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  1. Please delete this account

    Can a mod please delete this account, thanks.
  2. Itchboy's Model Works

    Thank you, I'm glad someone agrees with me I wouldn't say we were fighting, just some healthy competition
  3. Itchboy's Model Works

    It is certainly based on the Florida DoT vehicles, because I was recently there and they gave me inspiration. Rules say they can be non-fictional. They're a bit easier on the eyes than bright yellow and black
  4. Itchboy's Model Works

    This was my point to tft.cf; it is you who will be creating the models etc so his satellite dish won't be included
  5. Itchboy's Model Works

    Thankfully no such design exists in reality The satellite dish is not part of the skin to be included though
  6. Itchboy's Model Works

    I think maybe people think your skin comes with the satellite dish on top, because otherwise I can't at all see the attraction to "News Scene - Do Not Cross"
  7. Itchboy's Model Works

    It adds effect No worries
  8. Itchboy's Model Works

    "Full action" photos actually show what the skin looks like on the vehicle in game, so is therefore more useful, don't you think?
  9. Itchboy's Model Works

    Ford F350 Utility 'Road Ranger Incident Response' service vehicle
  10. Itchboy's Model Works

    Ford E350 News Van Skin As requested - plain, non action images
  11. Hi, I'm offering to be part of a mod team for anyone in need of vehicles/skins. I would ask that the mod have a team behind it already (for aspects besides vehicles) instead of it being a sort of wish. In other words - a realistic mod. Currently, I have already had experience skinning many vehicles for GTA 4, and recently making vehicles for EM4. Here is a link to some vehicles I have made (unfortunately they're rather bad quality): https://yorkshire911.imgur.com/all/ Thanks.
  12. [WIP] South Yorkshire Mod

    Hi, I live in Rotherham and I have created a number of South Yorkshire units for my own personal use. Would any come in handy here?