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  1. 14 hours ago, paleocacher said:

    Dear Hoppah, 

    I was wondering if I could ask if you knew where the shane green submod for the LA Mod went. 

    I hear it had 1970s era vehicles and Adam-12 type cars. 

    If it is defunct then I am interested in learning to mod and possibly creating my own version.




    I've never bothered with submods for the LA Mod unfortunately, so I can't tell you much about this one.


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  2. Actually why is the US army mod pinned?


    Because we're on a powertrip and entitled to do that


    Because it was originally pinned in its old forum section. I just moved the topic to this section and it remained pinned when we were closing the other mod-sections. Thanks for pointing this out, you've been nominated for 'user of the month'. :)

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  3. Dear forum people, friends, enemies, family, acquintances, strangers and foreigners,


    We've decided to re-arrange the main Emergency sections. Since Emergency 4 is still the most popular section in regards to modding I wanted to move it up in the index. Me and I'm sure many others constantly clicks the wrong 'Mods' section when I wanted to read progress on Emergency 4 mods. I always ended up in the Emergency 5 mods section by accident. We've also had it happen that people created EM4 topics in the Emergency 5 section. The new order is: 


    Emergency 4


    Emergency 2012, Emergency 2013 & Emergency 2014


    Emergency 5


    Best regards,



  4. I'm not trying to be mean here itchboy but I really don't like some of these models they look to fake. Then again I have the same issue with your civil car pack. Keep it up tho some look Alright.

    In my opinion your posts in this context is more or less just to antagonize, which from what I have seen is pretty much a common issue with many of your posts.  Instead of being constructive and offering advice on how to improve what you believe is "fake" you instead offer no advice on how to improve the quality. If you want to comment and discuss the quality of someone's efforts please be more elaborate and maybe they can take your ideas and implement them into the projects to try to improve them.  You have not provided anything of any use to be helpful to him in improving what you've judged to be "fake". Your post has an underlying passive-aggressive tone to it in my opinion.


    A. I've been here for months watching this and i have to say:  Giving full week bans because someone speaks the truth. Thats totally nice and democratic.


    B. Feel offended now, is like you are feeling like a god, and people giving you feedback is like they are sucking ur god complex dick. 


    C. because you think you're a godamn god. You're not. Deal with the truth. Stop goin Kanye West on this.


    D. dont hunt Ghost or Dyson again.


    E. Im problably getting banned

    F.and put it up your canadian candyass. 


    G. stop being a selfish little kid with god complex


    H. Waiting a ban now....  


    First of all, your post got hidden not because you have a different opinion but because of the offensive phrases quoted above (with the exception of D). You have a right to state your opinion whether I agree with it or not. My problem with posts like this is that they don't help the cause of discussing this matter in a civil and respectful way, at all.


    I've refrained myself from this whole discussion so far, but at some point I want to provide my own opinion as well. I really wonder whats up with accusing people of having a ' god complex' and people leaving this forum. Statistics show that there is no change in registrations. As far as I know only 2 or 3 people actually got banned and a couple got their account temporarily suspended related to this discussion, mostly because of language, flaming and other antagonistic behavior.


    We're not hunting people (like Dyson or Ghost at all). Dyson didn't even get warned or banned or anything, so I'm not sure what you mean with that. We found an issue with his mod and the whole thing got blown up, and it keeps going on mostly caused by people who are not related to the mod at all. Dyson and Ghost are still welcome to this forum.


    I'm also wondering what's up with the phrase 'canadian candyass', since itchy isn't Canadian. Was that directed to NFK? It's just another example of antagonizing people, which is totally unnecessary in my opinion. Twice in your post you reference being "banned" for this opinion, but in reality it seems like the whole posting was written and designed in an attempt to get yourself banned. I do not understand why someone would want to deliberately do something like this, but all the offensive points above it reads like it is what you were hoping to have happen.


    Finally, no forum that I am aware of is 'democratic'  or has staff that is chosen by 'the people' I'm sure the staff on the other forum wasn't democratically picked either. That makes your statement in this regard misused.


    Please feel free to respond in a civil and constructive way.

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  5. We made a lot of process lately, but unfortunately we decided to put the mod on hold for an undefined amount of time, perhaps forever. We already worked out many great new functionalities which weren't shown on screenshots yet and tier 1 of our mod was already playable. MikeyPI handcrafted tons of new beautiful vehicle models and I took care of the scripts, the map and great deal of the objects and buildings for the map. That said, both me and MikeyPI have a feeling that many of our added stuff will be jacked without any regard once we release the mod in public.


    We've put massive time in it, but under current circumstances it'd hurt more seeing it torn apart and nobody giving a damn of the massive time we put into it. We apologize to the people who are serious about just happily playing it as an end-consumer and the mod-creaters who do give a damn about the source of the original content.

  6. You may be very well right there would be positive sides if everything was free to take, BUT it should be a modcreators free choice to make his stuff opensource and not a ground principle that stuff is free to take, alter and distribute again. That point is what -generally speaking- people tend to miss here, no matter if the original authors are properly credited.


    This thought is pushing out a lot of talented people.

  7. It seems like in my OPINION the modding community is somewhat held back by the requirements for permissions etc, there is hundreds of excellent mods out there that will remain private and away from public consumption due to individuals being uptight as hell about there work. They work hard and that's appreciated, but what do they really gain from keeping there stuff to themselves? Is it an ego thing or what?


