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    I think I take this whole designing flash patterns in the editor too seriously ... but I do what I gotta do to maintain accuracy to deliver quality for you guys.
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    I forgot to ask about deer. Do those animals fit in trucks? The child object for the bear works perfectly, I just need to find a way to make the child objects change as dear or bears as needed.
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    I've made sirens, and have updated the map ( street lights, building lights, etc to appear more natural and not overly bright.) And I'm thinking about reskinning peds if I figure it out. You can listen to some of the new fire truck sirens here : https://youtu.be/QDMrgX4dOWM Edit : Goog updated the lenco bearcats, new battering ram bars on the side of Rescue 4, corrected body coloring, new surface mounts for the LEDs on rescue 4, wheels was reworked, but still looking for a better wheel texture. Who's excited to drive these bad boys ?
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    Heal script WIP. Only the assess patient button works so far. Due to the complexity of this concept, I'll have to scale back some of the elements that I had planned. Not all of the buttons you see right now will be in the final release.
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    Hi guys,got a sweet update...Itchboy donated a beautiful model of the new LAPD SWAT Lenco Bearcat.The skin and child models are by me. The back wheels are still being made so ignore the rear wheels for now.
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    Updated the Taurus and Utility with a new set of HQ rims. Also a fun photo shoot with a line-up of pierce engines.
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    U P D A T E Time for updates (New Units has been spotted & We will have real Swedish Emergency Units in Swedish Mod) "Yes I make my Mod " Better then Ever" Dala Mitt Fire Division ART #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
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    Just wanted to show you guys our new updated CVPI tire textures. Small details goes a long way ! Don't worry, we also have the iconic lapd hubcap version, we're just not ready to show them off yet http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
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    http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/329389258_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_10_09_00.thumb.png.4df67e91132f8c926297e93ac9377143.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/372172250_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_26_57_37.thumb.png.624d399a5f4847433caed4e7bdf4174c.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/713996658_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_29_16_39.thumb.png.33173936e40b2d186e7491060c0f36c9.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/99610274_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_47_40_65.thumb.png.6c6495efd314c9580e86f569550cdf92.png
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    U P D A T E " Just finished Riot Unit Guys DELTA UNITS " Know Your Enemy: The Riot Tactics of Swedish Police Riot police are police who are organized, deployed, trained or equipped to confront crowds, protests or riots. ... They may be employed to control riots as their name suggests, to disperse or control crowds, to maintain public order or discourage criminality, or to protect people or property. #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy #DeltaUnitsART
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    Not yet,still working on LASD,LAPP,LAAP,FBI,ATF and Border Patrol.I think that;s 12 units in total,so shouldn't take too long. EDIT- did this in a few hours,I still have to add lightbar and leds.
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    U P D A T E !Thank you for the compliments " comments and likes and hearts" strengthens me for further work! Time for updates What will your favorite police car be " (Volvo XC70 Cross Country) or (VW Passat Alltrack) PIC " straight from the Police Station
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    We are recruiting staff to try out the new version of São Paulo Mod !!!
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    after seeing them I have the S.W.A.T theme in my head their so amazing and good looking nice work
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    here's a quick view of the all new Rescue2 and Rescue4 in game editor...Rescue2 is the 2 door medivac unit and Recue4 is the 4 door Bearcat
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    Between you two and Itchboy, the updates and modifications to Hoppah's original base game are just amazing. The level of detail that you guys put into your projects is just unreal. It keeps an older game current and fun to play.
