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    Hi guys, I finally got around to adding base OEM lights for the 2016 Chevrolet Tahoes made by Terrow and modified by Goog. I gave the model 4 different wig/wag speeds as per actual whelen headlight flasher patterns. I will give the models red/blue emerg. lights in the upcoming days and hope to show them off when I have time. Also, the Los Angeles Airport Police Utility finally got finished. I also changed out Terrow's tail light texture to a higher quality one. Left is old and right is new.
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    work in progress...I got the basic shape done and the roof completed.The back I'm going to keep the pump simple and not model the cages as that would be way too many polys.
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    Here's a quick editor shot of the completed ambulances...still 3 left to do.
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    Something I noticed was that our models were getting too high in the poly count and so I went back and got most of them reduced by half.I made new low poly pushbars,leds and antennas.I'm doing this to keep the lag down without messing with the quality of work that has been show to date.(the pushbar below has an RCMP setup)
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    Are you trolling or something? There is no download link. Its not released yet. It's still a work in progress. It's not completed to have a download link. Do you understand this now ? Stop asking, please. We are getting closer to the finish line. It will be a fun summer for many of you who have waited patiently. As for those who have asked for a video of the EMS lights, it will be posted this week, or I might do a livestream of working on it this wednesday afternoon.
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    The old link was removed when we started the new units,we felt the old units were dated and subpar on the quality of the models and lighting compared to our new stuff.(that was over 8 years ago,we get better with time) I sent CFD a folder full of completed ambulances to light and am finishing up with the police folder for the units that were too high poly.After that I have a few fire apparatus to add and light.We are getting close so be patient and we'll get this done and to you guys ASAP.
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    Here is the other police agency that will replace the Border Patrol in game.
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    No worries,I can't find it anywhere on the topic...I still was tweaking the skin.I'll post a picture once done. Just to let you guys know what's going on...I spent all weekend slowly going through all the ambulances,swapping all the new low poly models and have completed all of them. I have to jump back into the police folder and finish them.I think this is going to make a huge difference in the big picture for lag as most of the models I've completed have been reduced at least 50% total poly count and some as much as 75%. My plan over the next few weeks is to get all completed high poly models reduced and back to CFD so he can finish lighting them.This has added extra work and time for us but in the end it will be worth the effort if it makes the game run smoother and not as laggy.
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    New Miami Mobile force unit.
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    what about making the water cannon vehicle a BearCat X3 FireCat as I do not believe the LAPD have a water cannon vehicle but the LASD may have one not sure did mange to find this but cant find more info on the vehicle so you could maybe make the water cannon vehicle a Sheriff department unit and this photo is takne off from the Lenco company website
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    I originally said I was considering doing 1 or both of those ambulances.(Care McCormick) I also said I had 2 LA city ambulances which I would not use because they were too old. Then you post saying Care and McCormick is not too old...????? I post clarifying that LA City was the old units I spoke of. Then today you still post about Care and McCormick???? There seems to be a disconnect here, PM me if you want to discuss this further. EDIT-here's the new "fictional" LAcoFD ambulance based on picture from previous page.I took liberties with the livery as the lifeguard unit was so bland. These 3 units pictured below will be housed at the smaller station on the map.
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    Hey, made a short QnA for people that are interested: Link
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    The two police departments will get one unit each,Hawthorne will replace BP Charger and Gardena will replace BP Tahoe. This just gives you guys more options and the units liveries of the two looked so sweet!!
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    The game will be all the better for it, so yeah, it doesn't matter if it takes longer, as long as in the end, we are able to play a sub-mod that isn't as laggy or is way smoother than normal, I will personally take that time and effort and put it to good use by playing the hell out of this sub-mod, it's gonna be so nice to have an updated LA mod with modern units, I can't wait to see how it's all gonna turn out in the end. Goog, CFD, Itchboy and all the other modders who have made this game what it is today with their amazing mods and hard work and time and effort put into modding this game, I thank you for making this game what it is today with mods.
