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  1. Scripts

    These scripts have been modified. What exactly have you done to it. We also need the logfile to better help diagnose your problem.
  2. building a new mod

    Refer to the 'adding units' tutorial. You may have made a mistake with one of the XML files. Check if the unit names, prototypes and UI icons are all correct.
  3. No worries, just be careful next time.
  4. Montreal Mod

    Okay, to make things clear here: Should I hide that link from this page or not?
  5. Some advice, please dont double post. Its against site rules.
  6. You're a new user so I'm sure you must have read the Terms of Service very recently where it says that "asking for release dates is against site rules".
  7. There is no link to the mod. It is not finished. Bama and myself will not allow links to the old version to be posted here. Here are the personnel textures for the mod. Credit goes to Hoppah and 16 tons entertainment for the textures. All I did was recolor them, nothing special here. Montana Highway Patrol Beaverhead County Sheriff Monida Pass Police Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Beaverhead EMS Corp. Beaverhead Volunteer SAR. Credit to bama1234 for these two. Lifelight Helicopter Medic Monida Pass Volunteer FD Lima Rural VFD Dillon Volunteer FD I only lack TEC and some mutual aid units. Some of the above textures have issues that I also need to take care of.
  8. The command running itself again is check intended to 're park' the car if it gets stuck or misaligned. Its a feature, not a bug. In order to stop the thing doing it over and over again, you need to add the new virtual objects to childID 2 of the police station code. For parking, all of your vehicles need to be one slot away from each other for them to park correctly. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_01/Untitled.png.37705844b651712843271b64136e62b3.png
  9. GetNumObjects() This function counts the number of objects in the gameObject list regardless of type or usability. ContainsSquad() This checks if there are any playable units such as vehicles and personnel within the gameObject list. ContainsSquad is faster because it checks fewer objects and therefore consumes less memory having to store fewer objects. Only use it if you're checking for squads (playable units) within the list. It wont count random props, buildings, and NPC's. If you're gonna count all other objects, then you need to use GetNumObjects.
  10. Glad to hear I'm on the right track.
  11. On my end, I copied the logic from the ToFireStation code. Here's my example. Ignore the 'facingWest' variables becuase those are specific things I did for my mod. StrCompare is the line where the game checks the prototype name of the vehicle. ParkingLotFound is the variable that is checked to ensure that the virtual object is actually on the map. The GameObjectList checks if the virtual object has any vehicle inside it. "l1" acts as the ActorList for the specific virtual object assigned to the vehicle. Later down the script, the game decares 'l1' as a position (a Vector) in the game which is where vehicles will go to. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_01/Untitled.thumb.png.967c8781f34e2ed5148cf1450b8f8908.png
  12. I appreciate the replies. This question was concerning the fate of Dillon VFD and whether it should be part of the mod. So from what I understand, the only units that should be kept are special ones like the rescue, ladder and hazmat vehicles.
  13. I think the issue isnt with the script but with the AI pathfinding of Em4 being unable to position the vehicles correctly on those spots.
  14. Happy New Year! Would mutual aid respond from 64 miles away? If so, for what kind of incidents, and what vehicles would respond?
  15. http://www.emergency-planet.com/files/category/42-emergency-4-deluxe-map-textures/