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  1. FAQ mods and loading

    I locked the other one, but you can keep this one.
  2. ???

    Please edit your title to be more descriptive. Ill move the topic location to the Em4 section.

    A request. Please provide credits for the content you showcase. Whether its yours or not, it needs to be declared.
  4. Making mod

    You will need to learn by yourself. Nobody has the time to teach you or create a mod for you.
  5. Thats the model that I converted and rebuilt into the game. I dont have an online copy (nor do I want to go through many external HDD's and USB's looking for the file), so you will have to source one from any of the mods using the model.
  6. Anyone up for a SMURD mod?

    Please dont bump a three year old topic that is clearly inactive.
  7. Map texture

    Make sure the image has no transparency (is 100% opaque) and is not compressed.
  8. Camera View Cheats/Hacks

    No need to bump a 10 year old dead topic. For anyone looking at the camera hack, check out the original LA Mod FAQ from 2009. Another camera trick that you can do is with the FOV value in the cfg file. Setting it changes the angle and point of view in the game, kind of like changing the FOV on a real camera. Its a dead link so I'll be locking the thread, refer to the above for your camera hack needs.
  9. Map texture

    You cant open eft files. You need the original source .tga files to be able to edit the map texture. You can find sources for the original Em4 eft files within the DL center. Once done with the edits, save the .tga file in accordance to the Em4 editor manual, and then import it into Em4 which will save it as an eft file.
  10. Harbour City and Norway mod

    What is inside? Is it folders such as 'Models' or 'Scripts'? If so, you need to make a new folder in the Em4 'Mods' folder, and copy paste all that content into that new folder.
  11. Does anyone have a link to london mod v1.3 UNPACKED

    Okay thats it. Enough. There is such thing as a polite request, but begging every day and posting 'pleaseeee' twice in as many days is just spamming. Am locking this place up because you've already posted for the third time in another topic.
  12. New siren not making any noise

    Its supposed to be mono, not stereo.
  13. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    In the event that they take you up, make sure you're able to deliver what you promise ofc. Map texturing is actually pretty easy. The only limitation is the performance of your computer and its ability to edit these images without lagging.
  14. Taking suggestions for a new mod

    The lack of a 'following' doesnt matter. The way modding usually goes, is that people love the mods as they come, rather than many people loving the city/country, therefore the mod comes into fruition.
  15. New siren not making any noise

    It shoud show up in audacity. Open up the final exported wav file, and go to the leftmost side of the waveform window (above the mute and solo buttons), it should say 'Mono, 16000HZ' or similar. Number on the right shouldnt matter, but the word 'mono' is key.