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    Hello! So with the lovely covid 19 keeping us in our homes i have started playing around with mods and now have started working a fictional Scotland mod! this will be private mod http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/20200529192233_1.thumb.jpg.4820c0619e0836cc20757f059fa16ea9.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/20200529192309_1.thumb.jpg.93c971425a55828d259727d901ec3d97.jpghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/20200529192321_1.thumb.jpg.dd0e404844f44ff404a2a381c7a18d8f.jpg
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    Right now our main goal is to update all new units and give them new lights and sirens then release it for you guys ASAP.Everything else we do will come after that. There will be 1 big LAFD station and a small 3 unit LAcoFD station.
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    UPDATE 17.05.2020 Finished USAR-K9 SUV ,BATTALION CHIEF SUV AND EMS Physician For Freetown Fire Department Foam pumper For Freetown Fire Department Chevrolet suburban Model: Yankee43,Itchboy Ligthbarr and accessorise : Itchboy .CFD, hoppah Skin:EMSFAN112 Chevrolet tahoe Model: Yankee43 ,Itchboy Ligthbarr and accessorise : Itchboy .CFD, hoppah Skin:EMSFAN112 International truck Model: Me converted from sketchup original model by coollbeans , Hoppah Ligthbarr and accessorise : Itchboy .CFD, hoppah Lots of progress on mod ,I will release updates on slow pace . New fire trucks added, some of original la mod trucks has been reused and re-skinned and relighted for the mode And this time i included preview of personnel from mod. Thanks for following my modification and support http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/ft01.thumb.png.c0ae0ffd643e85eeb11b02525aa57e56.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/ft02.thumb.png.1fbb8b128916a3ffb0e765bba80f39df.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/ft03.thumb.png.d49588af9e5401c22b17ebddf9e0f946.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/ft04.thumb.png.1efedd5d65b2c2df26cd549a8a98e89d.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/ft05.thumb.png.ac409aff2207cd10d503c6a5371466a7.png
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    Love the hood lights, that's one of those little details that makes this mod so unique.
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    Turned LA mod motorbike intoo MDPD version: Credits: MikeyPI, Hoppah, EmC-Unit.
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    I am working on 3 units and constantly working on the paint jobs trying to make them look better and also working on a antenna soon. 2 cars will be Directed Enforcement and one unmarked. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1593725027_911_FirstResponders4_26_20206_20_41PM.thumb.png.6afe0a148e3a00e13ff5f9bab9e6f955.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/381959823_911_FirstResponders4_26_20206_20_58PM.thumb.png.73fee154c73790c5c9f721688551c12b.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1926908632_911_FirstResponders4_26_20206_20_07PM.thumb.png.58ab204dca3c71df400a1f4ec4240dac.png
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    Reworked the first moddel that was done for this version of the mod. Credits: Itcbooty, EmC-Unit.
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    Just a small video of a few 2020 Explorers for the Miami Mod Patrol units still WIP.
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    We talked and have decided to swap out the big bomb squad for the chevy truck version. EDIT- I switched out the 2012 Silverado cab for the 2016 model
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    Features- More than 50 playable units from Los Angeles- Highly detailed and accurate models- A completely new freeplaymap- 10 new missions- New sirens- Directional lights and floodlights- Fire station, police station and hospital- Automatic weapons and ballistic shields- Police barricades, traffic cones and flares- Bomb robots and motorcycles- Emergency 4 Deluxe and 911:First Responders compatible- Multiplayer compatible- English translation and voices and much more... This content is not authorized for posting on Steam or any other platform, except with prior written authorization.
