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  1. all accounts have been activated so far
  2. Last version was the 20th year edition but nothing really new yet
  3. Which mods did you download? Some mods are just zipped, some have an executable file and some are just the mod installer file
  4. I am not aware of a Polish version at this time
  5. What exactly does not work?
  6. Did you try installing the driver? (first on in the list) Feel free to attach a picture of the backside of your pc then I will be able to tell you if it's an integrated card
  7. Its often part of a codec pack I read about people using this tool to reset:\ https://www.free-codecs.com/codec_tweak_tool_download.htm?f=codec_tweak_tool_download
  8. Stan


    Depends on what the community does It seems to be faster indeed. We are on SSDs now instead of HDDs, this makes a huge difference for the database. EDIT: Just noticed the smileys are broken
  9. Stan


    Dear Users, We are back online, we had a hard drive issue which we had to resolve. We are back on a fresh installation with all updates. If you see any issues please post bellow this post.
  10. hey stan so After I last was on here I did become a Medic in train and did so for a year answering calls for help in my local Vol Ambulance corps I learned so much so this was the area I was covering 2.1 Square mIles a population of just over 18,000 3 Fire companies and 3 Ambulances 1 Fly car and a chief truck Sadly A great friend and mentor died of a heart attack but before he died he told me that passing one of the hardest tests he was proud this coming from a firefighter https://www.mineolavac.com/gallery I injured my back but in several pictures you can see me I'm the guy wearing glass and at the fire acadmy standing next to the Bus door

  11. Hi There. I have problem with loading a LA mod 2.1. When i start the game it crashes. If i start the game with em4.exe its OK but the mod is not loaded. What I have to DO? ! 

  12. Stan


    Hello there, I did a quick maintenance update to the site. The IPB version is now UP-TO-DATE as well as the theme and all modules. Several bugs should be fixed. If you have any issues, please report. Thank you
  13. Hi Stan! First sorry for my english, I´m from Spain. I`m the FFAA MCOE MOD creator and I can´t open a post in MODS. I've put the mod in DOWNLOADS but needs aproval I think. I want to put my released  mod on this forum and I don´t know how  

  14. working now? Just updated the theme
  15. Legit question however i dont think its out
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