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    Hi, can you open Madrid Mod page: We are working on it
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    Latest Edit of a mod (This time its west falls) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/709453273
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    Gostou? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2091244574329466&id=1865326563587936
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    Like the US Army Mod? Maybe you'll like my game, Invasion Machine, too. As far as I know, the mod is now effectively dead (?) and no further updates can ever be expected. But not all hope is lost, because I'm actually developing a standalone game that could be comparable to it - introducing Invasion Machine, a counter-insurgency RTS/sandbox, where your goal is to maintain peace in an occupied province. All the information and gameplay trailer on my website: https://invasionmachine.com http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_11/back-screen-1-good-for-small-only-wide.thumb.jpg.0245665ae05343b32dd7419724ebe81b.jpg
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    Hello. Is there a way to upgrade the 1990s mod to LA Mod 2.1 or is there a current download for LA Mod 2.0?
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    One of the new London Fire Brigade Pumps, model by FF-NRÜ I think, re-skinned by me and lights by me. There's a few screenshots from the editor and one photo taken by me in real life there It does work in game but for some reason it doesn't want to let me take screenshots in game.
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    @HighwaysSEAST you really need to sort out lane one on the M20, London bound between J11 & J10. There are loads of pot holes!
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    Hi there i would like to help you with your Manchester Airport mod. I have made my own sub mod off Manchester Airport in the UK I am also a Air traffic controller so i call the fire engines in a emergency. Many thanks Caolan
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    You take some good pictures of your local Fire/police depts.
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    @Dionysus Still playing? Also do I need to speak?
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    Eae blza? O Junior me passa seu skype denovo!!! tenho mais coisas novas pra postar.
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    hi For some reason my London mod keeps crashing in game, all my other mods are fine. Can you recommend anything for me to do to fix this problem.
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    New Rescue Pumper Prague FD Station 3 + Ambulance 618 Middle Bohemian EMS: https://Not permittedRdjay9nMik prostřednictvím @YouTube
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    View my profile about if you wanna know mods and map mods I will be releasing.
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    Feeling like making a map mod of the LA Map, I built a huge Army Base.
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    Hi Stan! First sorry for my english, I´m from Spain. I`m the FFAA MCOE MOD creator and I can´t open a post in MODS. I've put the mod in DOWNLOADS but needs aproval I think. I want to put my released mod on this forum and I don´t know how
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    Aceito de presente de Natal!!!!! kkkkkkkk
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    Got my new computer woot 4.0GHz processor nvidia GTX 660 Ti with 2GB dedicated ram 8 gigs of ram ohh yea
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    Police Scotland's Helicopter has crash landed into a pub in Glasgow. 100+ Casualties, many serious
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    Las Vegas Shooters Reportedly Yell "This Is A Revolution" Before Killing Two Police Officers And Themselves http://t.co/KyhAbYpxmL
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    do us all a favor and get off your high hoarse and let everyone play the dam game without u bitching like a baby
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    hey stan so After I last was on here I did become a Medic in train and did so for a year answering calls for help in my local Vol Ambulance corps I learned so much so this was the area I was covering 2.1 Square mIles a population of just over 18,000 3 Fire companies and 3 Ambulances 1 Fly car and a chief truck Sadly A great friend and mentor died of a heart attack but before he died he told me that passing one of the hardest tests he was proud this coming from a firefighter https://www.mineolavac.com/gallery I injured my back but in several pictures you can see me I'm the guy wearing glass and at the fire acadmy standing next to the Bus door
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    are you still working on the Miami Mod? If so, when do you think it will be released to the public?
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    woitep i try to get the mod it do's fuck work
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    Hi There. I have problem with loading a LA mod 2.1. When i start the game it crashes. If i start the game with em4.exe its OK but the mod is not loaded. What I have to DO? !
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