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  1. You can find pictures on their FB page, and on this forum. I understand your enthusiasm but this is your second time asking for photos in this page alone. Please calm it down and refrain from spamming mod authors with requests.
  2. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/article/1-emergency-4-adding-vehicles/ This one. I think I'll do some edits to the site so that the tutorial section isnt so confusing.
  3. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    I dont remember exactly what was edited with that submod, but you'd follow the 'adding units tutorial' - Only copy paste the models and prototypes from the submod - Edit freeplaybase.xml and portraits.xml so that the units show up - Edit the language xmls - Edit various script to include the submod vehicles
  4. LA Mod 2.0 download?

    Unfortunately the older versions of the LA mod have been deleted years ago. Once 2.1 went up (in 2010, damn that was a long time ago), the older versions were deleted. You can get it to work in the 2.1 version of LA mod but you'd need to manually add each unit and edit files accordingly.
  5. Water Supply Problem

    I think you can just go into the 'fp_freeplay.script' and disable the initialization line for LWS.
  6. Blender - My New 3D Off-Road LED

    The model itself is fine, but I would advise modelling it directly onto the vehicle instead of using the editor child objects.
  7. I merged the posts as a courtesy. No penalties were applied to your account. Anyway, what types and brands of sirens are common among firefighter POV's?
  8. It sounds close, but the yelp seems a bit slower. I think I'll just take the unknown sample as is. I appreciate the samples. I'll gladly put this in the mod as one of the sirens of the volunteer cars. I appreciate the answer, but once again, please dont double post. The PA500's you provided sound way different. I already have another one put in the mod though.
  9. I was thinking a Federal Signal PA500, but no samples exist on the internet.
  10. Better Police Scipt

    This topic has been inactive for three years. Do not bump dead topics.
  11. I appreciate the support. Can anyone ID what siren this is? unkown siren.wav
  12. CMCC626's Model Repository

    Who knows. Our governments already have everything anyway. So, to avoid going off topic: If you're doing a texture only lightbar, it should go for under 500. An example I can give is the attached pic. The exterior portion and mounts go for 424 polies/517 verts. Unconventional shapes like the Valor bar will go higher just because you have to do more shaping on them.
  13. CMCC626's Model Repository

    They went on to some Russian 3D model site, to be specific. Okay, might not be Russian. Had a look at it again and it seems more Ukrainian than Russian.
  14. CMCC626's Model Repository

    You'd be surprised. A month or so ago, we caught someone trying to sell models that are owned by MikeyPI. There were a lot of German and British made Em4 models that were also being sold on this marketplace. We informed as many as we could, but its really up to them whether they would like to take legal action. I hoping people would have learned their lesson but it seems that people still dont care, 3 years down the road. Anyway, the model itself looks accurate. I'd advise cutting its polycount down by half. Such a simple lightbar shape wouldnt require 1000 polygons, or 3600 vertecies.
  15. My First Ever Modeled Light Bars

    On this topic, consider doing real life lightbars that are common to Sweden, but haven't been done for Em4.