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  3. A classic. I think every single VFD has a guy who has this truck on it. I think it's a law or something.
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  5. What did you change in the program setting to get all of the AI got to the demonstration scene? Looks supper awesome and would love to add to my own game!!! <EFPRowdy> <Enabled value = "1" /> <!-- AverageFrequency: average number of events per 10 minutes --> <AverageFrequency value = "1.0" /> <!-- Resistance against energy --> <Resistance value = "1000.0" /> <!-- MaxDistance: in meter (max. distance between committer and victim) --> <MaxDistance value = "25.0" /> <Worth value = "10.0" /> <SupervisorStart value = "ID_SUPERV_EVENT10" /> <SupervisorFinish value = "" /> </EFPRowdy>
  6. hola doktor bueno seré corto espero con mucha ansia tu mod lo e buscado por todas las paginas y no lo e encontrado lo espero amigo surte y que salga bueno
  7. Yankee once again knocking it out of the park. This model will also be making an appearance in Project Nostalgia.
  8. Old school USFS engine WIP. Cab by THVFD, rear is the LA mod original by Hoppah. I also thought it would be cool to bring back a highly requested rig: The LAFD Brush Humvee. About 10 years ago, there were plenty of requests to make one, and JoseOu did try however the model did not look right. This is the original Humvee model by Hoppah.
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  10. Where ever the exe installed to, take the LA mod folder and drag that into your mods folder and that will fix it.
  11. How do I do that? I have tried everything, moving it to desktop, moving it to sixteen tons, it just wont install. Please help
  12. Ah Alright. I'm finalizing the siren I have then shipping it to you.
  13. they look Amazing love the old school vehicles outstanding work man they do look Epic
  14. Not really. That's animations, a completely different skill than child objects. I will be PMing some people and sending these over for liveries and lights. More units will be done soon enough.
  15. Certainly! The flashbangs would work too, I just wish they were a tad more effective, but I found that if you overwhelm the man with the sign and quickly deal with him somewhat isolated from the crowd using 6-10 officers, it apparently doesn't trigger the aggressiveness in the other AI. Only when it turns into a drawn out struggle does the crowd go nuts. Which I think it's to the credit of the devs on the vanilla side, the AI behavior is actually pretty interesting. I guess the main bummer here is after you arrest the man with the sign, the crowd lingers. I'm not sure if it expects you to arrest everyone marked as a demonstrator or not because after arresting the man with the sign, the callout is cleared successful. Some are just bystander AI at that point so as long as you get them off the street, it's all good. I'm certain it might clean itself up if you focus on another area of the map, but this I haven't tried since during the sessions as I only enable the one callout. I have arrested multiple protesters using the surround and overwhelm method and still managed to keep the crowd from going agro. Super fun to do, I might do another video and let the crowd grow as big as they can get. Though, the danger there is that I recall that years ago I hit a limit where the AI just completely freezes and stops responding, not sure where that limit is or if it's related to computer power since the last time I did this I had a quarter of the power I do now.
  16. This is how I've handled protests in the game for about a decade now. I wish more people caught onto the idea that you could sneakily do this, throw a flashbang to distract the AI, and then arrest the sign person while still keeping the crowd back. I have recently made "flowcharts" or plans to simulate more realistic protests, where instead of arresting people, the aim is to push them out of a specific area and arrests are optional. I have no idea how this can be accomplished though.
  17. The video has two attempts at dispersing the demonstrations. The first failed because of a misclick, however the second attempt was a wild success and lately I've learned the trick to arresting the guy with the sign without agitating the crowd. After that, the crowd was easy to disperse! Cool stuff! Who knew EM4 could have a reasonable depiction of crowd physics?
  18. The models in that mod aren't allowed for use, but there is a bigger problem. In Em3, they didn't actually make 3D models of the whole vehicle, rather, they pieced it together using child objects like a LEGO figure. Each part like the front, side, roof is made of child objects and are completely separate models from one another. I couldn't use these even if I wanted to, however I do have a reference for what an open cab should look like ingame. Not all is lost though. Through looking at the mod, I re-discovered an old "exploit" regarding child objects and persons, which could allow for having persons appear inside open back and open cab fire engines. More research will need to be done before I can conclusively say that is the case.
  19. Yeah I have it. I just prefer the FInn Rescue 12 version. I've had a working version in the past but the link is down now so I can't really download it from anywhere else anymore. However, thanks. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  20. It’s simple, if you use rapid deployment a firefighter should start operating the pump automatically. If not, simply select a firefighter who doesn’t have anything equipped and right click on the fire engine after connecting a hose to it. You should see two gears.
  21. Looks good itchboy, if I recall, the Emergency! mod for EM3 had some crowns in it. It's amazing to see all the work you've done across the community since I've been less active
  22. I’ve had this same thing happen in the past with this version. I got a more stable version of the mod from a friend and, well, you’re better off playing boston mod 2014, it’s just overall a lot more polished and functional.
  23. Sorry, but how do I do that? I can't figure that out
  24. Due to the limited access to assets and people, we will first release version 0.2 which will be the conceptual version.
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