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    Version 0.0.5


    This Supervisor modification utilizes the listed run cards (in the spoiler) to dispatch in-game calls. Every call is dispatched with a tone corresponding to the requested agency (police, fire or EMS), followed by the applicable code for fire or EMS. Police calls are voiced in plain English. All files contained within this modification replace the existing british-style dispatcher that appears in the lower right hand corner. Here's an example of a basic medical call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dgxvhgSnGw&feature=youtu.be The video above is what will appear in the lower right corner of the screen when a callout happens. Installation: Drag and drop the "data" folder into your Emergency 4 game directory. Make sure to back up your files!
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    Version 0.6


    The United States Army Mod is a modification for Emergency 4 and based on the presence of the US military in a Middle-Eastern region. The mod features an entirely new map, several army and local (middle-eastern) emergency units, new events, unique units, a development tree and much much more. You can expect a total overhaul of the original game and fun and addictive gameplay! Important installation/play notes: 1. Remove any older US Army Mod installations (such as versions 0.4b and 0.5) 2. Download and extract the .zip package 3. Install the .e4mod file 4. Launch the game and load the US Army mod 5. Use the mission-menu and select 'Play United States Army Mod' to launch a new game The US Army mod is not freeplay nor multiplayer compatible! Don't forget to check out the US Army Mod Subforum for the latest news and discussions about this modification.
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    I looked around for a better phot and could not find one but you did and it looks amazing so cool to see it will be real and look badass so good work on finding it
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    Hi All, London Mod v1.3 should now be available in the download section. Many thanks to theocd, randomperson139, Pottyscotty and Wkboy714 for assisting at the beta testing stage; your help, input and advice were greatly appreciated. And also to Sniped222 for his continuing support of the various updates. I’ve just got a few points to make before signing off. If you like the mod…that’s fine If you don’t like the mod…that’s fine. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same! However, if you feel disappointed or surprised that a certain unit or script wasn’t included in the game, or that a particular ‘feature’ didn’t function as you’d expected, then please resist the temptation to post your thoughts within theses pages…Because too be quite frank… I’m not interested in your opinion! Everything I wanted to see in a mod is in there...And that’s all the matters! Please make sure you install v1.3 as a completely separate version and DO NOT overwrite v1.2 if it’s already in your mod folder! Please make a ‘concerted effort’ to familiarize yourself with the ‘known issues’ in the mod by reading the appropriate PDF that’s been placed within the ‘clearly identifiable’ game folder! And remember, there are no prizes for wanting to be the first to report a bug! The mod uses the ‘standard’ EM4 installer, as this provides the safest, most convenient and hassle-free form of installation for the majority of users, I am ‘fully aware’ that some people have problems with this installation method but that’s the only one there will be…So please DO NOT PM me asking for an alternate method of installation! The mod is pretty graphics intensive and there can be considerable ‘game lag’ for those using computers with medium/lower spec graphics cards & CPU’s. With that in mind I took the decision to drastically reduce the number of events taking place on the map at any one time. If you decide to edit the ‘freeplay params’ file to increase the number of incidents, then you do so at your own risk! If you’re still having problems getting the mod to run properly because of lower pc specs, then I’m very sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it. And no…I have no plans to release a ‘lite version’ so don’t ask! And finally…Please don’t PM me asking to use the London Mod (especially the map) as a starting point for ANY kind of submod…No permission will be given now…Or anytime in the future! Currently, I have no plans to work on v1.4, so for now, v1.3 will be the last edition. Many thanks to all those who have downloaded the mod in the past…And ‘Stuck with it’... awaiting the arrival of the latest version! Kind Regards Mintcake69 Topic edited at request.
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    Yes,I have an all white slicktop (polar bear) and already made a black and white marked version with liberty lightbar.