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    Some images of the new map!http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO1.thumb.png.7c7b129b86e058b9e6d679bff3874764.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO2.thumb.png.02790f9edfc576500b21c6d624c416f0.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO3.thumb.png.be6200b67347b741968148bf20e862f2.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO4.thumb.png.af2b1a4e3a50b0ba0d71a38ee9847e87.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO5.thumb.png.52031f72dee14db58fb1ce2bf4b8b0bf.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO6.thumb.png.ccd2f86f4c4043165dc5722ea1476990.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO7.thumb.png.d0bf5ded1668ca03f88401a6da5c8d81.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO8.thumb.png.facb8fcd6356264afd11c1a2b592574a.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO9.thumb.png.d4819c27f91898720f9d932d19e594a2.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO10.thumb.png.615430b50732ac2c56daa230fcd3c690.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO11.thumb.png.e42e2c7d6206acf0b904783eeb7e0f2d.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO12.thumb.png.65fa5f4c67599d27f1c0d97c7fd7b7cf.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO13.thumb.png.44b7aba93e61cc0dfb7eda314ae48db1.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO14.thumb.png.1a3f56f0f1940bb73d68f68454875355.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO15.thumb.png.33b74beedd975dc402d6dccfe83439dd.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/FOTO16.thumb.png.8f57690309e827084bffa488353b653b.png
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    Hi there! I had this ideia to create a fictional mod with portuguese units. For now it is just going to be a private mod, but in the future maybe i'll release it. Units: BV Portugal (Portugal Volunteer Fire Department): VCOT 01 - Veículo de Comando Tático (Battalion Chief) VCOT 03 - Veículo de Comando Tático (Battalion Chief) VUCI 01 - Veículo Urbano de Combate a Incêndio (Engine) VUCI 03 - Veículo Urbano de Combate a Incêndio (Engine) VECI 04 - Veículo Especial de Combate a Incêndio (Special Engine) VTTU 02 - Veículo Tanque Tático Urbano (Pumper) VFCI 01 - Veículo Florestal de Combate a Incêndio (Engine) VTPT 01 - Veículo de Transporte de Pessoal Tático (Transport) VSAE 05 - Veículo de Socorro e Assistência Especial (Heavy Rescue) VE30 01 - Veículo Escada 30 Metros (Ladder Truck) ABSC 01 - Ambulância de Socorro (BLS Ambulance) ABSC 02 - Ambulância de Socorro (BLS Ambulance) ABSC 03 - Ambulância de Socorro (BLS Ambulance) ABSC 04 - Ambulância de Socorro (BLS Ambulance) ABSC 05 - Ambulância de Socorro (BLS Ambulance) ABSC 06 - Ambulância de Socorro (BLS Ambulance) INEM 01 (ABSC 07)- Ambulância de Socorro (BLS Ambulance) VDTD 10 - Veículo Dedicado a Transporte de Doentes (Transport Ambulance) VDTD 13 - Veículo Dedicado a Transporte de Doentes (Transport Ambulance) RSB (Fire Department): VLCI 31 - Veículo Ligeiro de Combate a Incêndio (Wildland Fire Engine) VUCI 31 - Veículo Urbano de Combate a Incêndio (Engine) UCA 01 - Unidade de Controlo Ambiental (HAZMAT) VTTU 21 - VTTU 02 - Veículo Tanque Tático Urbano (Pumper) INEM (Emergency Medical Service): AEM 1 - Ambulância de Emergência Médica (BLS Ambulance) AEM 2 - Ambulância de Emergência Médica (BLS Ambulance) AEM 3 - Ambulância de Emergência Médica (BLS Ambulance) AEM 4 - Ambulância de Emergência Médica (BLS Ambulance) AEM 5 - Ambulância de Emergência Médica (BLS Ambulance) AEM 6 - Ambulância de Emergência Médica (BLS Ambulance) SIV - Suporte Imediato de Vida (ALS Ambulance) TIP - Transporte Inter-Hospitalar Pediátrico (Pediatric Ambulance) VMER HSM - Viatura Médica de Emergência e Reanimação (EMS Supervisor) VMER HSJ - Viatura Médica de Emergência e Reanimação (EMS Supervisor) VMER HBA - Viatura Médica de Emergência e Reanimação (EMS Supervisor) VMER HSFX - Viatura Médica de Emergência e Reanimação (EMS Supervisor) VIC - Viatura de Intervenção Catástrofe (Mass Casualty Unit) HELI - Helicópetro (Helicopter) CVP (Red Cross): 1-65B - Ambulância (BLS Ambulance) INEM (1-60B) - Ambulância (BLS Ambulance) PSP (Police) CP 1 - Carro Patrulha (Patrol Car) CP 2 - Carro Patrulha (Patrol Car) CP 3 - Carro Patrulha (Patrol Car) CP 4 - Carro Patrulha (Patrol Car) CI 1 - Corpo de Intervenção (Riot Control) CI 2 - Corpo de Intervenção (Riot Control) EIR - Equipa de Intervenção Rápida (Rapid Response Unit) UEP 1 - Unidade Especial de Polícia (Riot Control) UEP 2 - Unidade Especial de Polícia (Riot Control) UEP K9 - Unidade Especial de Polícia (Riot Control) UEP Inativação de Explosivos - Unidade Especial de Polícia (Bomb Squad) TRÂNSITO 1 (Traffic Enforcement) TRÂNSITO 2 (Traffic Enforcement)
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    Mod looks amazing, super excited. look forward to playing for hours on end lol. Random Question; but how much would it cost someone if they wanted a mod like this made just for them? Just wondering.
