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  1. I think its reasonable to place responsibility on the modder for them to make their project as good as it can be. Regarding criticism, this place, or anywhere really isnt supposed to be a circlejerk where poor work is rewarded with praise just because. The Em4 modding community will only stagnate further if people just release half-assed mods with no substance to them. Nobody wants that. Once again I understand your concerns about wanting the mod done, but like I said, its damned if I do, damned if I dont. Basically its this: If I release a mod too early with bugs, people complain. If I take my time on a mod and make it good, another set of people complain. I can promise you that the vast majority of criticisms are not bullying myself or any developers. Criticism has nothing to do with the rate at which the mod gets completed. Miami mod for example doesnt get criticism (constructive or harmful) at all, yet its progress is slow because EmC Unit simply does not have the time to work on it as he did in 2013. This is my final say on this whole topic. Id like to politely request that everyone go back to the topic of discussing the mod. Besides, having to engage in discussion about the mod's release date is only further delaying the mod. Here are some more updates. Oil-dri and push broom functionality coming soon. The Monida VFD Mack truck has been UV mapped. Civilian lights have been added in the editor. All I need is a template and some wheels and she's game-ready. I have some issues with it though. This particular tanker is a repurposed civilian tanker. Assuming the VFD installed a portable pump on it, what kind of capacity and rate would it have?
  2. People already did shame us for bugs and issues back in 2015, and we dont intend on repeating that same mistake.
  3. Modding for beginers

    Start with retexturing the LA mod units, but dont just settle for that. Once you retexture them, start doing different things like changing lightbars out, or swapping different fire engine rear bodies onto different trucks.
  4. Rapid Deployment not working

    Ok Im sure that something has to be with the conditions found in the rapid deploy that broke it. I will highlight parts of the rapid deploy script which need to be fulfilled for it to work. These are what exist in the original mod: The firefighters require the extinguish command to be assigned to them so that rapid deploy will work on them. Another major condition is that the child objects "pump1", "pump2", 3 and 4 need to be present on the TLF type fire engines - AKA the ones with deck guns. Assuming this is the base LA mod we're talking about, we can narrow which part of the script isnt working. If the deck gun equipped fire engines are bugged, then it is a problem that concerns the upper part of the script. If the USFS and LAFD brush truck are bugged then it is a problem with the lower half. You need to observe which among these specific vehicles do not work so we can work on eliminating the possible causes.
  5. emergency

    I think the game falls under "abandonware" status due to its age and you can DL it off of sites that host abandonware. Beware, the game doesnt work on Win7, 8 or 10 properly. You need to run it with Dxwnd or another similar program. Even then, it crashes at random, you cant alt tab without messing the colors up and you're only good for one mission's worth of gameplay. As soon as you pass a mission and play the next one, the game crashes.
  6. Rapid Deployment not working

    What about the prototypes of the fire engines?
  7. Basic Maps

    You could use the LA mod forest fire mission map, but it might be a bit small for freeplay. If you want a full size freeplay map, the default campaign map has a forest and an airport but in totally separate locations.
  8. You raise a very good point on the poaching calls. Ill definitely have a script where FWP loads up the animals onto their trucks. The problem I realize I have is that I now need to find a way to dispose of dead animals. Right now, the Em4 way is to pickup and delete the animal. I need to find a way to put the animal into a vehicle and send the vehicle away. For the living animals, I cant find anything on Beaverhead sheriff having a livestock unit. I could create a fictional trailer and a pickup for it. Option B would be to give a firefighter the ability to "hold" the animal and drop it off on a nearby farm in the map. Another idea I had is a playable pickup truck towing an animal trailer from the humane society. Myself and the boys had a discussion and we decided that it would be best for the mod to include the Beaverhead Fire District units. The fire district concept was discussed before and dropped, but now we realize its likely that the fire district is what would be sent as mutual aid instead of city/town based units. Another big reason for our decision was because the forest fire call is actually very hard to complete with only 2 engines and 2 tankers. Another one of each combined with the pond drafting and portable tanks should make things easier. So these vehicles will be making an appearance into the mod. They will be staffed by Dillon VFD firefighters as they are IRL. Progress has already been made on creating the Freightliner engine. The Monida VFD tanker has also been started.
  9. Rapid Deployment not working

    Another thing to check is the edit dates on the scripts folder. See which ones are the LA originals (dated 2009) versus the ones youve edited which would reflect recent dates. Also check the commands of firefighters. Something may have been removed there which caused the rapid deploy to stop working. Does manually installing and removing hoses work?
  10. The Big Smoke [Private]

    As the topic says at the top - This discussion is ONLY for showcasing the edits made and for taking suggestions.
  11. Thanks for the information. The Ford unit is a recreation of this truck.
  12. Perhaps it could be. Nobody will know until someone from there tells us. For now Ill just put an old halogen lightbar on it and it should be good. I have a question regarding animals. If a cow or similar animal were to go loose, how would it be dealt with? I am considering giving FWP officers a tranquilizer gun so that they can load the animal onto their trucks. I am aware animal trailers exist for a reason but Id like to know what the details are on those. Another call I have in the mod right now is confiscation of hunted animals. How would FWP go about disposing of the carcass? The FWP vehicles have been pushed to near completion. All I need are doors and an interior and it should be good. F350 cab by Ubisoft converted from Driver SF.
  13. Rapid Deployment not working

    Did you also revert the prototypes to the originals? What about checking if the hose connector dummy vehicle is present?
  14. Rapid Deployment not working

    Now I am confused as to how thats happening. Did you delete the existing LA mod and replace it with a fresh copy? Or did you just copy paste certain backed up files?