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    You wont be happy with it . To much poly count on them and there arent texture for it. Just assigned colors. If you are more interested PM .I will replace it with another model probably. Thanks for support guys it means a lot. Today i had time and i have make some other things. SO UPDATE 17.05.2020 PART II I am presenting you the SOB - Special operations battalion SOB Battalion Will have own fire station on map. It will have on map : FOAM TENDER HAZMAT SQUAD BATTALION CHIEF SOB AMBULANCE TRAILER Off map: WATER RESCUE CREW CARRIER Rosenbauer commander Foam tender and Hazmat Squad Model: Itchboy,raffael,emsfan112,CFD, Skin: emsfan112 Water tender (Probably raplacment for International) Model: ,hoppah,emsfan112,coolbeans Skin: emsfan112
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    I am ussing russian on my ZM so words can vary. You need to cut that part separate and go for surface>normals>recount or calculate. If not working, you gotta cut only flat top proection and do the same stuff, but it will look off.
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    Hey all, I have a little pet project I wish to share with you all when it's completed. THE PONTYPANDY SUBMOD FOR WELDFORSHIRE V1 As explained in this disaster of a thread, the Weldforshire creator is 100% okay with his assets being used and released. For those of you unaware, Pontypandy is the fictional Welsh village from the popular children's show "Fireman Sam." I plan on recreating the iconic units, as well as some original units. (like police cars and ambulances, which are not seen in the show) Updates will be slow, this is just a little pet project of mine after all. Thanks for reading!
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    Really nice to see Gardena police in the game. If this is replacing BP, what is Hawthorne replacing?
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    The colored lenses on the Liberty look great. I would suggest however to swap the alley lights from halogen to LED. Otherwise it looks pretty great!
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    Hello I am here to show you the units that are 90% Finished by me and Itchyboy from the lighting to the skin on the cars. Credit to others Edi6192-Itchyboy-(RK-1000)-NNICO and EmC-Unit for tips on poly's and antenas. This mod is nowhere close to done and this is only the start of it. Creating the pushbar with the wrap would have never been done without Itchboy. He was the main reason it got done and he is the main reason the mod is being made because he encouraged me to be a producer and not a consumer for mod's. The pushbar was also suppose to be done about 2 months ago but due to my delay in time I could not.http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1115918545_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_21_54PM.thumb.png.c614bd0eb19e30c4b3be3c4413841131.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1875121109_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_25_21PM.thumb.png.496be5a27b62685e8270f40f6a55584c.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/566022562_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_25_37PM.thumb.png.396bd71c62cc4b7c00be153ed7509ec8.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/668996610_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_21_19PM.thumb.png.1eac0c9506bf81bf1032e5298dc4eb81.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1115918545_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_21_54PM.thumb.png.c614bd0eb19e30c4b3be3c4413841131.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/566022562_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_25_37PM.thumb.png.396bd71c62cc4b7c00be153ed7509ec8.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/1875121109_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_25_21PM.thumb.png.496be5a27b62685e8270f40f6a55584c.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/668996610_911_FirstResponders4_22_202010_21_19PM.thumb.png.1eac0c9506bf81bf1032e5298dc4eb81.png
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    Hey guys, I did some further tweaking to the federal signal valor light patterns to keep consistent with the real-world specs and replicate the realism as best as possible. I also gave the LASD explorer more secondary stage lighting (special lighting.) What do you think?
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    CFD will start lighting them on Thursday once I send him everything.I'm finishing up the police folder and added a few more units. Here's the new SWAT umpc, there will be 2 of them .A Charger the other an Explorer.
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    CFD found a picture of the LAAP explorer and it was so good looking I added it with the Caprice LAAP unit in the game!!
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    I got almost all of the new units into the game files.Still a few to place,I was able to get all the units in the topic that was voted on so everything is included. I'll send this over to CFD in the next few days and he will light them .
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    Version v1.3


    This is the latest version of the London Modification which includes a new edited freeplay map with various UK buildings and civil traffic along with updated units & personnel from the capital’s main emergency response services: The Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service & London Fire Brigade. Version 1.3 also includes new units from the City of London Police, British Transport Police & London’s Air Ambulance. Updates, information and any news about future versions of the mod can be found on the London Mod forum page: http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/7861-london-mod-in-progress/#comment-98073
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