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    Pretty silly question, anyone who doesn't want to play with those models, should probably just stop following the topic now.
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    The map is 75% ready! The new site of Emergency Brasil Team! http://www.emergencybrasilteam.com
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    Obrigado!! All units so far!
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    Culter County Modification Release Date: TBD Head Developer: Tyler Krichbaum Summary: Culter County is a large county in Oregon, USA. It's fire department, Culter County Fire Protection District, is an all hazard department, and each station has a diverse and unique first in area. This modification focuses on the Community of Lota Valley. Lota Valley is the home to Culter County Fire Protection District stations 133 and 137 which house a battalion chief, a fire investigator, two fire engines, a hybrid rescue fire engine, a ladder truck, a water tender, and an incident support unit. Lota Valley also is the home to South County Ambulance Service station 41 which houses two ambulances, and a fast response vehicle. Lota Valley is protected by the Culter County Sheriff's Department as well as various surrounding agencies. Culter County's coverage of Lota Valley used to be a single station with one fire engine and one ambulance, but many changes came when Culter County took all fire department provided ambulances out of service and replaced then with multiple private ambulance companies. More changes came when the call load for Lota Valley increased. An additional station was built and the ambulance at the original station was replaced with a brand new dual purpose vehicle. "Squad 137" as it is referred to, is a mix of a heavy rescue unit and a fire engine, combining the most aspect of both. It can pump water and respond to all of the emergencies that a normal fire engine can, but it can also respond to and assist with rescue incidents such as vehicle extrication or over the side rescues. As for the new station that was built, Station No. 133, it is a 4 bay station housing Battalion 13, Engine 133, Truck 133, and Water Tender 133. Although not all of the rigs for station 133 are brand new or top of the line, they will help cover the new and higher call load that Lota Valley produces.
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    Version 5.0.5


    About This File AUTHOR BLACKOUT For Version 5.0.5 Current Status: Released Completion Date: OCTOBER 24.2018 Completion: 100% Release Date: FEBRUARY 08, 2019 Creators of this file is originating from SQUAD 55Squad 55 is always accepting new applications! GENERAL - WASD can now be used to move the map around just as the arrow keys do - Added new Harbor City Icon (Kicks) - Updated loading screen text to "Loading Harbor City 5" - Updated error text - Updated siren script for new vehicles - Updated flashing lights script for new vehicles - House Search Script for non-enterable buildings (Trocks) - Created new UI Icon for Primary lights on and off - Created new UI Icon for Secondary lights on and off - New Loading Screen - Texaco building and objects changed to BP skin (Kicks) - Removed previously recorded high scores - Edited the in game call text and removed all box numbers (Kicks and Blackout) - Edited the Fire alarm script so it does not have Box numbers - Removed all American, Australian, Canadian, and UK flags - New Harbor City Flag added to Harbor City - Designed by Kicks - New deployment menu icon for Fire category - Maltese cross glows when moused over / selected - New deployment menu icon for Police category - Lighthouse shines when moused over / selected - New deployment menu icon for EMS category - Star of life staff glows when moused over / selected - New deployment menu icon for Tech category - Gear glows when moused over / selected - New minimap SCRIPTS - Extrication time now takes 15 seconds from start to finish - Ambulances now have their own unique parking spots at the hospital. This will prevent traffic jams at the hospital - Edited police parking script to allow patrols 7, 8, and 9 to park in their districts POLICE - NEW MODEL - Ford Taurus - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Dodge Ram - By Blackout - Ford Taurus Harbor City Skin - By Blackout - Ford Taurus Doors, Wheels added - Dodge Ram Harbor City Skin - By Blackout - Dodge Ram Doors, Wheels added - Patrol 1 replaced with marked Ford Taurus - Patrol 2 replaced with unmarked Ford Taurus - Patrol 3 