are staffed by members of the departments covered in the district. District #1 is Lima and what would be Monida, while #2 is Dillon and Grant (not in the mod), and #3 being Jackson and Wisdom (neither will be in the mod). The pdf mentions a county fire department but all other sources tell me the fire districts are county wide fire system. Id like some clarification regarding this before I continue with the vehicles of the mod. Here are some of the fire district vehicles. These are the ones based out of Dillon VFD. There are zero pictures of the fire district vehicles from Lima. Whether these vehicles make it into the mod or not depends on whether these would do mutual aid to Monida or not. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_04/Untitled.png.f8681b7adf8727a730bebbbca386db86.png
  10. London Mod hoses wont work

    Make sure the pump operator is present and on the side of the vehicle.
  11. There's going to be 1 ALS ambulance on map, another 2 ALS off map. Then 2 off map BLS ambulances. I dont want to make any more additions to the real life agencies because the pdf (attached here - see page 10) specifies the vehicles they have IRL. The fictional ones, I am open to changing but not by very much. Maybe the brush truck can be given some medical abilities, or the engine. In the attached pdf, it makes mention to an extracation or crash truck. Is this an example of a rescue engine? CWPP-2010-Update.pdf
  12. Thanks for the long post. Very informative. There is a way to make a more complex patient treating system for Em4 but no plans have been made to create it in the mod. The only thing that is in the works is the function for severe injuries automatically being transported off map. The player can also be forced to transport patients by helicopter only. We'll see what we can come up with over time. BLS transport calls are something we have in mind. I just need to create it and figure out where it sits ingame. We wont be doing a VFD ambulance and instead will rely on the county wide private ambulance provider. The ambulance stationed at the clinic will remain as is. Pump and roll isnt planned. I dont think its even doable in Em4. I will bear in mind the ratio of callouts you've provided.
  13. There is an injured victim on the opposite side of the bridge who will need to be rescued by a medic helicopter. Cars that are underwater need to be marked by a diver first before the crane can pick them up. The game assumes you will send away most if not all injured before the bridge collapse cutscene happens. Here is someone's video of it from YouTube.
  14. how to model,

    Start by learning how to model a basic shape in whatever software you prefer. Zmod and Blender each have their own distinct tools, methods and terminologies so you will have to settle on one. Once you know how to model something basic like a square, rectangle or letter, start figuring out how to create a 2d mesh out of the blueprint youve done.
  15. I believe its that one or the lockers.