    The Manhattan mod team have always been pretty cool about the free use of there scripts and models, i'm not a fan of american mods, but certainly in my experiance the resources they provided in terms of scripts have greatly advanced the quality of work produced by the community, imagine if every mod team was like that? What standard of mod would we be getting? I'd bet it'd be significantly higher. 

    Just an opinion, seeings as the topic has been openly discussed.


    Pretty much of 'their' scripts and the entire base of the original (Manhattan) mod was developed from the LA Mod in the first place*, but lets just totally forget that right? Very convenient to try to 'win' an argument and turn things around. Now try again without posting half-truths and your post will get an entire different meaning. It summarizes, in my opinion, the current mindset of many users/modcreators at this moment. And no, ego doesn't have much to do about it otherwise the LA Mod would've never been an opensource project to inspire other modcreators, NYCERU included. Which seemed a good idea in the first place, but -jeez- is it really necessary to turn entire fanbase against the moderators of EMP?



    *note: as a solid starting position at least anyway.

  8. You can't resolve the problem because you have an Intel processor and Intels aren't ment for that. I too have that problem where it just shows a white box and I learned that the Intel processor isn't meant for gaming and the only way to resolve the problem is by buying another computer without an Intel processor LOL

    So no way you can fix that. Sorry

    If you guys do find a way then please tell me

    Even though this might be off-topic(Title does say problem in EM4 and this kind of is a problem) I would like to know how to repair cars that show a square and say missing files


    I've heard about the Intel problem before. What's exactly the problem with intel with EM4? Can you elaborate it? I've only heard the Manhattan mod didn't really work with intel that good. I've always had computers with intel processors too and I never had problems. My current cpu is an Intel Xeon. Is there anything mod-creators should take into account to make their mods perform stable with intel processors too?


    In my opinion his problem has to do with graphics cards or drivers. The white box problem may be an issue with integrated graphics only, which imo isn't shocking. Generally speaking integrated graphics are weaker than dedicated gpu's.


    Hello guys,


    Some new screenshots!

    post-4-0-13784700-1428950048_thumb.jpg post-4-0-53816900-1428950047_thumb.jpg
    post-4-0-54244200-1428950046_thumb.jpg post-4-0-01746300-1428950045_thumb.jpg
    post-4-0-90539300-1428950045_thumb.jpg post-4-0-34868600-1428950043_thumb.jpg


    Lately we've been mostly working on new buildings and filling the map a bit up. We're making good progress on that. but there is stil a lot that needs to be done. We can hopefully release some more information regarding gameplay soon. Just like Meik and NFK said, we take our time. I wish I had more time to work on the mod, but a fulltime job is unfortunately demanding. 

  10. Not quite true, it's just case-by-case basis, you can lemme know what you need in pm and I'll tell you if it's possible to borrow =)


    The model used by LA mod is quite different than that. I'll still add the ladder anyway.


    Retractable awing? Whats this?


    Yes but that is off limits to the public. MikeyPI does not allow usage in other mods.

    Mikeypi aint the bad guy ya'll think he is.

  11. Will the mod use the current vehicle spawn system? (like it is in the released NY mod, can't describe it better) there were the moments when I needed like all 47 units on scene, but the spawn system allowed me to get two marked and some unmarked...


    Any chance of getting police barriers and traffic cones, like LA mod has? Any fatal car crash gets better when surrounded nicely with cones and flares. 


    No, the spawn system is new and will ristrict the amount of vehicles you can dispatch. You won't have the funds to dispatch any vehicle you want anyway. Certain vehicles must be unlocked, some are limited to 3 or 4 vehicles (like police vehicles and ambulances) and others are unique (most fire apparatus) and can be bought only once.


    if only I could get onto that part of the site.



    You should be able to post in the Off-Topic section. Did a little test: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/10703-hang-out-topic/?p=291565

    Any issues are not related to your account and your account has no specific restrictions.






    The Satellites were designed as part of the Super Pumper System (as it was billed a fireboat on land) back when it was first built in the 1960s. Back when FDNY had large fires (large warehouses, etc. ) regularly & they need put lot of water on the fire & the original 3 satellites were designed to be portable monitor (4000 gpm) & Hose Tenders. the Super Pumper is one of the coolest Fire Apparatus ever built.


    So you mean its dependent of Fire Engine's for its water. Kinda like this:



  13. Generally speaking, there are a tons of things we can add to increase the visual representation of real NYC. That doesn't just apply to policevehicles only. While the visual destinction between different police forces is perhaps nice to have, it serves no purpose to add them. There are already many different police vehicles in the mod anyway.

  14. I like the idea of redoing it but will it be similar to the Manhattan&Brooklyn Mod?

    Will the Trucks be updatet? I you need a lighter , i could help somewhere if you want me:)

    But i like how it looks


    The map can't be compared to the maps provided by those mods at all, as we choose to build ours from a different idea, i.e. a more compact map with influences from New York City. In our opinion, providing a good New York City feeling doesn't really require a copy of the real part of the city on the same scale. For example the bridge is obviously influenced by the real Queensboro Bridge, but it's much much smaller. By going our own way, we have the opportunity to implement our own ideas and make them more suitable for Emergency 4. In regards to gameplay, technically the mod will be completely different using a mission scripted progressive based freeplay style, comparable to the US Army Mod, yet more advanced.

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