replaced with slicktop Dodge Ram - Patrol 4 Remaining as a Dodge Charger - Patrol 5 Remaining as a Dodge Charger - Patrol 6 replaced with a Dodge Ram - NEW UNIT - Partol 7 marked Ford Taurus - West - NEW UNIT - Partol 8 slicktop Ford Taurus - South - NEW UNIT - Partol 9 marked Ford Taurus - East - Patrol 1 HD Lights - Patrol 2 HD Lights - Patrol 3 HD Lights - Patrol 6 HD Lights - Patrol 7 HD Lights - Patrol 8 HD Lights - Patrol 9 HD Lights - Deployment icon for Patrol 1 - Deployment icon for Patrol 2 - Deployment icon for Patrol 3 - Deployment icon for Patrol 4 - Deployment icon for Patrol 5 - Deployment icon for Patrol 6 - Deployment icon for Patrol 7 - Deployment icon for Patrol 8 - Deployment icon for Patrol 9 - Deployment icon for Patrol Supervisor - UI picture for Patrol 1 - UI picture for Patrol 2 - UI picture for Patrol 3 - UI picture for Patrol 4 - UI picture for Patrol 5 - UI picture for Patrol 6 - UI picture for Patrol 7 - UI picture for Patrol 8 - UI picture for Patrol 9 - UI picture for Patrol Supervisor - Police helicopter is now available for deployment - Police helicopter is now staffed with one patrol officer - Multiple skin changes for police officers (skins) FIRE - East, West, and South Fire all have their own unique skins. - NEW MODEL - Spartan Gladiator Engine Model - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Spartan Gladiator Rescue Model - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Dodge Ram Squad - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Dodge Ram Fire Command 1 - By Blackout - Engine 1, 5, 6, and 7 replaced by the new Spartan Gladiator Model - Hazmat 6 and 7 model replaced with the Rescue 2 model - Rescue 2 is now the Spartan Gladiator Model - Engine 1 skin - Engine 2 skin - Engine 3 skin - Engine 4 skin - Engine 5 skin - Engine 6 skin - Engine 7 skin - Ladder 1 skin - Ladder 4 skin - Ladder 7 skin - Rescue 2 skin - Hazmat 6 skin - Hazmat 7 skin - Fire Command 1 skin - Fire Command 2 skin - Fire Command 3 skin - Engine 1, 5, 6, and 7 lights - Fire Command 1 lights - Rescue 2 lights - Squad 3 lights - Deployment icon for Fire Command 1 - Deployment icon for Fire Command 2 - Deployment icon for Fire Command 3 - Deployment icon for Engine 1 - Deployment icon for Engine 2 - Deployment icon for Engine 3 - Deployment icon for Engine 4 - Deployment icon for Engine 5 - Deployment icon for Engine 6 - Deployment icon for Engine 7 - Deployment icon for Ladder 1 - Deployment icon for Ladder 4 - Deployment icon for Ladder 7 - Deployment icon for Rescue 2 - Deployment icon for Hazmat 6 - Deployment icon for Hazmat 7 - Deployment icon for Crane 2 - UI picture for Fire Command 1 - UI picture for Fire Command 2 - UI picture for Fire Command 3 - UI picture for Engine 1 - UI picture for Engine 5 - UI picture for Engine 3 - UI picture for Engine 4 - UI picture for Engine 5 - UI picture for Engine 6 - UI picture for Engine 7 - UI picture for Ladder 1 - UI picture for Ladder 4 - UI picture for Ladder 7 - UI picture for Rescue 2 - UI picture for Hazmat 6 - UI picture for Hazmat 7 - UI picture for Crane 2 - Finished Spartan Engine interior - Edited Squad 3 roof skin to match updated Rescue 2 roof skin - Updated placement for water cannon for all engines - universal placement for all for scripting reasons - Multiple new Fire Fighter skins (Kicks) EMS - NEW MODEL - Ford E450 Ambulance - By Blackout - Medic 2 replaced with marked Ford E450 Ambulance - Medic 3 replaced with marked Ford E450 Ambulance - Medic 5 replaced with marked Ford E450 Ambulance - Supervisor skin - Medic 1 skin - Medic 2 skin - Medic 3 skin - Medic 4 skin - Medic 5 skin - Medic 6 skin - MCU skin - Air ambulance skin - Medic 2, 3, and 5 HD lights (206 total) - Deployment icon for Supervisor - Deployment icon for Medic 1 - Deployment icon for Medic 2 - Deployment icon for Medic 3 - Deployment icon for Medic 4 - Deployment icon for Medic 5 - Deployment icon for Medic 6 - Deployment icon for MCU - Deployment icon for Air Ambulance - UI picture for Supervisor - UI picture for Medic 1 - UI picture for Medic 2 - UI picture for Medic 3 - UI picture for Medic 4 - UI picture for Medic 5 - UI picture for Medic 6 - UI picture for MCU - UI picture for Air Ambulance - Removed change clothes script - EMS supervisor now parks at Station 3 - Hospital layout updated - unique parking spots for each ambulance when unloading MAP - Each building now has isn't own street address typically found on the street directly infront of the entrance - Added 15 new 'minor' car accidents - Added 1 new 'major' accident - New houses on west part