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      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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  1. VO Parking Issue

    Do they go through the gates when moving forward?
  2. My New Tutorial Series (1 Released)

    IIRC the lightbar package doesnt have the mini lightbars, or a good majority of what Ive made since. They are easy enough to modify. Just make sure you separate the plastic casing, internal parts, and the mountings/brackets when you do. Makes things easier. You will have to guesstimate the length on the thing to be correct to the mini (or any other length variant like the Ultra or the NFPA ones) and then UV map accordingly.
  3. ARFF Pack

    Not mine, made by THVFD. Anyone else's model can be setup to work the way his does.
  4. ARFF Pack

    Oh cool, the multi cannon code exists already. Thanks so much for letting us know about it. You made this code right? Its pretty awesome and I appreciate the work you put to it. I think Ill toy with it so that its comptabile with Hoppah's limited water code.
  5. VO Parking Issue

    Yeap, but only if 'Always use physics geom' is ticked. It sees the model itself if the tickbox isnt set. The game uses that green bounding box you see in the editor as its reference. Oftentimes though, thats too much and you need to compensate by making it a bit smaller so that it fits into park spots.
  6. VO Parking Issue

    The game uses those boxes as reference points to the size of the vehicle. If it detects the size as being too big to get to a specific target (the FS park spot for ex that goes in between two building posts), then the vehicle will not continue its movement and instead find another way to get to the target point.
  7. VO Parking Issue

    You need to toy with the 'physics' and collision boxes of the vehicles that belong in the station. Make it smaller than the actual model bounds and test some more.
  8. ARFF Pack

    Multiple cannons at once can be done. Its just complex and requires you make 2 'dummy' vehicles for every cannon you want put in. Pain in the ass for editor work and might confuse people trying to implement it into their own projects. If it has to be done, I'd advise making it so that there are only 2, at most, three vehicles with this functionallity.
  9. ARFF Pack

    The Rosenbauer is another one that LA uses, but I believe a German model for it already exists. The fucntionallity I built for articulated cannons would work well with what you're doing as well.
  10. My New Tutorial Series (1 Released)

    Your engine looks pretty good. Hopefully you did the 'cab swap tutorial' using that one. Some advice, those 'mini' side lightbars on the sides of the rig are wrong. You need to create a proper mini lightbar model instead of horizontally scaling down the model. It looks way compressed and the LED's look sandwiched. Image below should explain what Im trying to describe. Whether its this tiny 3 LED one, or any of the incremental lengths they sell the thing in, you need to actually add/remove the inside LED parts, modify the outer lightbar case, and modify the texture to portray the different variants correctly. Going back to lighting, well, the polygon color depends on the lighting type I'm doing, and also the corona I'm using.
  11. ARFF Pack

    Final product looks great man. For selfish reasons, I wanted LA but I think those Colet ARFF's are a bit hard to do. I think you should just go with what you want. Doesnt have to be an airport.
  12. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Id advise lowering the ride height on the model, along with making the wheels a bit smaller.
  13. ARFF Pack

    Lookin good my man. Airport rigs are awesome, and so uncommon in the community.
  14. Fire Dept. Boston`s Showroom

    DL is approved. To everyone else, please abide by the terms set by the author.
  15. London Mod (V1.3 RELEASED)

    Get it down to about half of that 9k first. Next step would be to give it a texture of 1024 and no greater than that. The lower, the better as long as you're not sacrificing quality either. Step three is making sure the model only uses one material for every texture - this means, if the model uses three textures, use only three materials, one for each. Make sure you dont use more than 3 textures for the whole model, and you will need to consider as well the total resolution of each image. The game renders materials and textures concurrently, it means the total resolution of the image loaded within Em4 is the sum of the resolutions of all the textures used by the model. If you have three 1024 res textures in the model, you end up with a 3072 res texture. The rule with modding this antique game is that fewer loaded textures(lower resolution, less materials and less number of textures), the better.