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  1. Alright, finally got it working. The caller creates a copy of themselves at the command position, it gets hidden (normal method caused an issue with getting a final vector, changing model to an invisible one works), find it with another caller command, make it execute the final command at its position, and then delete itself. I was going to just use an empty object prototype, but the prototype of the caller is essential to the functioning of the scripts.
  2. I suppose it's the method that complicates using a vector in this case, but I've seen them used in seemingly similar ways elsewhere. That mod seems to have some gameplay elements I've gone for myself, so I'll probably check it out in general now.
  3. Basically, I'm trying to add a delay when I use a modified LA Call Vehicle Command, so that there's a wait period during the radio audio, and a vehicle behind chosen and taking actions itself. Vector CmdPos = Game::GetCommandPos(); is outside of Child sections at the top of the script. Under ChildID 0, I have tried both of these commands: Caller->PushActionExecuteCommand(ACTION_APPEND, "PcmdCallALSAmb", CmdPos, 1, false); - It throws this error log: Caller->PushActionExecuteCommand(ACTION_APPEND, "PcmdCallALSAmb", CmdPos.Target, 1, false); - Saw something like that in the Move command, but it throws this much smaller error log: ChildID 1 contains the actual bulk of the script. Is this even possible?
  4. As far as I remember, there were no classic vehicles in that submod. New units with new skins, but most were the base LA Mod Models.
  5. Call out buttons disabled

    Sounds like there's an error in the xml file, thus it can't load anything in it.
  6. Sure. Hopefully this was the latest one. Haven't really touched EM4 in quite a while. Hoppah's Limited Water Supply Script by The Loot.zip
  7. How to re-script "Return to station"

    Simplest thing to do that is just copy and move the virtual objects for the vehicle, and then change the ones that are referenced for the vehicle in the script section. Dealing with things like passengers and transports leaving the vehicle, or opening/closing gates are another project, however.
  8. A few beginner modding questions.

    They're also offset to the driver's side of the rear window, and this goes for marked slicktops, too. Newer model vehicles have completely different lighting setups, however, and Youtube sucks for examples.
  9. Atlanta Mod

    This series is far more popular in Germany, and that community is far larger, so it's not surprising. The majority of any game modding community is going to be people with limited skills, so a small community will have even less skilled creators to notice. Those are some reasons things are dying around here. The conflict between the tier of creators has not helped at all, of course, with those on both sides moving on. Those who could improve also lose their interest, along with many end users who become discouraged when content they're looking forward to dies off. The argument is sound, but the hard lines that were drawn, and some bad reactions to them, did no one any favors.
  10. LA Mod 2.1 4x4 Submod[Update August 10,2015!]

    Been a while, but I believe that file was the Supervisor unit command to activate the Water Supply script manually. It's intended to be used in missions and multiplayer (untested), or freeplay, all without needing to edit the map or add it to a startup script. "HoppahLimitedWaterSupply.script" is the actual script, and removing it would disable it completely. It would just throw "unknown command" errors in the log, but shouldn't cause any issues with gameplay.
  11. Atlanta Mod

    The original post states it's Boston based, And talking about modding "dying", I think hassling and berating amateur modders for not having all new original content does more damage than anything.
  12. Changing vehicle speed?

    Depending on the mod you play, there might also be scripts that change vehicle speeds, but otherwise it's done as stated above.
  13. Unit Voices

    The LA mod made the female officer an alternative to the male officer in the unit file, meaning you had a random chance of getting either when you added an officer to a vehicle. It's easy enough with a script to define what ones are spawned, but to change the aforementioned setup, you'd have to make both officers a unique unit, which wouldn't be to difficult if you know how to add new units to the game already..

    And to think they think YouTube Gaming and Content ID can coexist.
  15. Make a vehicle accident out of it.