of Washington Ave and Utah St - Replaces DIY building - Park east of hospital updated - Buildings south of hospital updated - Campground added south east of the hospital - Campground west of Washington and Omaha removed - Added "Railway St" just west of Omaha, with several new buildings - Construction site north of station 1 has been completed - new hotel in completed - Crane accident has been removed north of station 1 - Walmart and strip mall have been removed - Replaced with a boardwalk area, apartments, and a harbor - Added a boat south east of station 2 with a civilian - will occasionally need to be rescued with coast guard - Changed a few buildings north of Vienna (Trocks) - Added a new traffic route starting on Queen st, progressing through west district including Juno St and Lake Ave - Added traffic light at Queen St and Arthur Ave - Texture work S of washington - Texture work S of hospital - Texture work E of princess - Texture work for harbor - Texture work at Tech Center - Texture and map work at airport - Texture work for station 5, 6, 7 garage floors - moved hydrant and random fence piece by south tow parking - Texture work to factory north of Stanley Ave - Removed random parking signs that were blocking spots for units to park (lol) - Removed duplicate alarm on building on Main and Apollo SE corner FIXED GLITCHES, SMALL CHANGES, ETC [Development only - Not including and glitches found in BETA testing] - Fixed white mark on Ford Taurus wheels - Fixed lighting glitch with all Taurus units - Police helicopter is now working - Trocks - Undercover taurus doors open the wrong way - Fixed sizing issue with UI pictures for units - Fixed passenger door lighting glitch on all Taurus models - Dodge Ram Door opening wrong direction - Fixed Taurus rear wheel well sticking out too far - Fixed Taurus trunk interior color showing when trunk closed - Removed Taurus rear wheel black outline - Fixed hazmat 6 and 7 stripe not lining up from front to side - Fixed Hazmat 6 and 7 (Old rescue 2) Non rear left signal light - Added Hazmat 6 and 7 (Old rescue 2) Rear scene lights - Fixed Patrol and Patrol 6 having the each others deployment icons and UI picutres - Fixed Patrol 3 and 6 door open glitch - Fixed Patrol 3 and 6 door lighting glitch - Fixed Squad door skin glitch - Fixed Glitch with Spartan Gladiator not showing colors properly - Fixed Fire CMD 1 doors not opening - Fixed all Ram models doors opening too wide - Fixed issue where all spartan wheels on right side rotated backwards - Removed random Firefighters from map - Removed yellow and red chevrons from rear of fire command vehicles and replaced with red and white - Added bumper to rear of all Spartan Engines and the Spartan Rescue - Added some decoration to the top of Spartan Rescue (shout out to S55 voxer chat helpers!) - Fixed Spartan Rescue back stripe - Added test to Spartan Rescue back door - Fixed issue where Fire Command 3 was showing the wrong UI picture - Fixed glitch where Medic 1, 4, and 6's rear lower red LED was hovering off of the ambulance - Fixed glitch with Squad 3 equipment and passenger doors were not lighting properly - Fixed glitch where medic 2, 3, 5's rear doors were not lighting properly - Fixed glitch where having Engine 5, Medic 5, and Medic 6 in the station prevented personnel from entering and exiting - Changed patrol 2 and 8's rear secondary lights to a proper secondary light pattern - Spartan engine wheels are now aligned, and spin in the right direction - Taurus wheels are now aligned properly - Fixed glitch where Engines 5, 6, and 7 did not want to rapid deploy - Fixed glitch where Engines 1, 5, 6 and 7's cannons did not activate - Paramedics are now able to get Styker Stretcher (Trocks) - Fixed spelling mistake on Rescue 2's deployment icons - Updated Squad 3's deployment icons after skin update - Fixed E450 medics Rear middle left marker light placement - Changed patrol 6's secondary lights. They now look better - Changed text pop up for loading patient into ambulance with Stryker script - Fixed right click priorities with new Stryker script - right clicking on an empty ambulance with a loaded stretcher will now have the load patient command default instead of changing clothes - Removed several permanent burn marks at the location of accidents - Moved station 6 and 7 decals - Fixed glitch where medics would not park properly at the hospital - Fixed very annoying glitch where Engines 1, 5, 6, 7's water cannons will not work or deactivate - Removed semi from new vehicle path as it kept getting stuck - Increased size