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  1. where do i get a parking script at

    I think he means the 'park at scene' function that allows vehicles to be positioned for screenshots.
  2. Norway Mod, revised!

    Please reduce the size of your signature. Reduce it by about 25% and it should be within the size. Its currently 1080 px width, something like 800 would work much better.
  3. Norway Mod, revised!

    Use imgur. The sites' default image system is fucked for one reason or another.
  4. Cannot Save Game

    They sometimes switch it out, which is what I observed...but the main thing is that it is the freeplay mode button on the right (of the menu) which cannot save.
  5. To be fair, I first started modding when I was 12 so age really doesnt matter tbh. What matters is the maturity and how you are able to say, manage your time, be respecful and humble about it, and know where you need to put the work in. Modelling isnt an age exclusive thing, it just requires a good sense of space and form which can be learned. It isnt a 100% thing though, some people doing modelling can get the shape perfectly, others like myself, not so much.
  6. Cannot Save Game

    In 'challenge' mode, you cannot save the freeplay session. Some mods like Northview (and the dozen reskin mods based off it) have this mode called 'fire/police/ems'. It makes use of the default Em4 challenge mode, which is why it cannot save.
  7. Re: The map. Its fair criticism to want better content and being civil + respectful about it, but its not fair to hound people endlessly about it. Take that from me. As for the mod OP, I would advise modding or changing out things in the map, or using an entirely different one altogether.
  8. Topic owners are allowed some level of doubleposting, like say two days or more. The post in question here was about a day (or just under) that, so they deserved the merge. The recent one posted earlier yesterday was okay due to the gap of about a month, On the other hand, if a topic owner posts 6 times in as many hours, that isnt allowed obviously.
  9. Well, its a bit of both actually. The two posts made on the 8th and 9th I will merge bc they qualify, but the one made 11hrs ago is okay.
  10. You have the option of PM'ing me with their code so I can have a look for myself.
  11. Figure out what they modified in Bieb to get the thing working and then take the same path without copying the content they did 1/1. I dont have much else to say besides that, seeing as how I dont play the Bieb mod or have exp with their code. All I am doing is guesswork as to how they might have done it.
  12. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Feel free to PM me or the other moderators if you need things approved.
  13. Lean and understand how to modify code in Em4, then go into LWS and make/change/add values to accomodate the new hydrant. Option B is to observe the code from Bieberfelde and see what they did. Dont copy it directly into your mod though unless you have their permisison.
  14. Tips for my first model?

    That panel is too detailed, emphasis on the hoses. They dont need to have that many polies and verts. Just make it to be maybe 3 rows of polies, instead of modeling in every curve and fold. The panel itself as well can be done with fewer polygons. In Em4 modding, the emphasis is on textures. Keep the polycounts low while emphasizing texture to provide the detail.
  15. Yeap, that confirms it. Its a custom vehicle disguised as a fire hydrant. You would need to modify the LWS code so that the fake vehicle has either: An unlimited water supply, or that the water taken from it does not drain the tank.