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  3. Both files are named exactly the same, just one is z3d and other is v30. I just noticed, the z3d has text when I open in NP++, but the v3o does not. Likely the problem. How can I fix this?
  4. When you have the z3d model opened make sure it is named the same in editor as you are exporting it. So if you imported the ladder I imagine it was named ladder.v3o so when you export the lightbar it needs to be exported as ladder as well or rename the model i Zm3
  5. So, I took the Vision SLR off the the FDNY Tower Ladder 111 to edit and use on the NYPD ESS Truck Eight. The light bar that is currently on this truck is inaccurate, so I am updating it. I opened the ladder file V3o, the lightbar was saved on the model itself. I deleted everything except the bar, saved as essSLR, and then exported as essSLR1 in v3o format. Problem is, whenever I make the child in the editor, it shows no model file dummy, despite having the model file selected. Whenever I try to import the v3o into zmod, nothing happens, I click import and thats it, nothing pops up. If I open the z3d file, everything is fine. Is there a setting or something I have to do to make it work in game?
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  7. Thanks, currently working on the hood, should be finished by tonight. Will post update then.
  8. I would say keep it modern because it will bring many new models that are not in another mods and will bring a new feel to the mod and the game its self.
  9. Guys In 4.0 you can add real units of politie like a politie officer and in location of SWAT put KMAR And in location of Politie van put Anti protest unit.I love dutch mod
  10. I added a poll guys,I would like to see your preference of unit.The unit in question is being made and will be revealed soon... The reason for this is because most of the new trucks will be Dodge.There are still Fords in service,so for variety sake I thought it would be good to have at least one in the game. That's my thinking,anyways let me know what you guys want.
  11. It's looking really nice! Great job!
  12. Last week
  13. So you are looking for mods with a tower ladder other than Brooklyn/Manhattan. The only mod I know of that contains a tower ladder other than these is the original Boston mod. #1: The tower ladder in this mod is only present in the game files, it is not available default, It will require you to edit game files for it to appear in game. #2: I will tell you, this mod is pretty demanding, so I don't know if it is suitable, but it is worth a shot. I used to play it on my old laptop, had an intel pentium. The mod ran decent after I went around the map to turn all of the vehicle lights off, because they spawn default with them on. Sorry I could not find anything else, but the tower ladder unfortunately never made its way into many mods.
  14. EM20 crashes to the desktop after a few minutes of gaming, happens every time. Error message saying "game needs to close" .. also more, but did not get screenshot before it disappeared. post as soon as I get it again. Uses mod. Wuppertal. Uses DX12. Latest driver on video card. What am I doing?
  15. good evening! I'm interested in the mod, with this unit. The Bronx and Manhattan are not particularly suitable because I have a weak PC. If you tell me the name of the fashion, I will be very grateful to you!
  16. So, still working on my 2015 Tahoe, I am focused on this, but I have a question about what might be my next modeling project. So, I want to model this 2017 F550 ESU REP truck for Brooklyn Mod. I am going to use Itchboy’s 2017 F550 Model. So, the model provided by itchboy, doesn’t include the extra cab space behind the doors, as there is on the real life vehicle. The question is, do I model the extra cab space onto the cab, then model the gear part? Or do it model the rear cab and gear part the attach it to the cab?
  17. Not 100% sure what you are asking, please clarify. Are you asking where to get the model? Or what mods contain a tower ladder?
  18. Hello everyone! tell me the name of the fashion with tower ladder, except the Bronx and Manhattan. Photo for example below
  19. Darn, well. Could you think of any good ways to make mobile command center serve more of a purpose? They are really cool, everyone loves them In game. Usually the only time people call one out is just to have it around, make the scene look cool. I want to see a more significant propose to them. Also, the air pack script in city of angels is really cool. Will that script be able to be implemented into other mods? I also see this as an opportunity. You can have a set amount of air tanks on the truck, if firefighters use up all of those tanks. They would have to call a rehab/mask service/air unit to get more tanks.
  20. Sadly, there is no way to influence the default Em4 freeplay events in any external way.
  21. So, shower thoughts: Being an NYC native. I’d like to really beef up the mod to a more realistic standard, even though the mod is already very realistic. I’ve already added some scripts (trying to) and some vehicles (also trying to) but i have big dreams and one of them involves the plethora of mobile command centers the NYPD has in its arsenal. So, mobile command centers can respond to larger emergencies, and help manage, have some special ability that I have yet to decide. My main idea would be to, have mobile command centers post in a chosen location, and they could actually “reduce” the frequency of crime events in the area they are posted in. This is a use the NYPD has for their command centers, they post in an area to reduce crime and increase police presence. I know this would probably be a very advanced script. I have no capability at this point to make something of this magnitude, but it’s an idea I hope to act on one day. I know in City of Angels there are certain units required to be at a scene to complete the call. I just was thinking how “if: patrolboroughmobilecommand present in “south” reduce event frequency by 20%” or something. For reference the NYPD has tons of command centers for: Patrol Boroughs (Manhattan North, South, Brooklyn North, South. Like that) Some precincts have command centers ^ These two would be the main ones used for scene management on large scale emergencies or posting in areas. Life Safety Systems Division Transit Bureau Counter Terrorism Bureau (This one is a brand new center, I’m dying to model it and it could probably have the biggest capability for something cool in game) So, how feasible is this? Would this be possible in the limits of the game? Also, what do you think is a cool ability the mobile command centers should have for responding to emergencies. The NYPD dispatches then to large scale events, and major emergencies that require a higher level of management at the scene. I don’t want to have the previous “Call FBI agent for $700” or stuff like that. Any ideas. Thank You for reading!
  22. Playing in Free Play and when I get a missing person the search dog doesnt find anything. P.S Great Mod!
  23. For now yes,we're just replacing units in the game.Once done we'll see about adding others.
  24. Most likely have to set up the turnto points to be used with a one gate rather that for a two gate entrance.
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