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  1. e34p


    I've sent you a PM
  2. e34p


    Ok great, but how do I put this into a new script that doesnt use the LA mod one?
  3. e34p


    Thanks! Although I'm just looking for a really simple script. One that is assigned to the control panel (or any other vehicle) that makes the gate do the open and close animation. It doesn't need to create a barricade when it is closed or anything, its purely just for controlling the animation. Is this possible?
  4. e34p


    Thanks, do you have a script for this?
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to edit the LA mod Fire Station script so that I can control individual gates manually from the control panel. Is it possible to create a separate script just for the station gates that I can assign to the control panel? My aim is to have the control panel have an number of commands assigned to it that open/close the gates independently.
  6. I understand how to modify code. I've released a successful mod. I was looking for a bit more of a pointer than just "go and learn yourself"
  7. Maybe that is it. The standpipe appears on the minimap as a vehicle
  8. It must be do-able, the Bieberfelde mod has managed to get it to work
  9. I'm trying to change the hydrants in freeplay of my private mod. I have changed them to how they appear in the attached images. Without a hose attached they appear with just the yellow sign and yellow plate of the floor. Once a hose is attached to the hydrant the grey 'standpipe' appears and the hose connects to it. Once you disconnect the hose, the grey 'standpipe' disappears again. I used the scripts from the Bieberfelde Mod. The hydrant object is named "water". When a hose is attached to the hydrant a firefighter can extinguish a fire directly from the hydrant. I want to incorporate the limited water script. I can attached the hose from this hydrant to the fire engine, but it does not replenish the tank. What needs to be done to be able to get this to work? Thanks in advance Em4 2017-01-07 23-12-38-38.bmp Em4 2017-01-07 23-13-51-42.bmp
  10. No non-completed mods at all actually. Everything was either small things (such as the LFB truck) and completed private mods (such as above) you need to get your facts right before pointing fingers. Would have thought an "ARV officer" would have known better ?? ps the Manchester one wasn't us
  11. This is a separate private mod based on the Bieberfelde mod and as such I won't be releasing it.
  12. Merry Christmas. As a present this is something I've been working on
  13. Apologies, I can't find it. Do you have a link?
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