of a small police station parking spot to units can park there - Raised building on Railway St to stop if from flashing - Fixed parking glitch with patrol 6, 7, 8, and 9 - Fixed lighting issue on all new police officer skins so they no longer look like robocops - Changed loading screen so it looks better - Centered Tech deployment icon so match EMS and FD Identified and fixed during BETA Solved bugs: - Missing house on Railway St - WASD - S did not work - princess signs blocking access to harbor - traffic glitch Princess and Richard - medics drop patient off at hospital doors now - Removed alpha from several FF's and Medics - Restored SWAT skin to 4.6.2 skin, turned on alpha, objects should not be visible when holding - Removed crash with PD cars you had to drive away very, very slowly - Removed annoying pigeons from station 7 - Removed flags from airport and police station - Removed cement truck from new traffic route - Removed objects near road by station 3 to prevent traffic jams - Battalion 1 should now to to stations E, W, S - Reverted to old coroner from 4.3 public due to alpha reflection problem - Coroners can now be deployed from the EMS menu - Greatly increased time until train cars explode from fire on Omaha - Fixed road decals hiding street addresses - Main, Arthur, Utah - Added Hydrants to Harbor, near wind turbines - Spread out medic parking spaces to help accommodate more room for each medic (Needs Test) - Edited hospital VO layout to attempt to fix stretcher drop off bug (Needs Test) - Added street numbers to Arthur between Knight and Prince - Fixed map texture aesthetics at station 7 - Changed station 6 garage floor to cement - Could not put anyone in vehicles - placed the "putincar" script back into the mod (whyyyy was this missing?!???!) - Police unable to grab civilians - Replaced "drivepersonaway" command - Removed "askperson" command as it is useless - Firefighters were able to enter buildings from the ladder - changed priority of extinguish so right click on a building on fire will by default be extinguish. Note: You can still enter buildings from the ladder so be careful! - removed alpha reflections from Hazmat firefighters - Both rear doors will open when stretcher is used on medics 2, 3 and 5 - Fixed glitch where sending a medic to the hospital with it's emergency lights on would automatically turn them off. Lights stay on when sending the unit to the hospital - Removed haztech clothing option from engine 6 and 7, now only hazmat units have that capability - Removed some scenery from the harbor preventing accident to a call - Ensured that people are not standing on benches and chairs across the map, they will remain seated - Added some more decoration to the 'palace' - removed several more 'burnt-ground' areas that are present on the map, even when no accident has taken place Identified and fixed between 5.0.0 - 5.0.1 - Medic 2, 3, 5 rear wheel light glitch - Medic 2, 3, 5 rear and front wheel rotation direction - removed explosive can in the river north of park on Washington - greatly increased time before train explodes from fire behind Station 7 - moved several fire hydrants near fence at airport (too close to fence) - fixed sidewalk elevation issue - Unicorn and Railway - removed glitched person on lighthouse by station 2 - medics can no longer drop stretchers without have a stretcher - moved fire Hydrant that was too close to 144 Utah - police station address no longer covered by sewer grate - medic 6 no longer shows medic 5 UI picture - placed no vehicle VO between police station and main st tower - Fixed police hazard lights glitch - was defined as "warninglights" instead of "warninglights_on/off" causing a script error. Identified and fixed between 5.0.1 - 5.0.5 -[5.0.5] - 2018-10-24 19:19 US EDT -Added - EMS Supervisor has a parking spot and label now. - There is a new MVC in the east, with 7 patients. -Changed - Crane 2 speed increased by 25% and has red lights and sirens now. - All tow trucks speed are increased by 25%. - Cemetery MVC, all peds would be dead as the injury property was wrong. Made it so 2-3 of the 5 should survive. -Fixed - Fixed an error with the LA Siren Script that was causing certian PD units to cause game crashes in Multiplayer. - Attempted to fix the search building script, as there are memory issues with multiple firefighters coming out at the same time. Added a time delay function to try to address. - MVC on Utah Street in the South, was not able to tow one limo. This is fixed. - Removed - Removed approx. 45 Megabytes of useless LA Mod vehicles and peds. This alone should speed up load times by realistically 15-30 seconds depending on system specs. By far the biggest stability fix. - Removed Cans from EMS units. - Issues to Address in the Future - I will be looking into fixing the error where at certian fires players are unable to pull victims out no matter how many times they try. - Possibly going to fix the Evacuate Airport Terminal Command on HC99. - I would like any feedback so we can start to change the map slightly and improve and switch up the incidents. V5.0.5 changes made by SQUAD 55 Sergeant Cody7311[55-S1] 10/24/18, 19:29 US EDT
