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  1. It was indeed jarlengold. Ive changed the pw to 4321 Its approved
  2. Kokosak200 has already been activated and is shown to be usable according to the forum registry. Are you asking for a password reset?
  3. daniel1999421 is the name of your username
  4. I have manually set it for you. Password has been reset to 1234
  5. itchboy


    Your account was manually approved.
  6. Part 2, tbh getting frustrated why this issue was fixed, and then broken again in the span of a week. Nothing I can do except address people's reports. Account name: Lölöäääääää, password reset to 5678 Your password has been reset the same as the other dude. Manually approved your account. Manually approved your account as well.
  7. lawson1603 is the name of your account. I already reset the password to 1234, please change it ASAP. What exactly is the problem? Are you also in need of a password reset? Your account on my end seems fine. DerDeutsche is the name of your username. I have also reset your password to 1234.
  8. I was able to approve the others except Vincent or ffdgf because I cannot find your emails or account names in the activation email waiting pool.
  9. It seems that some of you here already have your accounts activated despite reporting problems to us. Glad the system worked out for you. For the others, I confirmed problems and I was able to manually approve some because not everyone listed their account names.
  10. That's an axis bug. I had it when I modified my trailers for the LA mod. Its trial and error unfortunately. It seems to be variable depending on the length of the tiller cabin and trailer. Here is the axis setup on both my tiller and tiller cabin. These are 2 different screenshots scaled together, for context. The tiller rear is positioned right over the connector, while the cabin is pulled a bit forward. It should not be centered or else you get the tiller seizure problem.
  11. Do you mean the top bar with the modifications button on it?
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