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  1. Its possible that you have the unpatched version of Em4. If you are running the Steam or Deluxe version then thats not a problem. Another reason is that you loaded another mod before switching to London, You need to shut the game down and start over, making sure you load into London mod directly.
  2. I'll probably put it in because its in every mod I've worked in. The LAPD Tahoe currently fills that role, however I did find that vehicle in an unexpected place: archive footage of the 1992 Sepulveda Dam flooding. Both it and an LAFD Ward Lafrance were trashed in the floodwater.
  3. Fantastic finds you got there. Thank you so much! You saved our asses on this one. We were able to dig up photos of this vehicle, however from a rear quarter angle. We had no idea what it was for or how it looked, but thanks to your album, we have positive ID on the LAPD SWAT Heavy Rescue from before 2003. Here it is. Original model by Voodoo_Operator.
  4. The last few days have been spent creating the Kawasaki Police Motorbike. More progress soon.
  5. Bad information, it was never released. I posted a correction but his channel auto hid or spam flagged my comment. I'm just going to lock this thread so that this will be the main thing people see when they get into the thread.
  6. The mod installer for this mod is different from the broken Em4 base game mod installer. It is possible that the mod installer for the LA mod (the .exe one) does not recognize the subdirectories for folders and messes up the copy/paste process. The only way it will work is if you redid the entire mod install but this time did backups of the original map as to not lose it. I unfortunately cannot find an explanation why replacing one map will crash the whole game.
  7. There are no controls for scrolling rotating cameras in the editor if you do not have a mouse.
  8. Open top Crown Firecoach in WIP. This took a while to make but its here.
  9. Unfortunately its forum courtesy to use English (or Dutch) as it is how the forum was created. Its your responsibility to adjust to the rest of us, not the other way around. Your edit on the original post makes a lot more sense. To move around, use the middle mouse button.
  10. Two new units completed just today. Both of these are originally made by Hoppah. All other model adapting work and texture work is mine.
  11. You need to follow what NYC Mod did with the jetski and boat setup. I no longer remember what they did but they were able to make 2 watercraft functional because of a weird "glitch" in the naming system. Investigate the prototype and child names that they used, they were on to something back then.
  12. Root folder = main folder where Em4.exe and your Mods folder is located in. If you installed mods than you probably know where it is. You can find information on this site as to where the main Em4 installation and exe is located in. In the future, please create a new thread instead of re-posting on a thread that has not been active in four years.
  13. English is the main languages used in this forum. We cannot help you if we do not understand what you are saying.
  14. Please stay on topic, this is a modification thread, not a "where to buy the game thread". If you want information on where to buy the game, there are many posts that describe that within this forum.
  15. You either made a mistake when applying the fix, or, your computer registry is different than the other ones posted above. You will have to trial and error on your own to find the correct method specific to your PC.
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