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    Features- More than 50 playable units from Los Angeles- Highly detailed and accurate models- A completely new freeplaymap- 10 new missions- New sirens- Directional lights and floodlights- Fire station, police station and hospital- Automatic weapons and ballistic shields- Police barricades, traffic cones and flares- Bomb robots and motorcycles- Emergency 4 Deluxe and 911:First Responders compatible- Multiplayer compatible- English translation and voices and much more... This content is not authorized for posting on Steam or any other platform, except with prior written authorization.
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    We don't have a 2016-2018 Ford interceptor utility dev model so we're limited to the 2014 model. Arson investigation truck sounds nice but it serves no purpose in game other than cosmetic, however we will have the new ram dodge truck battalion chief so that may satisfy your itch.
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    Cool deal. And I too want to congratulate you and your team on your excellent work on this mod. Looking forward to playing it whenever it is officially released to the public.
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    Hello,yes,we have plans for that but we're going to get the main units done first so we can release this ASAP.Later we will replace all the smaller and less used units.
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    Solved!!! It was the LADummyEquipment that was missing! Thanks a lot!
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    Count on me! I'd like to help. I play the version 1.3 a lot.
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    Oh yeah, multiple deer fit in the back of a pickup truck. Now the exact number of deer depends on type of deer (mule deer vs white tale, big buck vs small doe, ec). Also when you start getting into elk one elk can mostly fit in a pickup and Moose can fit but its a lot more of a struggle (and you need a big truck) http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/image.png.af2e511fe1981060e304261cee156786.png
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    BV Portugal firefighters! Credits: GhostGraphicDesign B.V. Lisbonenses Mod
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    BV Portugal: VDTD 10 VDTD 13 CVP: 1-65B INEM RSB: 2101 UCA 01 2101 VLCI 31 2101 VUCI 31 2101 VTTU 21 Credits: B.V. Lisbonenses Mod GhostGraphicDesign Fireguy godra All of RSB units are 100% made by GhostGraphicDesign and i got them from B.V. Lisbonenses mod.
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    Yes we have medical GUI planned, just have no idea where to start.
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    BV Portugal: VCOT 01 VCOT 02 VUCI 01 VUCI 03 VTTU 02 VECI 04 VFCI 01 VE30 01 VTPT 01 VSAE 05 Credits: B.V. Lisbonenses Mod GhostGraphicDesign 911Lukas911 godra DrShooter KJ 88
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    BV Portugal: ABSC 01 ABSC 02 ABSC 03 ABSC 04 ABSC 05 ABSC 06 INEM 01 INEM: AEM 1 AEM 2 AEM 3 AEM 4 AEM 5 AEM 6 SIV TIP VMER HSM VMER HBA VMER HSFX VMER HSJ Credits: B.V. Lisbonenses mod GhostGraphicDesign Fireguy godra
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    Hi, just seeing this now. The links are all up and have been up... There was no "drama" with Mayberry. I decided to stop EM4 modding all together due to a lot of personal issues on this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Ukraine-Rescue mod 1.2 is released!-About 50 real units from Ukraine!-New real bluelights(elina,agent,etc)-Real sirens sound-New scripts-Full designsWe have a NEW Webisite!: http://ua-rescue.at.ua/P.S.: If policeman don't want to go back intoo a car - Up and down a pistolP.S.2: Doctors can't heal without Em Case (get it in any ambulances)P.S.3: Not recommended to play on missions


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