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  1. Please redirect all your activation problems to this thread. I am having trouble keeping up with multiple support threads at once. I have activated all validating accounts here. If you have problems, please continue it in that thread.
  2. Your password is reset to 12345. Mário Rocha is your username and the password was reset to 12345. 4321 is your password
  3. Reset your password to 12345. Your username is DerDeutsche You're in.
  4. I think your account needs to be reset right? Your name is JaredGulvas. Your password was reset to 4321 so that you can login to this instead of the FB app. I need your email for password resets. I may have manually approved your main account though so please check that.
  5. Your username is yudothis714. fraserm875 is your username. I need your email or username to reset the password.
  6. YeetandBeep is your username and Ive reset the password to 12345. Your username is Daniel Yusoff and Ive reset the password the same as the other user. We dont have anyone with that username but there is a "Killyboy98" account. Is this yours?
  7. PM me the account you need, and the new email, I will merge this account with the old one and have the new email that you want.
  8. I manually approved all accounts in the validating queue.
  9. Can you link to me your new email address that you want to change out to? After this I'll link back your username that you should login with. Once I input the new email, I'll approve the account so you don't have to wait for an email that won't arrive because the system is still broken. Everyone else has been manually approved.
  10. Ive activated this one and will merge your other accounts.
  11. Ive reset both your passwords reset to 12345.
  12. It already seems to be setup under that new email. It said I had to manually approve you though, so I did that.
  13. Your username is completely different. Its actually Kingkong8000. You have 2 accounts under that email. I merged the new one with the old one. kiki_gaming is the username. I have no idea what your password is so you will have to figure out if it works or not.
  14. Have you patched the game to 1.3?
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